Sheep in the Big City Quotes

[Sheep is watching a soap opera]
Dirk: Sandra!
Sandra: How dare you return, Dirk. You know I only have... one life to live!
Dirk: Sandra, how can you be so cruel, knowing that I have only... one life to live!
Sandra: Oh, *you* only have... one life to live! How many lives do you think I have... to live?
Dirk: One?
Sandra: Marry me, Dirk! [they kiss]
Dirk: I would, Sandra, if only I had... another life to live. But as it stands I have only... one li- [Sheep changes the channel]

Movie: Sheep in the Big City
Angry Scientist: [In the pilot episode] I'm not mad, I'm angry, I am an Angry Scientist.
General Specific: Yes of course, perhaps you could show us your "mad weapon".
Angry Scientist: ANGURY weapon!

TV Show: Sheep in the Big City
Farmer John: He's gone. The sheep is gone!
Spy 1: The sheep is gone! Pass it on!
Spy 2: [mishearing him] The weed needs song!? Flask along!
Spy 3: [mishearing him] The grape goes bong! Miss Saigon!
General Specific: [later, to Private Public] I DON'T CARE ABOUT MERYL STREEP'S SARONG!!! FIND THAT SHEEP!!!

TV Show: Sheep in the Big City
General Specific: That mad scientist better have a fool-proof plan to capture Sheep.
Angry Scientist: ANGURY! I AM AN ANGURY SCIENTIST!!! Must I do the writing down of my name for you?!
General Specific: Maybe I'd remember your name if you could come up with a good plan to capture Sheep!
Angry Scientist: It is a funny thinging you should be mentioning capturing the Sheepness.
[Everyone in the room laughs]
General Specific: That wasn't so funny.
Angry Scientist: Anyhoo, I have been updating the Plot Device's hard drive, soft drive, and squishy drive. Now it is being the world's most powerfulness supercomputer!
General Specific: Supercomputer, eh? Can it leap a building in a single bound?
Angry Scientist: No, it is being only very smart.
General Specific: Two bounds?
Angry Scientist: NO! NO BOUNDINGS! It is supering only in that it can making a planning so smart, it must be capturing SHEEPNESS!

TV Show: Sheep in the Big City
Sheep: Finally, our plan is complete. All of the ruses and subterfuges - whatever they are - have paid off. We have the Narrator for our Narrator-powered raygun, and I can finally use my real deep voice!
Private Public: And I can finally admit that I am French. Bonjour, everyone!
Everybody in the room: Bonjour, Monsieur Publique.
Sheep: Enough French speaking!

TV Show: Sheep in the Big City
Private Public: I can't believe Dr. Oh No No No is going to destroy the world!
Angry Scientist: I am not in the believing that I am stuck in this placing.
General Specific: I can't believe how much this rash is bothering me!
Sheep: Baa.
Private Public: There has to be a way out of this, maybe if we all work together-
General Specific: Yeah, right, forget it!
Angry Scientist: I am not in the feeling motivated to help either-ness-ness.
Sheep: Baa-huh.

TV Show: Sheep in the Big City
General Specific: That Big City Fire Department is chock-full of heroes. Too bad they don't wear capes and tights and fly around, like this [rips off clothes to show a superhero costume and pretends to fly]. Uh anyhoo, give me your special sheep-capturing net, mad scientist.
Angry Scientist: [Holds up a sign that reads ANGURY!, which off-screen kids shout out, then gives him the net] Here it ising.

TV Show: Sheep in the Big City
General Specific: Ah, mad scientist, do you have any plans to find that elusive sheep?
General Specific: I think I was more interested in whether or not you had a plan to locate Sheep.
Angry Scientist: I am not needing a plan!, we simply go having to the house of little Lisa Rental!!
General Specific: I see, and she knows where Sheep is?
Angry Scientist: She has Sheep! what she thought a dog is Sheep! The dog is Sheep!! Can I be making this any clearer to you!!!
General Specific: Perhaps. Do you have any charts? I love charts.
Angry Scientist: [exasperated] Nooo!!, the dog is Sheep! The dog is Sheep! The dog is Sheep!!, THE DOG IS SHEEP!!
General Specific: I'm finding you hard to believe without any charts.

TV Show: Sheep in the Big City
General Specific: Hey it worked!, Sheep is smaller, and so are you guys.
Angry Scientist: No, you are in the being larger, SOMETIMES YOU ARE IN THE DRIVING OF ME CRAZY!!
General Specific: I'm not the one that designed a raygun that shoots backwards!

TV Show: Sheep in the Big City
Angry Scientist: Enough making with the unveiled unveiling! I am having something far more unveilable available for you to unveil!
General Specific: You are so weird, mad scientist.
Angry Scientist: ANGURY! Aaaugh. So I have invented something that will guarantee the catching that Sheepness, a time machine!
General Specific: I already have one, see? The big hand is on the 6 and the little hand is on the 2.
Angry Scientist: Not a watch, you imbeciliated general person! I am talking about a time travelling machine, that is abling us to travels anywhere in time.
Private Public: If you can invent a time machine, why can't you invent a ray gun that works without a sheep?
Angry Scientist: I am an artist, okay? Did anyone be telling Picasso how to be dancing? Okay, painting, whatever you are getting my pointedness.

TV Show: Sheep in the Big City
Narrator: Oh, noooo! The Angry Scientist has discovered that General Specific's favorite new recruit is actually Sheep! What will The Angry Scientist do?
Angry Scientist: I'm not telling!

TV Show: Sheep in the Big City
Woman: Oh, dear, my house is so full of angry roaches, I can hardly see my floor anymore.
Victor: Forget your worries, Mrs. Smythe Robertson Johnson Weathermocker Von Herbertson-Berski-Jackson!
Woman: Did you break into my house?
Victor: Yes, that's why you should try Oxy Moron Roach Suites!
Woman: What are you talking about?
Victor: Yes, with Oxy Moron Roach Suites, roaches check in, enjoy the accomodations, maybe take a dip in the pool and then check out, refreshed, happy and ready for a new day of roaching!
Woman: Your product relaxes roaches?
Victor: A relaxed roach is a happy roach.
Woman: Are you some kind of nut?
Victor: Sounds too good to be true! Well, Oxy Moron Roach Suites guarantees your roaches will be more relaxed or.... they won't be.
Woman: I don't want happy roaches, I want dead roaches. I want a product that will KILL my roaches!!!.
Victor: You sick woman, I don't think the Oxy Moron Corporation would want to sell anything to you.
Woman: Good, then will you get out of my house?!

TV Show: Sheep in the Big City
General Specific: Why are you looking in my ear?
Angry Scientist: To see if you are having a brain!

TV Show: Sheep in the Big City
Private Public: Shall we go after X Agent, Sir?
General Specific: Not yet, Private Public, I need a name, you can't be a costumed super-powered guy without a name!
Angry Scientist: How about, Angry Scientist Invention Man!
Private Public: Super-Boss!
Private Thoughts: I'm not gonna go there.

TV Show: Sheep in the Big City