The Mighty B! Quotes

Penny: [nervous about babysitting] Bessie, maybe we shouldn't.... There are four of them, and two of us. We're outnumbered three to one!

TV Show: The Mighty B!
Portia: If babysitting Gwen's little brothers right now while me and Gwen go to the store is your dream, who are we to stand in your way?
Bessie: Exactly! I think.

TV Show: The Mighty B!
Ben: [about Happy] I can't believe it! He's the worst dog I've ever met!
Bessie: You're six! How many dogs have you met?!

TV Show: The Mighty B!
Roller Operator: Keep your hands inside the car at all times, don't disengage the safety bar, you puke you clean it. Have a nice ride!

TV Show: The Mighty B!
Bessie: [to the girls in line] Hey you guys! Are you ready to rock this bad boy?
Portia: Ready? I'm wearing double scrunches, aren't I?

TV Show: The Mighty B!
Ben: [hopeful] Every superhero needs a sidekick!
Bessie: I'm not the Mighty B yet, Ben, I still have 4,584 badges to go!

TV Show: The Mighty B!
Bessie: [listing reason for a dog] One: I've always wanted a dog. Two: If I get a dog, I can put it in the Honeybee dog show and win the Animal Appreciation badge, and that is the badge that I really really really really really really really really really really want.(later) Forty-five: If we got a dog, it could guard our apartment! Forty-six: Dogs are nice. Forty-seven: Dogs aren't cats. Forty-eight: When your tired, you can rest your head on it like a pillow! (later) Seven- hundred twenty-nine: If I got a dog, I would rescue it, and there are over 1682 homeless animals in the city of San Fransisco! Go would it be great Mom? Would it be great if I rescue a homeless dog?

TV Show: The Mighty B!
Benjamin: (tied to a chair) No, I won't do it!
Gwen: (certain) Oh yes, you will.
Porita: What is Bessie's middle name? Finish this word: Ka-ka...
Benjamin: (anguished) What would happen if I tell is worse than anything you can ever do to me!
Porita: Oh, we're not gonna do anything to you. But I can't say the same for your stupid bear-doll. (holding the bear)

TV Show: The Mighty B!
Porita: (her hair falls out after she says's Kajolica) My hair! Some of these aren't even extensions. What is going on?
Gwen: (laughing) Can't stop saying it. Kajolica. Ha ha, ha ha. (wallpaper peels and snatches her)
Bessie: (as Penny is about to speak) Penny, no! Everyone, it's time your heard the truth. Some years ago, Ben and I discovered that my middle name is not only very embarrassing, it is cursed. You heard me, cursed! When ever somebody says it out loud something bad happens, usually immediately like just now.
Benjamin: See, told ya it would be worse if I told ya!
Porita: Um, I like sent it to everyone in my bee-berry. Is that bad? (bee-berry explodes)
Bessie: Ben, we gotta go! (rushes out of the house with him)

TV Show: The Mighty B!
Bessie: (after coming back to The Hive) Ben, shut the window. I can't listen to that song anymore.
Ben: (with the singing outside) Well it's better than everyone saying Kajolica. (The Hive explodes)

TV Show: The Mighty B!
Bessie: (to Happy) How am I supposed to teach you not to run off-leash if you keep running off-leash?
Penny: Going off-leash is how I got lost at the mall.

TV Show: The Mighty B!