Shaman King Quotes

Haro Haro, Faust VIII: How rude! You knocked his block off, and you didn't even have the courtesy to yell 'Heads up'!

Movie: Shaman King
Manta Oyamada: [Annoyed] Why does he always seem so carefree? He doesn't study... He listens to his favorite music... He even watches the rivers and stars! ......I wish I could live like that...

TV Show: Shaman King
Mosuke: It's my fault he's called a demon! I killed him!! I can't fulfill my promise until I give him Harusame!! Even though I died I can't accept my death!
Yoh Asakura: Is that all?

TV Show: Shaman King
Manta Oyamada: Tests are meant to test your own knowledge. So how can you do them relying on other people!?
Yoh Asakura: What? I want to become a professional shaman so there's nothing wrong with it.
Manta: Professional? Huh?
Yoh: Yeah. It's kind of the same as a professional musician or artist. This is my skill so I should keep using it. I don't really care about tests and all that; as long as I graduate normally it's okay.

TV Show: Shaman King
Manta Oyamada: Hey, Yoh-kun, what happened to Gushi's ghost in the end?
Yoh Asakura: Ran away. I did.
Manta: [Snickering] What? It's not good to run away...
Yoh: [Battered and bruised] I don't like boxing, it's too painful. I don't like painful things.

TV Show: Shaman King
Manta Oyamada: Have you thought about what it'll be like having a ghost around all the time?
Yoh Asakura: What do you mean? It's a good thing. In the morning, he can wake me up by paralyzing me.
Manta: Paralysis!?
Yoh: If I get lost, he can navigate for me from above.
Manta: Be-because he's a ghost...
Yoh: I don't need to be afraid of hoodlums at all.
Manta: Be-because he's a samurai...
Yoh: On top of that, if I'm afraid to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, he can go with me.
Manta: Ehhhh! BUT ISN'T HE A GHOST!?

TV Show: Shaman King
Tao Ren: There's no sky in Tokyo, don't you think? Stars are like lights that guide us humans. Those who cannot read the movements of the stars lose sight of the path they should follow, and fall into ruin. Are you also one of those foolish people?

TV Show: Shaman King
Yoh Asakura: You start fights with people, and then all of a sudden, you tell me to give you Amidamaru?
Tao Ren: Would you prefer if I said "please"?
Yoh: NO! Amidamaru is my friend! You can't just treat him like some object!

TV Show: Shaman King
Tao Ren: You're saying you'd just cast aside your spirit!?
Yoh Asakura: If the only other option is to let him become your "tool"... then absolutely yes.

TV Show: Shaman King
[Yoh refuses to grow up to be a shaman.]
Yohmei Asakura: So... What do you want to do in the future?
Yoh Asakura: Well... Every day, I want to listen to my favorite music! And live free of worries!
Yohmei: IDIOT!!

TV Show: Shaman King
Anna Kyoyama: Because I aim to be the First Lady of the shaman world... You will become Shaman King, whether you want to or not.

TV Show: Shaman King
Yoh Asakura: The easiest way to test a person's real ability is under extreme conditions. Therefore, it's appropriate to choose the Shaman King through fighting.

TV Show: Shaman King