Frisky Dingo Quotes

Killface: Shelley was a man, you philistine.

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
Killface: And here I am reduced to postcards, the dry hump of marketing strategies.

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
Postcard: Welcome to You're "Doom!"

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
Stan: Until you find Xander Crews, I'll blow one of your heads off every hour.
Xtacle: Oh my f-ing god.
Xtacle: What are we going to do?
Xtacle: Well for starters, I don't think it was a good idea to agree to have remote controlled explosives put in our necks.
Xtacle: Well, where were you at contract time?
Xtacle: At your mom's house. [Xtacle #2 pulls out gun]
Xtacle: Cleaning! I was only cleaning!
Xtacle: [Xtacle #2 puts away gun] Yeah, that's what I thought.
Xtacle: [Xtacle #1 draws his gun] Her vagina!

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
Xtacle: Uh... where'd you get brain chemical?

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
[a taxi has parked in Killface's reserved space at the Annihilatrix construction site.]
Sinn: I don't believe it! You didn't kill the taxi driver?
Killface: No. You know, I was, but I think it's hard enough on the Arabs in this beastly country right now, so I-
Sinn: I don't think he's Arab...
Phillip: No, I'm pretty sure that guy is Filipino...
Killface: Oh, well then... [Killface shoots the taxi driver.]
Killface: London calling!

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
Killface: Wendell, this is the greatest campaign in the history of the wo--
[Xander's low-flying campaign jet buzzes the bus, blowing out the windows]
Killface: Son of a WHORE!

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
Ronnie: [holding a blonde wig and superglue] Now, I will glue this to your head, and then I make love to your face.

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
[The title sequence from Sealab 2021 plays, but is cut in by Killface.]
Killface: Greetings America! I . . . am . . . Killface. Don't bother flicking your infernal remotes, I've taken over your airwaves. Now, I trust you're all comfy on your tacky sofas from Rooms-to-Go, lots of nibbles close at hand? Well, tuck in! And why not smoke between gobbles? Yes, go for the gusto America! Live like there's no tomorrow, because as far as you squallid lot are concerned, there very much isn't . . . . Behold! [camera switches views to a large contraption] The instrument of your doom! I call it: The Annihilatrix! And when it is completed, a million gigatons of thrust will propel the Earth, directly, into the Sun. So look upon my works ye mighty, and despair.....

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
Killface: And we're happy with this background?
[Dissention from the others]
Killface: It's not too Leno-y?
Trent: [enraged] If you want to be Leno-y, we can have you come down here, and you can do high fives! We could put a wig with a gray streak in your face! We can have you read off cuecards! We'll put Kevin Eubanks over there on guitar! [calms down] I shouldn't have said that.
[[Killface shoots Trent, sending his severed upper body across the room.]
Brent: That was my twin brother!
Killface: [points the gun at the other two] I want it to be perfect.

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
Killface: Maybe we should ask Trent.
[Killface picks up Trent's severed torso like a ventriliquist's dummy]
Killface: So uh.. heard you went to the doctor and uh... he had a bit of bad news for you, is that right?
Killface: [moving Trent's mouth and imitating his voice] Yeah! Turns out I have termites.
[Killface turns to the others and smiles]

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
Killface: There's your twenty billion, Brent! Drink it in! The fusion chamber alone cost nine billion. The thrusters another four! You think there's just heaps of money left over for - WHAT DID YOU CALL IT?
Brent: Uh [clears throat] Media Buy.
Killface: MEDIA BUY!?!
Valerie: Please don't kill us!
Killface: Please don't make it so appealing!

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
[Killface is holding Brent by his legs at the top of the Annihilatrix, threatening to drop him]
Killface: [sighs] You see, Brent? We all have jobs to do.
Brent: Great, there goes my pen! Great!
Killface: My job is to complete the Annihilatrix and destroy mankind by driving this vile planet straight into the Sun [Brent interrupts].
Brent: Wait! I have another idea! Listen...
Killface: And your job is to market it.
Brent: Listen! No listen! We can get... Jason Alexander!
Killface: Great!
Brent: Yeah!
Killface: You can call him when you hit the ground!
Brent: Nooo! Wait, wait! I got another idea! Better than Jason Alexander! I got, uh...
Killface: Don't say David Arquette to me!
Brent: I wo... well now that you say that I'm not going to.

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
[Killface is examining Annihilatrix DVD]
Brent: ...Any standard DVD player.
Killface: Or any uhh... "PC", it says here?
Brent: Yes, any Personal Computer with DVD capabiliti-
Killface: GREAT SCOTT!!
Valerie: [Screams out in panic]
Brent: What?
Killface: [Laughs], "PC"...
Brent: What?
Killface: ...Stands for "Personal Computer"... I just this moment got that... VALERIE!!!
Valerie: [Screams in panic again]
Killface: It's alright if you want to laugh.
[All three are silent]
Valerie: [Nervous laugh]
Killface: Good girl.

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
Brent: [to Killface] You fucking kidnap us, right, you drag us up here, ya shit on every strategy we come up with - and by the way, that web promotion was tiiiiiight, but the bottom line is, you don’t have the fucking budget to run with the big dogs! Now, do you! (begins making barking noises).
Killface: [scoffs] Are you finished?
Brent: Yeah. Yeah, I'm sorry
[Kills Brent the same way he killed Trent]
Killface: Look, Trent. I've made you a playmate. Say "Hello". Good lad.

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
Killface: [calling out] Sinn!
[Sinn enters the room]
Killface: If you would, please draw a bath for our lovely guest here. And please get this place decorpsed

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
Killface: [to Simon] We can't ever go back to Arizona!

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
Killface: [watching Taqu'il on TV], Can't watch tellie for five seconds without seeing that jibbering hooligan and here I am reduced to ... post cards, the dry hump of marketing strategies.

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
Stan: It's time you learned how to run a business, and the first thing you're gonna do is fire the Xtacles.
Xander: But the Xtacles are the backbone of the Awesome-X fighting force.
Stan: They're also a $5 million annual drain on the company's bottom line.
Xander: Is that all you care about, the bottom line?
Stan: Yes.
Xander: Well, unless we all of a sudden lose $5 million somehow, I'm not firing my dogs... and I have to go ride in my limo.

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
[Grace Ryan is approaching the room where Xander is sleeping with a hooker.]
Grace: [opens door] What are you doing here?
Xander: [has put on the Awesome-X mask] Xan-uh, Billy- Xander Crews said I could use his place for this...
Grace: He-
Xander: ...hooker.
Grace: You know him?
Xander: We went to college together - no we didn't - get out of here. He will meet you at your place in an hour.

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
Hooker: Oh my God
Xander: I did not mean for her to see this
Hooker: Xander Crews
Xander: Lets go back to the big black thing.
Hooker: You're Awesome-X!

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
Stan: Five million dollars?!
Xander: Well, I had to pay her off. I can't have some blabbity-mouth hooker running around with my secret identity! That's the first thing they teach you.
Stan: Nobody cares about your secret identity!
Xander: It's to protect my loved ones.
Stan: You don't have any loved ones!
Xander: [gasp] Stan!
Stan: What, who? That girlfriend you treat like dirt? Your murdered parents?
[Quick shot of pictures of Xander's parents]
Stan: And you can say good-bye to the X-tacles.
Xander: Wh--What?
Stan: What what? You just spent their entire salary for the year.
Xander: See, I knew you were going to trick me into doing this!
Stan: Me?! You're the one who paid five million dollars for a blowjob!
Xander: was a half-and-half, first of all; second of all...okay I'm going.

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
[Xander, as Awesome-X, has a conversation with the Xtacles.]
Xander: ...but the Crew Company funds the entire Awesome X operation. So, you know, take it up with Xander Crews.
Xtacle #1: Let's kill that son of a bitch!
Xtacles: Yeah!
Xander: No, no, let's don't--he's a good guy. We don't kill good guys. We kill bad guys, come on. It's in our charter
Xtacle #1: So, what's up with our 401(k)?
[Xander just turns his head and groans]
Xtacle #2: What--that's my nest egg! We're still gonna have health insurance, right?
Xtacle #1: Oh my God! Health insurance, I need that.
[Xander just clears his throat]
Xtacles: What?!
Xtacle #3: Are we at least eligible for COBRA?
Xander: What, the little... the G. I. Joe dolls?
Xtacle #2: No, not the G. I. Joe dolls.

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
Xander: I don't care what "Boys from Brazil" thing you got going on in there, but I'm still the boss in here. And we're making Awesome-X dolls, and they're gonna kick so much ass, you'll probably go blind. And if you still have a problem with that, there's the big-ass door.
Stan: You're not going to sell doll one without a villain, you ninny--a Cobra to your G. I. Joe; a Stretch Monster to your Stretch Armstrong; a Decepticon to your Autobot!

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
Xander: Hey! Tone, of Voice

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
Stan: 250 years, this company's been in your family, and from slaves and smallpox blankets, to softcore porn and semiconductors, it's always made a profit; but with one fell idiotic swoop, you've ruined it. I'm just glad your murdered parents...
Xander: My murdered parents wanted me to be happy!
[Quick shot of parents' pictures, with Awesome-X doll head]
Xander: And this can make me happy, Stan: [crying a little] fiscal sales of Awesome-X dolls.
Stan: No one is going to buy a superhero doll without a villain to fight.
Xander: Then I'm kind a loss, unless--[holds up Killface's postcard] what about this guy for the villain?
Stan: What? When did this get here?
Xander: Uhh... apparently, it's been here the whole time.

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
[a scene from Taqu'il's latest movie Some Like It Crump begins with police sirens resounding as Taqu'il's character is lying in the backseat clutching his side, clearly bleeding from a gunshot wound]
Taqu'il[as Jimmy] Ahh.. Ah! Ah! I can't... believe that bitch shot me! You gotta take me to the hospital!
[the view changes to reveal the driver of the car, a black man, dressed as a clown in a clown suit and makeup, complete with rainbow wig and red nose]
Clown: [turning to speak to Jimmy as he is driving] You know I can't do that, Jimmy! You ain't gonna die. Say it!
Jimmy: I'm all shot up, man!
Clown: You ain't gonna diiiiieeeeee, say the freakin' woooooorrrrrds! [a smaller clown seated on the passenger side appears and honks a horn at him]
Jimmy: I ain't gonna die... I ain't gonna die... I ain't gonna die.

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
Sinn: If he always throws his food on the floor, how is he so fat?
Simon: [gasps and runs off]
Killface: No, son... [to Sinn] Now look what you've done!
Sinn: Sire, I'm sorry
Killface: Apologize to his self-esteem! Now we've talked about the chubby cycle. One snarky comment like that and he's back in the cupboard. And he was doing so well. Three pounds this week.
Sinn: Yes sire.
Killface: Shut up. Just shut up and eat the cereal.
Sinn: It's got glass in it.
[glares at her until she gets on the floor and begins eating the cereal]]

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
Taqu'il: Cameraman, cameraman, can you push in on this? It says "Welcome to you-apostraphe-r-e doom"?
Verl: And he's got "doom" in quotes, which it shouldn't be.
Mitzi: Oh I just hate it when people do that. I just want to throw acid in their face.

TV Show: Frisky Dingo
Killface: Why does it say "Welcome to you are 'Doom!'"? What does that even mean, and why, for God's sakes, is "Doom!" in quotes?
Valerie: I don't know.
Killface: Is this some sort of ironic doom? Is the wink implied?
Valerie: No, I don't know.
Killface: No, it isn't. So please tell me how and why I'm suddenly a laughingstock!
Valerie: Uh...'cause you signed off on the proofs?
[Killface just taps the postcard on his thigh]

TV Show: Frisky Dingo