End of Watch Quote

La La: We should get them when they do to lunch at that Chinese place.
Big Evil: That Chinese place is crawling with cops. We gotta get these fuckers when they're alone.
La La: We can fucking follow their asses home and hit them there.
Big Evil: Mira, homegirl, white boy's in fucking Simi Valley. The other fucking fool's in San Gabriel. We gotta get these fuckers at the same time!
Demon: E, this is one time, homie. Not a bunch of fucking niggas.
Big Evil: Motherfucker! This fucker is straight from SHU, homeboy! You stop fucking around. You got in the car! You want to fucking hang with the fucking carnales, now you fucking pay the fucking price of fucking admission, homeboy. I'll fucking kill this fucking bitch, alright? You shut the fuck up.
Demon: Come on, E!
Big Evil: You get that shit out of my face! I'll fucking kill you, motherfucker! Don't you fucking disrespect.
Demon: Don't worry. I got this shit, man.

Movie: End of Watch


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