Sealab 2021 Quotes

Debbie DuPree: So... it must be fascinating to be a big Hollywood movie star.
Beck Bristow: You know what's fascinating? Hot, nasty sex with Hollywood actor Beck Bristow.
Debbie DuPree: [seductively] Are you... propositioning me?
Beck Bristow: No. Merely stating a fact.

TV Show: Sealab 2021
Dr. Quentin Q. Quinn: That shockwave created a subspace fracture.
Derek 'Stormy' Waters: Take that, subspace!
Dr. Quentin Q. Quinn: Shut up.
Derek 'Stormy' Waters: No.

TV Show: Sealab 2021
Hesh: Hesh wants some sex!
Derek 'Stormy' Waters: Hesh! Get off! My tape's playing!
Hesh: Shut up. Debbie, get down here... give Hesh some sex.
Derek 'Stormy' Waters: Hesh, this isn't funny.
Hesh: You'll be real funny when I crack you with a pipe.
Derek 'Stormy' Waters: Okay, I'm coming down there.
Hesh: Shut up.
Debbie DuPree: Well now... Hesh
Hesh: Shut up!
Debbie DuPree: Um, okay... why do you think you would make a good father?
Hesh: Um... gimme a second... uh... sex.

TV Show: Sealab 2021
Marco: You know, you throw a pretty good punch, Captain.
Captain Murphy: Well, there were a lot of bullies in my neighborhood when I was a kid.
Marco: Your dad got you boxing lessons?
Captain Murphy: No, I just got beat up a lot. So now when I get the chance I like to sucker punch people.

TV Show: Sealab 2021
Sparks: Debbie, I have something for you.
Debbie DuPree: Oh yeah? What?
Sparks: A book.
Debbie DuPree: What's the book?
Sparks: A Modest Proposal.
Debbie DuPree: Who's it by?
Sparks: Jonathan Swift.
Debbie DuPree: And what's the book about? [pause]
Sparks: Eating babies.

TV Show: Sealab 2021
[Almost directly taken from Apocalypse Now]
Captain Murphy: Did they say why they want to terminate my command?
Marco: They told me that you had gone totally insane, and that your methods were unsound.
Captain Murphy: Are my methods unsound?
Marco: I don't see any method at all, sir.
Captain Murphy: Are you an assassin?
Marco: I'm a soldier.
Captain Murphy: You're neither. You're an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill. SO WET WILLIE FOR YOU!

TV Show: Sealab 2021
Chopper Pilot: Chopper Dave, we have uh-oh, this is not a drill, over.

TV Show: Sealab 2021
Chopper Pilot: Chopper Dave, come in, over.

TV Show: Sealab 2021
Tourist: Wait, shouldn't we be quarantined until you figure out what it is?
Verjay: Ordinarily yes. Now get out.
Woman Tourist: Wait, what about our children, what about our children!
Verjay: Uh, the children must be, uh... Quarantined.
Woman Tourist: But you just said...
Verjay: Damnit woman, there's no time! Get your fat ass out of here!

TV Show: Sealab 2021
[Debbie] : "Off please."
"Too bad."

TV Show: Sealab 2021
(Quinn has died of a heart attack)

TV Show: Sealab 2021
[Zoom out to reveal he is talking to a bucket on a mop]

TV Show: Sealab 2021
"I'm about to infect you with the back of my hand."
[Quinn, trying to interject] "But..."
"Back of the hand!"

TV Show: Sealab 2021
[Marco, doing situps while gripping the ceiling with his toes] "Outrageously chill?"
"Word! Hey Stormy! Float your ass over here and magic me up another wrench!"

TV Show: Sealab 2021
[Debbie] "What is it?"
"A book."
[Debbie] "What's the book?"
"A Modest Proposal."
[Debbie] "By whom?"
"Johnathon Swift."
[Debbie] "And what is the book about?"
Long pause "Eating babies..."

TV Show: Sealab 2021
[Quinn] Well, only fitting since you have a phD in hydro-dynamics, only, hmm, wait that's not your phD, it's mine."
"Well maybe you should cram it up your ass and set it on fire so the whole world can see you running around with your ass on fire and go 'Well a fat
lot of good that phD's doing him with his ass on fire.'"

TV Show: Sealab 2021
[Hesh holds up a large wire.]
Marco: "Don't bite the main circuit, Hesh."[Hesh does so and is electrocuted.] Hesh: "Oh my God! It hurts bad!"

TV Show: Sealab 2021
Rock 'n' roll star, king, czar, and a kaiser,
A room full of friends, a mouth full of cake,
Every present is for you, and it feels pretty great,
You're the man of the hour, the V.I.P.,
You get the first slice, of the P.I.E.,
But first blow out the candles, and make a wish,
Put a smile on, cause it's your berfday, bitch!"
[Song sang to Quinn at his birthday party while he is incapacitated by baseball bat-related injuries. At the end of the credits, Quinn says "seriously, what a bunch of assholes. It's not even my birthday."]

TV Show: Sealab 2021
Giraffe: "Nooo, we mustn't! It is forbidden!"
Hesh: "Go on! Hump her! Make a bear-affe... or a giraffabear."

TV Show: Sealab 2021
Shanks: "Yeah... which reminds me of a funny plot twist!"

TV Show: Sealab 2021
Shanks (holding a worm): "No, no señor, don't do it." (eats it)

TV Show: Sealab 2021
[Dolphin Boy chatters]
"Listen fatty, I told you once: you can either hold it, or you can just PEE in that wetsuit!"

TV Show: Sealab 2021
[Dr. Verjay]"My guess is it's similar to mad cow disease only much more icky"
[Quinn] "Is it terminal?"
[Archy's head explodes]
[Dr. Verjay] "....It would appear so."

TV Show: Sealab 2021
Sparks: "Why would we blow up the earth?......Where WE are?...right now."
Bizarro Murphy: "because it's bizzarooooooo"
Sparks: "it's stupid!"

TV Show: Sealab 2021
"The doctor is in"!
Bizarro Debbie: "Is he ever!"
Debbie: That BASTARD!!!!
Quinn: Woman SHUT UP!!!!!
Murphy: [oblivious] My god! He's out of his mind with pain!"
Bizarro Quinn: "You want make him jealous? Get delicious bizarro revenge m'kay? Mmmmm... delicious."

TV Show: Sealab 2021
Bizzaro Quinn: "Bizzaro, I love you. Bizzaro, I love you."

TV Show: Sealab 2021
Bizarro Murphy: "Don't! He's allergic!"
Bizarro Quinn: "They'll kill me."

TV Show: Sealab 2021
Stormy: "I'm regular Stormy."
Bizarro Debbie: "Shut up idiots!"
Bizarro Stormy: "Don't you mean, Bizarro shut up?

TV Show: Sealab 2021
Murphy: "Look Turtleface. Star Wars!!"

TV Show: Sealab 2021
Bizarro Murphy: "Dont you mean you hate the Bizarrooooos?!"

TV Show: Sealab 2021