X-Men - Evolution Quotes

"Toad (Todd Tolensky): [sloppily wearing Quicksilver's costume] Look at me, I'm Pietro. Hold on, I have to go to the moon... I'm back.

Movie: X-Men - Evolution
Boom Boom: [training, she has to scale a cliff to 'rescue' Nightcrawler] Yeah! Look out below. Boom Boom is bombin' in. Whoohooo!
Nightcrawler: I'm going to die.
Boom Boom: Hiya cutie.
Nightcrawler: Hi. I have to know, are you insane?

Movie: X-Men - Evolution
Juggernaut: You think that fancy visor's going to stop me? Nothing stops me. I'M RAW POWER.
Cyclops: You want it raw, tough guy? [removes his visor]
Cyclops: Then take it RAW.

Movie: X-Men - Evolution
Rogue: You give me no choice. [takes off a glove to use her powers]

Movie: X-Men - Evolution
Wolverine: [about the school's new students] You know what we need? Another teacher. And maybe a battle tank.

Movie: X-Men - Evolution
[Storm has frozen him]
Wolverine: Now that was cold.

Movie: X-Men - Evolution
[After Toad, blown into the mansion by Storm's powers, meets Nightcrawler for the first time.]
Toad: Whoa! What are you, some kind of ratty plush toy?
Nightcrawler: The name's Nightcrawler, and at least I don't reek like unwashed lederhosen.
Toad: You blue-furred freak!

TV Show: X-Men - Evolution
[As Toad chases Nightcrawler through the mansion, the former hurling insults at the latter.]
Nightcrawler: As you say in America, "neener, neener, neener!"
Toad: That ain't gonna help you, boy!
Nightcrawler: You're so slow, you couldn't catch flies off a windshield!
Toad: Fight like a man!

TV Show: X-Men - Evolution
Professor Xavier: Yes. The boy is, indeed, gifted. He could be one of us.
Storm: Sometimes, Professor, I think your good heart blinds even you from the truth.
[Nightcrawler suddenly leaps down the hall, chased by Toad]
Toad: I'm gonna rip that pointy tail off, ya fuzzy gecko!

TV Show: X-Men - Evolution
Toad: [chasing Nightcrawler] Come here, Wookiee boy! Come on, come over here, don't make me come up there, don't make me, oh, now you're starting to tick me off...

TV Show: X-Men - Evolution
Professor Xavier: Todd Tolansky does indeed have the gift of the X-gene. He is welcome to join us, if he so desires.
Toad: [still mad at Kurt] The only thing I desire is blue-boy's fuzzy head!

TV Show: X-Men - Evolution
Wolverine: I came back 'cause I smelled trouble brewing. [glances at Toad] Of course, maybe it was just stink-boy there...

TV Show: X-Men - Evolution
Cyclops: [to Kurt] So what do you say? You wanna be part of our team?
Nightcrawler: Me? I almost got you killed a few minutes ago.
Cyclops: Yeah... don't do that again. But look, we all mess up sometimes; I know I do. That's why we're all here: to learn not to make mistakes like that. That's why we'd like you to stay.
Nightcrawler: And you don't mind... the way I look?
Cyclops: [Laughs] Dude, just don't hassle me about my shades and we'll call it even.
Nightcrawler: We have a deal, then.
Cyclops: Welcome to the team. Come on, I'll show you where they hide the sodas.

TV Show: X-Men - Evolution
[Kitty had just walked away from Avalanche]
Avalanche: You can run, but you can't hide. Cause I'm gonna rock your world!

TV Show: X-Men - Evolution
Sabretooth: One shall fall by the other's hand. It's our destiny, and we can't change it.
Wolverine: I didn't know you went for that philosophy mumbo-jumbo!
Cyclops: [to Sabretooth] Hey, hairball! I got your destiny right here!

TV Show: X-Men - Evolution
[Wolverine, Cyclops and Nightcrawler beat Sabretooth.]
Nightcrawler: Heh! We showed him. We are the X-Men!
Wolverine: I don't fight your battles. So don't fight mine. [storms off]
Nightcrawler: [to Cyclops] Ahh, he loves us.
Cyclops: Oh yeah, big time.

TV Show: X-Men - Evolution
Wolverine: Hey, when I give a demo, I give a demo.
Cyclops: A demo, as in "demolish", or "demonstration"?

TV Show: X-Men - Evolution
Wolverine: The vents were easily breached; gonna have to fix that. Maybe electrifiers, or poison gas sprayers.
Storm: Wolverine...
Wolverine: Alright, alright...knockout gas, then.
Shadowcat(shudders): Is it just me, or is anybody else, like, seriously freaked by all of this? (everyone stares at her) Oh. Right, it's just me? Great.
Nightcrawler: Relax, Kitty; you'll be fine. (he teleports next to her; she gasps) We're right beside you. (he teleports agains on the opposite side of her) Popcorn? (Shadowcat screams) Oops. Heh heh, sorry. Next time I'll honk before I 'port.
Shadowcat: Whatever. Look, guys, it's getting late. If it's no biggie, I'm gonna, like, drop out. (she phases through the floor)
Nightcrawler: Ah. She's fully not into the fuzzy dude. Not that I blame her.
Jean Grey(putting a hand on Nightcrawler's shoulder): Aw, she just needs some time, Kurt. She'll come around.

TV Show: X-Men - Evolution
Cyclops: Nice job, Kurt. You'll make a pilot, yet.
Nightcrawler: Thanks!
(Kurt starts piloting with his feet.)
Cyclops: ...or maybe not.

TV Show: X-Men - Evolution
Nightcrawler: Was? Got a scent?
Wolverine: Yeah... I smell fear.

TV Show: X-Men - Evolution
Wolverine: (to Kurt, about Kitty) ... and keep an eye on the half-pint here.
Shadowcat: Hey!

TV Show: X-Men - Evolution
Professor Xavier: Wolverine, it's Nightcrawler. The Rogue has his mind and his abilities.
Wolverine: This is my fault. I should never have left the little squirrel in charge!

TV Show: X-Men - Evolution
[After Rogue accidentally knocks Kurt out and flees the scene, leaving Shadowcat alone with him.]
Shadowcat: Say something, Kurt! Please! Tease me, scare me, anything! Please...don't be dead... Come on, Kitty... okay, what would Wolverine do? I mean, besides dice up, like, half the landscape...

TV Show: X-Men - Evolution
Nightcrawler: (finally wakes up and sees the destruction around him)... Looks like I missed quite a party...
Shadowcat: Kurt! You're alright! (hugs him) Easy, you fuzzy elf. Everything is going to be just fine.
Cyclops: (whispering) "Fuzzy elf"?

TV Show: X-Men - Evolution
Cody: (about talking to Rogue) I'm just, you know, picking my moment. Taking it slow.
Ty: Cody, I've seen glaciers move faster.

TV Show: X-Men - Evolution
Storm: You look a little flush and the forecast isn't good.

TV Show: X-Men - Evolution
Logan: Now that was cold.

TV Show: X-Men - Evolution
[After Blob, lost on his first day in Bayville high, grabs Duncan.]
Blob: Hey, you! Where am I supposed to be?
Duncan: I don't know. How about a sideshow?

TV Show: X-Men - Evolution
[Cyclops and Rogue are sitting together rehearsing their script from Henry VIII.]
Cyclops: Do you like me, Kate?
Rogue: Pardonnez moi? I cannot tell what is "like me".
Cyclops: An angel is like you, Kate, and you are like an angel.
Rogue: The girls are right; you are a charmer.
Cyclops: Look, I'm just practicing the lines, okay?
Rogue: Yeah, I know, it's just that sometimes I wish...
Scott: Yeah, wish what?
Rogue: Wish I could get close to somebody, but you know what happens when I do!

TV Show: X-Men - Evolution
Wolverine: That's it half-pint, keep the ball away from the elf.

TV Show: X-Men - Evolution