Winx Club Quotes

Icy: [freezing Tecna and Timmy] I call this geek a-la-mode.

TV Show: Winx Club
Prince Sky: Just when you thought it couldn't get any darker or colder

TV Show: Winx Club
Brandon: Wow. I never knew I'd wish I was ugly.

TV Show: Winx Club
Stormy: [pointing at Icy's chin] That has to be the single, most disgusting wart ever.

TV Show: Winx Club
Stormy: Being in this room gives me potion's class nightmares!
Darcy: Well, get over it, Wiatch.

TV Show: Winx Club
Tecna: [referring to Stella] There's only one good logical term for the way she's acting. Crazy!

TV Show: Winx Club
Flora: Just find your warm inner place and keep walking.
Stella: You find your warm inner place, Flora. Me, I'll get an extra blanket.

TV Show: Winx Club
Flora: I can't take it anymore.
Musa: What happened to your warm, inner place?
Flora: It froze.

TV Show: Winx Club
[After destroying Red Fountain]
Darcy: Weren't we just great. We totally sent them flying.
Stormy: We rule.
Icy: Ah, but we're not done yet, sisters. The best is yet to come.

TV Show: Winx Club
Palladium: Before we can send you, we have to suit you up in the appropriate attire. You see, the weather on Sparx is quite brutal, so I'm afraid open-toe shoes and exposed midriffs simply will not do.
Griselda: If I had my way, this would be the year-round dress code.
Faragonda: Oh, Griselda.

TV Show: Winx Club
Flora's Plant: Whaoow! That hurt!
Bloom: Wow. I'm sorry.
Flora: He's my latest creation
Bloom: He talks?
Flora: He's cute, isn't he? My theory is that if more plants talked, deforestation would be dramaticly reduced. It's worth trying. If it just saves one tree... Hi, I'm Flora. [knocks over plant] Oopsie.
Plant: Can't a plant get a break around here? Oahhh.
Flora: Sorry, honey.
Bloom: Anyway, I'm Bloom.
Stella: [clears throat, and whispers] Uhh, Bloom.
Bloom: Oh! Uhh... What I meant to say is Bloom's a name I like a lot, but it's not my name. Actually, my real name is... [backs up and reads what is written by the door] Veranda of. Of. Valisto. Yup. That's me.
Tecna: Valisto. Fourth world of Magix upper realm. Well known for its renowned artists and tradition. It's beaches are very popular with tourists.
Bloom: Right. That's where I'm from.
Tecna Cool. My name's Tecna.
Stella: Hey Tecna! I'm Stella. Nice to meetcha!
Tecna: You are quite infamous
Musa: That's the word on the street. Yo. If you plan to blow up more stuff, let us know ahead so we can bounce.
[Bloom, Tecna, and Flora giggle]
Stella: It was in the name of fashion. I don't regret it.
Tecna: I'm curious. Were you actually able to create this new shade of pink?
Stella: No! But when I do, it's going to be the official color of Solaria!

TV Show: Winx Club
Stella: It's okay. You could have survived at least another 15 minutes in that ice. You know, considering your from Earth and all, you did an outstandingly splendidly, Bloom. You are so brave!
Musa, Flora, and Tecna: Stella!
Stella: Uh...
Flora: Why did you just call her Bloom and say that she's from planet Earth?!
Stella: Uh, right. There might be some tiny minor details we need to fill you in on. I'll give you the whole scoop on the way back to Alfea.

TV Show: Winx Club
Bloom: [after transforming into her winx form the first time] Cool! I knew I could do it!

TV Show: Winx Club
Flora: That tree turned to stone.
Stella: Turned to stone? Talk about being statuesque!

TV Show: Winx Club
Bloom: Maybe the voice of nature can give us a clue.
Flora: That's right, the voice of nature!
Tecna: What do you mean "voice"? I can't hear a thing.

TV Show: Winx Club
Stella: What did you do, comb your hair with an eggbeater?

TV Show: Winx Club
Musa: What's the gloom, Bloom?

TV Show: Winx Club
Mitzi: How dare she interrupt my regulary scheduled programming!

TV Show: Winx Club
Stella: I don't care what anyone says, I'm going to get her! (i'm not sure that's exactly what she says, someone wanna edit?)
Musa: But they said no.
Stella: Mmmm, yeah, but what does 'no' mean, really?
Flora: What are you saying?
Tecna: Don't answer that.

TV Show: Winx Club
Icy: Besides, the dragon fire should be ours, our coven earned the right to have it. They spent centuries tracking its last remaining pieces, and when they finally located it on Sparx, they put a spell on the whole planet, freezing it, turning it into a sea of ice. The ultimate power was within their grasps. But the guardian of the flame tricked them--that nymph hid the dragon fire inside the heir to the kingdom's throne--inside you.
Bloom: You're saying that I'm the heir to the throne of Sparx, that I'm a princess?

TV Show: Winx Club
Mitzi: Bloom! We have Show & Tell tomorrow at school. Can I bring you?
Bloom: Don't expect me to dignify that with an answer.

TV Show: Winx Club
Bloom: I have plenty of friends, Mitzi!
Mitzi: Imaginary friends don't count.
Bloom: Whatever!

TV Show: Winx Club
Bloom: I was thinking of quitting Alfea. I didn't feel like I belonged. Then I went back home and I found out who I really am and where I come from, and now I kind of wish I hadn't. I'm a member of the royal family of Sparx, and that's cool, but I am the last one left. And apparently, I'm the keeper of a power called the dragon fire, and Daphne, you know, the nymph who's been calling for me in my dreams and stuff, she gave it to me.

TV Show: Winx Club
[After taking over Cloud Tower]
Icy: Griffin, you and your students have just earned yourselves a nice vacation in the damp snake and rat-infested dungeons of Cloud Tower. What, you're not happy? How ungratefull.
Griffin: You wretch!
Cloud Tower professor: If you think you'll get away with this, you're wrong!
Icy: Oh yeah, we all saw how you can stop us. It was very impressive.

TV Show: Winx Club
Stormy: Now we will go down into the castle crypt, where the most evil spells are kept and we'll call forth the Army of Decay!
Griffin: You can't! No one's ever been able to control the Army of Decay, it will cause total destruction!
Icy : Oh really?

TV Show: Winx Club
Riven: What's going on here? Since when does Griffin let you use her office?
Darcy: Since we took it from her.
Riven: What do you mean? I don't know what you've done, but I really don't like what's going on around here.
Stormy: Oh Riven, you're still in the dark, aren't you? [cuts him with her nail] But rest assured, you were fundemental to our succes. We couldn't have done it without your help.
Icy: You spying skills made all the difference in our power struggle with the Fairies.
Riven: No! You've tricked me! Curses on you! You snakes!

TV Show: Winx Club
Icy: [over hologram to Faragonda and Saladin] Time to face the facts, professors: you don't stand a chance against us. If you want your precious schools spared from total distruction, you must follow these conditions. First, lay down your arms and surrender. Second, all of you have to stand up in front of your students and say "Icy rules, Icy's the greatest." And then you've gotta swear allegiance to us! If you don't do that we're gonna wipe your schools right off the face of the realm. You've got five hours to decide. [hologram goes off]
Faragonda: [to Saladin] If those witches think we're just going to hand our schools over to them they're crazier than I thought!

TV Show: Winx Club
Icy: Ooh, we're scared now Professor Saladin. You've managed to draft a mindless ogre and a duck.

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Daphne: When you were born, Sparx was still filled with pure magic, but then the coven launched a sneak attack. They took over the entire planet and destroyed everything. What was once the most magical place in the universe became lifeless. The king called on me to save you and to guard the dragonfire. I took you and the flame, and I brought you to the last place anyone would look for a magical creature: I delivered you to Earth. It was the place where your destiny was waiting, a destiny that would nurture and care for you, and that would prepare you to one day return to Sparx, to one day reclaim your throne.

TV Show: Winx Club
Stella: Off topic, but what about all the fabulous jewelry?
Musa: I think Stella's got her eye on a necklace or two.
Bloom: OK, after I reclaim the throne you can take your pick.

TV Show: Winx Club