Sailor Moon Quotes

Luna: A man is like a wild animal that lives on instinct!

TV Show: Sailor Moon
Minako Aino: Are you awake?
Makoto Kino: I...
Minako Aino: It was close. The youma threw you off at the last moment. That's why you were saved.
Makoto Kino: The youma?
Minako Aino: It escaped. It was hurt, so maybe it will be keep quiet for awhile.
Makoto Kino: So I failed...
Minako Aino: What are you saying? Why did you do it? It was so... Your own life...
Makoto Kino: It's for the mission of the past life. I thought it was okay to do what I did. When I learned that Venus was giving up the rest of her life for it.
Minako Aino: ...My life is different.
Makoto Kino: A life is a life. They are the same. We were born to fulfill the mission of the past life. The reason that I have been alone all this time is so that I won't give anyone sadness. It has been decided since the past life.

TV Show: Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon: I am Sailor Moon, the champion of justice. In the name of the moon, I will right wrong and triumph over evil... and that means you!

TV Show: Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon: [about Rini] I won't let you take her... do you hear me? Nobody takes her without facing me first... YOU'RE DUSTED BUSTER!

TV Show: Sailor Moon
Sailor Saturn: Sailor Moon?
Serena: Huh? [Sailor Saturn shows up]
Sailor Saturn: I know it was who prevented me from getting hurt, and I want to thank you.
Michelle: Sailor Saturn!
Serena: And Hotaru?
Professor Tomoe: [crawling out of the rubble] Hotaru?
Sailor Saturn: I'm sorry, I am no longer Hotaru, but I'm the one person alive who can save the world from destruction. Believe in me.
Serena: Wait! Let me help you!
Sailor Saturn: No. To destory Pharaoh 90, I must get to the very heart of its core and destroy it while I'm still inside. You, as Super Sailor Moon, could've helped. You did the right thing giving up your powers to save me. It's impossible for you to even get near Pharaoh 90. This is the only way, but I'm glad to do it.
Serena: But what will happen to you once you terminate Pharaoh 90, Sailor Saturn?
Sailor Saturn: They call me the Sailor Scout of Destruction, only because I possess powers that could destroy a planet. They fear me. [Sailor Saturn's scythe rod appears in her hand]
Sailor Saturn: But once I use my powers, I will be destroyed.
Serena: [runs to Saturn] *No!* [Saturn points her scythe at Sailor Moon to stop her and smiles]
Sailor Saturn: Goodbye! Thank you! [Saturn jumps in Pharaoh 90 and begins to battle it]

TV Show: Sailor Moon
Serena: Moon Prism Power! ...And make it fast!

TV Show: Sailor Moon
Serena: Go away, you're interrupting our rehearsal!
Molly: Although we *could* use him as a backup dancer...
Sammy: Erm... gotta run! [Slams door and runs away]
Molly: I knew that would get rid of him!

TV Show: Sailor Moon
Luna: Oh, I do hope they'll be all right..
Artemis: Don't worry, Luna! With the promise of cheesecake, they're bound to win this fight!

TV Show: Sailor Moon
Minako: [panics and clutches her hand] CALL AN AMBULANCE! AN AMBULANCE!!!
Usagi: [holds Minako's arm] Minako, stay calm!
[Ami and Rei enter]
Ami/Rei: What happened?!
Usagi: Ami, call an ambulance! An ambulance!
Makoto: We have to put it back together! [examines the vegetables on the cutting board more closely] Oh... this is just the end of a carrot. [to Minako] Are you bleeding?
Minako: [sheepishly] Yes, just a little...
Usagi, Rei and Ami: [face-falling] That's all???
Minako: Sorry.
Usagi: Really, you overreacted so much!
Luna: You were also making a big deal out of it...
[Usagi, Ami and Mako laugh sheepishly]

TV Show: Sailor Moon
Boy: Mama!
Mother: [dragging her son away from Petz' stand] Don't look at her.
Petz: [crushing fruit in her hand] You fools!!
Calaberas: Petz, you're not cut out to be a salesperson.

TV Show: Sailor Moon