End of Watch Quotes

Brian Taylor: We can't hold them off. We gotta lay down a base of fire and pivot.
Mike Zavala: What the fuck does that mean, dude?
Brian Taylor: We're shooting our way out of here, bro.

Movie: End of Watch
Sarge: LAPD! Drop the guns! Drop 'em!
La La: Curbside Gang, putos!
Sarge: Fuck you! [the police open fire]

Movie: End of Watch
Mike Zavala: Just because I look like the dudes from Home Depot doesn't mean I do the shit that the Home Depot dudes do.

Movie: End of Watch
Mike Zavala: What are we looking for, again?
Brian Taylor: All the food groups, man. Dope, money, and guns.

Movie: End of Watch
Sarge: Taylor, why didn't you shoot that son of a bitch? You had him dead to rights.
Brian Taylor: I just didn't feel like killing anyone tonight, Sarge.
Sarge: You feel like writing this up? Brass is gonna want clean paper, make sure all the logs match.
Mike Zavala: Sarge, did you see that? Van H has a fucking Ginsu sticking out of his eye.
Sarge: His eye was cut in half. The lens was hanging out. He's not coming back. Rookie, too. She ain't coming back. She gave me this to give to the watch commander. [holds up Sook's badge]
Mike Zavala: On the spot?
Sarge: Yeah.
Davis: Oh well. She wouldn't have made probation anyway.
Orozco: Hell no.
Sarge: What, because her daddy's not a captain?
Davis: You know she wasn't cut out for this shit.
Sarge: Why is that?
Davis: The evidence.
Orozco: She almost got Van Houser killed.
Sarge: You guys are cold, man. You got cold, dead eyes. You know that? Yeah both of you. You have a soul?
Davis: Yes, we just leave it at home.
Brian Taylor: Yo, we gonna sit around yapping or we gonna get this done?
Orozco: Dude, you guys saved that rookie's life. That was one big fucking fat ese.

Movie: End of Watch
Brian Taylor: Not every call's a foot pursuit or a car chase. Some guys at other agencies have never even drawn their weapon or been in a gun fight.
Mike Zavala: Yeah, but here that's just half your shift.
Brian Taylor: In the South end, we'll get involved in more capers in one deployment period than most cops see their entire career.
Mike Zavala: Hell yeah.

Movie: End of Watch
Brian Taylor: Never fall asleep in a room full of cops!

Movie: End of Watch
Brian Taylor: Hey, is that Big Evil's mom right there?
Mike Zavala: Yeah, it is. That's Mrs. Evil.

Movie: End of Watch
Mike Zavala: Why the fuck did you get married in your dress blues? If you worked at Best Buy would you wear that fucking stupid polo shirt?

Movie: End of Watch
La La: I was born to fucking do this shit.

Movie: End of Watch
Janet: [talking to Brian's camera]Brian, it's you! Hi. I'm gonna try not to wake you up. I can't believe that I stayed over. [pulls gun from holster]
Janet: This, this is interesting. I have never shot one before. Maybe that could be our next date. I did go through your wallet. I'm sorry. I am naturally curious. I hope that's okay. Gotta love a guy who has a picture of his mom in his wallet. [pulls out sheet of paper]
Janet: This? Yeah. Kristin, Mia, Raquel, etc. Um, you won't be needing this anymore. [kisses camera lens]

Movie: End of Watch
Medal of Valor LAPD: For their selfless actions and their exemplary service to the citizens of this city, the Medal of Valor is presented to Officer Brian Taylor and Officer Miguel Zavala.

Movie: End of Watch
La La: We should get them when they do to lunch at that Chinese place.
Big Evil: That Chinese place is crawling with cops. We gotta get these fuckers when they're alone.
La La: We can fucking follow their asses home and hit them there.
Big Evil: Mira, homegirl, white boy's in fucking Simi Valley. The other fucking fool's in San Gabriel. We gotta get these fuckers at the same time!
Demon: E, this is one time, homie. Not a bunch of fucking niggas.
Big Evil: Motherfucker! This fucker is straight from SHU, homeboy! You stop fucking around. You got in the car! You want to fucking hang with the fucking carnales, now you fucking pay the fucking price of fucking admission, homeboy. I'll fucking kill this fucking bitch, alright? You shut the fuck up.
Demon: Come on, E!
Big Evil: You get that shit out of my face! I'll fucking kill you, motherfucker! Don't you fucking disrespect.
Demon: Don't worry. I got this shit, man.

Movie: End of Watch
La La: This is fucking stupid. Those motherfuckers got bulletproof vests. We need to hit them with some AK's and shit.
Big Evil: Don't fucking rank out, La La!
La La: Fuck you! When the fuck have I ever backed out from shit, huh?
Big Evil: Get that fucking camera out of my face.
La La: I'm saying, we just can't fuck this shit up. I don't give a fuck, man. You know me. I'll do the motherfucking time. I just don't want the big homies fucking whacking me. Fucking whacking me for fucking up! We need a fucking plan. And you fucking know it, homie. Think about it. That's all I'm, saying.
Big Evil: Head back. I'll get some fucking big guns from the Border Brothers.

Movie: End of Watch
Mike Zavala: I think we killed that guy.
Brian Taylor: Good.

Movie: End of Watch
Brian Taylor: This is my day job. Some of you might know me as Brian or Taylor, but here I am Police Officer 2 Brian Taylor. This is where the forces of good prepare to fight the forces of evil. This is my partner, Officer Zavala.
Mike Zavala: I'm on my chones, dude.
Brian Taylor: I know dude, come on.
Mike Zavala: I'm in my chones. No.
Brian Taylor: We work basic patrol here at Newton. One of the toughest divisions in the LAPD.
Mike Zavala: Shootin' Newton, baby, that's right. Lucky 13.
Brian Taylor: [showing off basic gear]This is a department-issue sidearm Glock 19. Spyderco tactical knife. This little thing can break windows, here. Two Smith & Wesson handcuffs. Can of OC spray. Pepper spray. Two extra mags.

Movie: End of Watch
Davis: Saddle up, ladies. We're sick of holding up your end.

Movie: End of Watch
Brian Taylor: That's what happens when you fuck with the police!

Movie: End of Watch
Mike Zavala: Curbside's at it again, bro.
Brian Taylor: Curbside likes these vehicles because they blend in, you can put a lot of people in them, and this door slides back and the gang members open fire.

Movie: End of Watch
Gabby: I like her, Brian.
Mike Zavala: Buddy!
Janet: How long have you known Brian?
Gabby: Three years. He and Mike went to the Academy together
Janet: Right.

Movie: End of Watch
Davis: X 25 shows Code 6 with X 13.
Orozco: You okay?
Brian Taylor: [on radio]13 X-ray 13 show.
Mike Zavala: Transport this son of a bitch.
Davis: Yeah, no problem.
Mike Zavala: Check out this motherfucker's burner, bro. Dude he's got more bling than the old lady's wedding ring.
Brian Taylor: You don't have any holes in you?
Mike Zavala: I'm good, bro. Let's toss the truck.
Orozco: Hey, who was he shooting at?
Brian Taylor: What?
Orozco: Who was he shooting at?
Mike Zavala: Me.
Orozco: That's fucked up, man.

Movie: End of Watch
Brian Taylor: You feel like a hero?
Mike Zavala: No.
Brian Taylor: Yeah, me neither. What's a hero feel like?
Mike Zavala: I don't know, man. Did I tell you that me and Gabby got in a huge fight over the fire?
Brian Taylor: Nope, you didn't tell me that.
Mike Zavala: She was like, 'you could have died for someone else's kid when ours hasn't even been born yet.' She's like, 'you're not a fireman!'
Brian Taylor: Janet said the same thing. I don't think I could go into another burning building. I only went in because you did. Just put that shit out there.

Movie: End of Watch
Van Hauser: Who is that?
Brian Taylor: Taylor and Zavala. Oh shit. [Sees Van Houser's injury]
Van Hauser: Taylor, would you call for a rescue?
Brian Taylor: Do not move. What did he look like? Where did he go?
Van Hauser: Northbound through the houses. Hispanic male, blue checkered shirt. Zero-head, he's a parolee. He's fucking huge.
Brian Taylor: Dispatch, weapon used was a knife. KMA.
Van Hauser: Careful men. On your left. He's fucking huge.

Movie: End of Watch
Big Evil: That's when we fucking graduate. We fucking get the upgrade right now. Not fucking gonna be little fucking paisas no fucking more. Right? That's what we're gonna do.
Demon: I'm with you.
Big Evil: They want to come into our fucking hood and fucking talk shit to us? You fucking do this shit right.
La La: It's our fucking hood. They don't fucking disrespect us. Fuck yeah.
Big Evil: You guys want to fucking collect? You guys got to fucking put up. This time we're gonna do it right.
Wicked: Yeah, we're doing this.
Big Evil: Fucking guys have some fucking balls.
Demon: Hey E, after we get these motherfuckers, you know, it's gonna be a little hot in the hood, though. Right, La La?
Big Evil: We're gonna get the fuck out of here after that. I'm gonna fucking take you guys to fucking Vegas. You guys fucking do this shit right, I'm gonna treat you right. But if we don't fucking do this we can never fucking come back. That's the fucking thing.

Movie: End of Watch
La La: Rest in piss, bitch.

Movie: End of Watch
Demon: Checkmate, puto.

Movie: End of Watch