End of Watch Quote

Brian Taylor: This is my day job. Some of you might know me as Brian or Taylor, but here I am Police Officer 2 Brian Taylor. This is where the forces of good prepare to fight the forces of evil. This is my partner, Officer Zavala.
Mike Zavala: I'm on my chones, dude.
Brian Taylor: I know dude, come on.
Mike Zavala: I'm in my chones. No.
Brian Taylor: We work basic patrol here at Newton. One of the toughest divisions in the LAPD.
Mike Zavala: Shootin' Newton, baby, that's right. Lucky 13.
Brian Taylor: [showing off basic gear]This is a department-issue sidearm Glock 19. Spyderco tactical knife. This little thing can break windows, here. Two Smith & Wesson handcuffs. Can of OC spray. Pepper spray. Two extra mags.

Movie: End of Watch


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