CSI - Crime Scene Investigation Quotes

Catherine Willows: [to Gil] Have you been to bed?
Gil Grissom: Yes.
Catherine Willows: Did you sleep? [pauses]
Catherine Willows: Me neither. She was the same age as Lindsey. She was trying to hitchhike.
Gil Grissom: Where was she going?
Catherine Willows: Fremont Street.
Gil Grissom: Was she buying drugs?
Catherine Willows: No! She's twelve. She's... just so angry. She doesn't talk to me.
Gil Grissom: Well, if enough people knew what was out there hunting them, they'd never leave their house. I think you need to sit her down.
Catherine Willows: Well, I don't want to scare her. I don't want my daughter to be this... frightened, paranoid kid who's always looking over her shoulder.
Gil Grissom: Catherine, there's a big difference between scaring her and preparing her. And all the reasons why you should are in that room.

Movie: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Gil Grissom: [Looking at the blood stained staple gun] If this is a gang war, these kids were outgunned

Movie: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Greg Sanders: Riley Boom-Boom Reynaldo. Proud owner of two assault and battery charges and one possession with the intent to sell.

Movie: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Warrick Brown: I just got served. Movie star's lawyer wants the shirt that I wore to the crime scene.
Gil Grissom: So give it to him.
Gil Grissom: I had to throw it out.
Gil Grissom: Why?
Warrick Brown: It was covered in the blood from the accident victim.
Gil Grissom: Well, you have to find it; otherwise, it'll look like you've got something to hide.
Warrick Brown: Oh, CSI's on trial now?
Gil Grissom: CSI's always on trial, Warrick; you know this. Burden of proof is on us.

Movie: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
[identifying an insect at a crime scene]
Gil Grissom: Dermastidae masculatus.
Sara Sidle: That's Latin for You're hiding a dead body.

Movie: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
[first lines]
Laura Tessler: This is the scene in Seven Hills, where casino mogul Bruce Eiger has been found dead on the grounds of his palatial estate. Eiger turned sixty earlier this year, throwing himself a half a million dollar birthday party at his newly renovated Queen Regent Casino. Cause of death remains unknown, but as Eiger himself famously joked, "In Vegas, if nobody wants you dead, you're not working hard enough." Reporting live from Seven Hills, I'm Laura Tessler.

Movie: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Brass [to the hooker]: What are you doing in the alley?
Hooker: I was looking for my cat, she's lost.
Brass: Yeah. What's your cat's name?
Hooker: Pussycat.
Brass: Now, why didn't I know that?

TV Show: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Catherine: What do you think?
Warrick: Oh, he's lying. That's why I took this job. I can always tell when Whitey's talking out his ass. It's a gift.

TV Show: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Brass: I think every new hire should experience an autopsy on their first night.

TV Show: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Grissom: Morning. Gil Grissom, forensics. I'm taking over the case for Warrick Brown. Mind if I come in?
Husband: [sighs] How can I help you?
Grissom: I need to give you a pedicure.
Husband: Come again?

TV Show: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Grissom: If latex rubber and cooking spray went on a blind date, how would the night end?
Charlotte: A lot better than ours did.
Grissom: I know, Pink Floyd's not your thing.
Charlotte: I have on cowboy boots. I work in a lab. What makes you think "Dark Side of the Moon" synched to the Wizard of Oz is going to warm my damn barn?
Grissom: I just thought it'd be something different.
Charlotte: You want to be different? Pin me up against a wall; lay one on me like you mean it.
[Charlotte gets up and walks past Grissom.]
Charlotte: You're slacking, pal.
[She sits down in front of the computer database. The computer beeps and starts running through print comparisons.]
Grissom: How long till we get a hit?
Charlotte: It could be four minutes, could be four days but you can bet your ass she'll give you something. She always does.
Grissom: "Pin you against a wall?"
[Grissom casts Charlotte a sideways glance.]

TV Show: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Royce Harmon: [Recorded] My name is Royce Harmon. I reside at 7642 Carpenter Street, Las Vegas, Nevada. I am 41 years of age ... and I'm going to kill myself.

TV Show: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Catherine: [explaining the job to Holly, the new girl] We restore peace of mind. And when you're a victim, that's everything. Stick it out. At least until you solve your first. And after that, if you don't feel like King Kong on cocaine, then you can quit. But if you stay, with my right hand to God, you will never regret it.

TV Show: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Sgt. O'Riley: [Describing Brass and Grissom] Here comes the "nerd squad".

TV Show: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Greg: I've got to warn you, oral swabs don't always read right. Vaginal swabs? No problem. Anal swabs? Money.
Nick: Anal swabs?
Greg: Anal swabs.

TV Show: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Grissom: [yelling at Warrick] We solve these cases regardless of race, color, creed, or bubblegum flavor!

TV Show: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Grissom: I need you to roll up your sleeve and give me a pint of your blood
Holly: What for?
Grissom: It's customary for all new hires.
Holly: Why?
Grissom: So many reasons...
[some time later] [Grissom is undertaking a blood spatter reconstruction using real blood]
Warrick: Where'd you get the blood?
Grissom: The new girl. Want to donate?
Warrick: Hell no.

TV Show: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
[Holly Gribbs is observing her first autopsy]
Grissom: You gotta breathe through your ears, Gribbs.

TV Show: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
[To a room full of 'corpses', after Holly Gribbs was frightened into hysterics]
Grissom: You assholes!

TV Show: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Nick: How do you know all this crap?
Grissom: It's our job to know stuff.

TV Show: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Grissom: So, dead guy in first class?
Brass: Las Vegas Air, I always heard it was a good time.

TV Show: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Grissom: I want this whole plane taped off ... nose to tail and wing to wing.
Brass: Oh, it's going to take a lot of tape.
Grissom: I've got a dead body, a crime scene with wings. Something very wrong happened in this plane.

TV Show: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Grissom: Yes, yes, Norman pushed. Norman jumped. Norman fell.
Sara: Wouldn't you, if you were married to Mrs. Roper?
Grissom: I don't even have to turn around. Sara Sidle.
Sara: That's me. Still tossin' simulation dummies? There are other ways to tell, you know.
Grissom: No thanks. I'm a scientist. I like to see it. Newton dropped the apple. I drop dummies.
Sara: You're old school.
Grissom: Exactly. And this guy was pushed.
Sara: How's the girl?
Grissom: She's still in surgery. She's not doing very well.
Sara: That's too bad.
Grissom: God, Sara, I have so many unanswered whys.
Sara: There's only one why that matters now, why did Warrick Brown leave the scene?

TV Show: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Sara: Do you know where I can find Catherine Willows?
Catherine: She's out in the field. Let me guess, Sara Sidle?
Sara: I know who I am, I think you're a little confused.
Catherine: If you think you're taking my case, Forget it.
Sara: Ok, we can stay here and argue or we can get out there and find who did this to Holly Gribbs. Two sharp woman are better than one..

TV Show: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Grissom: [Laughing] Jacks or better. You're under arrest.
Suspect: Oh, yeah? What for?
Grissom: First-degree murder.
Suspect: Oh. On what grounds?
Grissom: [Looking at suspect's boots] Roof dust.

TV Show: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Catherine dials the number on the pager:
Sara: What are you gonna say? Hi, I'm a criminalist, I was in the neighborhood...
Catherine: Shhhhh....it's ringing.
Suspect: Hello.
Catherine: Ah, hey.
Suspect: Hey, who's this? I just dialed my own damn beeper.
Catherine: Uh-uh, it's my beeper now, I found it.
Suspect: That ain't your beeper, girl, it's mine, I do a lot of business on that beeper.
Catherine: What kind of business?
Suspect: You know, slinging a little something-something.
Catherine: Oh, a little something-something, or maybe a little bling-bling?
Suspect: Ah, so what you know about some bling-bling?
Catherine: Well invite me over to your crib, baby, and you might find out.
Suspect: Three Aces Motel, room 202
Catherine: Three Aces Motel, room 202, ahh, see you soon. *hangs up the phone*
Sara: ...
Catherine: Did I just do that?
Sara: What's a bling-bling?
Catherine: Got me.

TV Show: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Sara: Get a picture of the security pad, someone touches it before it's dusted I break their fingers.

TV Show: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Sara: You're standing in my crime scene.
Nick: No, you're in mine.
Sara: You got audio, I wanted that.
Nick: I out rank you.
Sara: Technicality, who'd Grissom handpick to work here?
Nick: Keep telling yourself that.

TV Show: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Sara: Excuse me. Is my evaluation interrupting you?
Grissom: No, I barely heard you.

TV Show: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Grissom: People leave us clues, Nick. They speak to us in thousands of different ways. It's our job to make sure we've tried to hear every single thing they've said.

TV Show: CSI - Crime Scene Investigation