Big Time Rush Quotes

Gustavo: [playing on the piano] Any kind of guy you want, that's the guy i'll be...this song, is terrible. IT'S TER-RI-BLE!!!!!
Katie: Don't you have to be in love to write a love song? I mean, you're not wearing a wedding ring, and don't you hate EVERY LIVING THING?

TV Show: Big Time Rush
Katie: I'm just saying you're 30% ignorant, 30% arrogant, and 40% idiot. So be careful of fans. (walks away)
James: ...She so has a giant crush on me.

TV Show: Big Time Rush
[while the boys are driving their new car, and Bitters is locked in the trunk]
Bitters: Guys? How much longer do I have to be in here?!
Kendall, Carlos, James and Logan: TWO MORE MONTHS!!!!!

TV Show: Big Time Rush
Jo: Sorry, my scene ran late.
Kendall: At least we're together now. And... I got us his and hers smoothies. [holds up blue and pink smoothies] [Jo reaches for the pink one but Kendall pulls his arm back] The pink one's mine.

TV Show: Big Time Rush
Camille: We musn't! You're a hair model prince who's spying on my country. And I'm... a robot!
James: If it's so wrong, why were you programmed to love?

TV Show: Big Time Rush
Gustavo: ...Should I remind them that preparing for a concert will be the hardest thing they've ever done? And that it's not in Times Square?
Kelly: Oh, let them have their fantasy. They look so happy!
Gustavo: FINE...i'll give them another minute. Then i'll burst their bubble!

TV Show: Big Time Rush
Kelly: If that girl you hired breaks sweet Carlos's heart, I'll break EVERY ONE of your music awards.
Gustavo: You wouldn't DARE! (Kelly uses a baseball bat and swings at one of Gustavo's awards)

TV Show: Big Time Rush
Camille: What was that?!
James: It was in the script!
Camille: Not that second one!

TV Show: Big Time Rush
Kendall: [About to get beat up by the Girl's Field Hockey team] Time Out!!! Carlos, give James the helmet. We gotta protect "The Face".
James: I love you guys!
Kendall: Time in.

TV Show: Big Time Rush
Gustavo: [During the audition] I need someone who will knock me out of my seat! And as you can tell i'm still in it! Because you have NO TALENT!
Kendall: No talent! No talent! You're the one with no talent! You haven't had a hit in ten years!
Gustavo: Hey! Girl 2 my Heart was a hit nine years ago!
Kendall: Girl 2 my Heart, let me see if I can remember that rock classic!

TV Show: Big Time Rush
Kendall: [With the police holding him, his friends, and the old lady] Hey mom! Remember that time I saved you from choking!?! Wow! That was close! And I love you.
Old Lady: I feel so alive!!!!

TV Show: Big Time Rush
Mrs. Knight: What happened? The truth now!
Logan: Miss Majecowsky help us try to make James famous.
Carlos: But this producer guy was super mean to us.
Kendall: So I sang him the Giant Turd Song and there was a tiny fight, but NOBODY GOT HURT!
James: And now I'm really sad.
Mrs. Knight: Okay! Who wants sandwiches?
The Guys: Ooh Me!
Katie: Wait! That's it? That's your interrogation? You didn't put the screws to em' or slap em' with the hard cheese!
Mrs. Knight: I don't know what you're talking about, but you aren't allowed to watch FOX anymore!

TV Show: Big Time Rush
Logan: So I uh, did the math last night on this whole singing thing...and, Katie was right: you're an idiot. (takes a shopping cart and pushes it, but it hits a car and its beeper goes off) It's a breaking right.
Kendall: Guys. I don't want to go to LA with that jerk. I want to be here with YOU jerks! And play hockey for our TEAM...
Carlos: But this is just LIKE hockey! Only instead of crashing the boards and rushing the net, you're singing and dancing!
Logan: What have you got to lose?!
Carlos: (walks right in front of Kendall) Dude...CALIFORNIA! The girls, the beach, the stars! The...GIRLS!
Kendall: Yeah. But none of that matters if it's minus my best friends! Add those numbers up, professor.
Logan: (pulls out a calculator) Kay, carry the two, ahhhh...nope! Still an idiot.
Kendall: (to James) What about you? You haven't said anything to me all day.
James: I'm not talking to you.
Carlos and Logan: You just did.
James: You know what?! (to Kendall) Dude, part of me hates you right now. No, all of me hates you. Call that guy back.
Kendall: That guy said you have no talent, (to Logan) made YOU cry...and broke my mom's teacup.

TV Show: Big Time Rush
Kendall: Okay reality check! We have to promise ourselves NOW, that we won't let this singing thing or this town change us! We are four hockey players from Minnesota and we can never forget that! Do we all agree?
The guys: Yes!
(ten minutes later, the guys are at the pool)
Kendall: Once you've sipped from a real coconut, there's no goin back!
The guys: So true!

TV Show: Big Time Rush
Gustavo: I'm Gustavo Rocque! I'm amazing! I'M AMAZING. And if you think for one second that i'm so desperate because i've toured 22 cities and haven't been able to find anybody, you can think again! Because there is no way-NO...WAY-GUSTAVO taking the four dogs from Minnesota to Los Angeles to make them stars! It's never gonna happen! NEVER!!!!!
Kendall: ...So, we have a deal.
Gustavo: Yep.

TV Show: Big Time Rush
Kendall: Do any of your songs not have the word "girl" in them?
Gustavo: Well, let's find out, Mr. Question Everything I Do! Let's take a look at my WALL of PLATINUM RECORDS! (walks up to his wall) Let's see, there's uh... "Girl Like You". "Girl, You Are My Girl". "Hot Girl". "Cold Girl". (Carlos and Logan watch in dissentment) "Girl 2 My Heart". "Yardsquirrel Christmas". I forgot that one was there. Uh, "Girl Zone", "Girl Zone Remix", "Girl Cake", and "Girl Girl Girl", which sold THREE MILLION COPIES, and was NUMBER ONE...FOR FIVE...WEEKS!(walks up to Kendall) Any other questions...DOG? (slaps his cheek)
Kendall: Are any of those songs from this Girllenium?

TV Show: Big Time Rush
(after the boys have a pillow fight and are covered in feathers)
Gustavo: (to Carlos) YOU...can't sing! (to Logan) YOU...can't sing, OR dance!
Logan: But I can backflip.
Gustavo: Stop it!
Logan: Okay.
Gustavo: Forever.
Logan: Hm.
Gustavo: (Looks at James, but skips to Kendall) Worst of all. You don't even seem to WANT this!!
Kendall: (Coughes feathers)
James: What about me? I sing, dance and want this.
Gustavo: YOU...remind me A LOT of Matthew McConaughey.
James: Awesome.

TV Show: Big Time Rush
Kendall: But i've realized three things since we got here. One, I love singing. Two, I love singing with you guys! And opportunities like this come once in a lifetime!
Logan: What's the third thing?
Kendall: It's -8 in Minnesota right now....and i'm in love with this pool.

TV Show: Big Time Rush
Gustavo: Carlos still can't sing. Logan still can't dance. And I still can't stand James!
Kendall: We'll work on it!
Gustavo: ...Okay, now you can celebrate.

TV Show: Big Time Rush
Kelly: Just let them go to the Palm Woods!
Gustavo: The day I let them beat me IS THE DAY I-is that a goat?

TV Show: Big Time Rush
Gustavo: Sabotage, smoobatage! You CANNOT BEAT ME!!!!

TV Show: Big Time Rush
James: Let's do this! (holds up three bandanas)
Kendall, Carlos and Logan: WE'RE NOT WEARING BANDANAS.

TV Show: Big Time Rush
Bitters: Why are the Jennifers dripping KETCHUP on MY PALM WOODS?

TV Show: Big Time Rush
Gustavo: I realized today, sort of, that if you really want to train dogs properly, you need to throw them a treat now and then. So...enjoy your treat. You're not getting anymore.

TV Show: Big Time Rush
(Bitters breaks out of the supply closet and into the boys' room)
Logan: You locked him in the supply closet?!
James: No...bandana man did. (holds up a bandana)
Bitters: This is a total lease violation! (sees the swirly slide) ...Man. Nice swirly slide. (to the boys) I want all of you out of here...TOMORROW!
Kelly: How 'bout I add another grand to your "making it happen" fee? (takes a check and gives it to Bitters)
Bitters: Have a Palm Woods day!

TV Show: Big Time Rush
James: I love being a part of the RCMCBT GlobalNet Family... but I hate their hair dryers.
Gustavo: CUT! Just say what's on the card!
James: And what? They've completely ignored ionized technology.
Gustavo: You have said NOTHING I can use for the last 2 hours!
James: and in no way am I purposely stalllinnggg? yoouuu
Gustavo: Where did you get that bandana?
James: Waffle? No thanks i already ate!"

TV Show: Big Time Rush
Wayne-Wayne: [During the Bad Boy off] My name is Wayne-Wayne on the mic-mic i'm badder than bad I said the City is Ours we're gonna take it like we're men!
Kendall: [During the Bad Boy off] Your rhymes are weak mine fit like a glove Gustavo's gotta face only a mother could love!

TV Show: Big Time Rush
Logan: Wayne-Wayne is a total fraud.
James: He wants to kick Kendall out of the band. (Kendall raises his arms)
Gustavo: Really? I bet on Logan.
Logan: (laughs) Well you would have LOST.

TV Show: Big Time Rush
Griffin: So you got rid of Kendall (pressed the speaker)My money was on Logan.

TV Show: Big Time Rush
Kendall: Bad boys go where they want.

TV Show: Big Time Rush