End of Watch Quote

Davis: X 25 shows Code 6 with X 13.
Orozco: You okay?
Brian Taylor: [on radio]13 X-ray 13 show.
Mike Zavala: Transport this son of a bitch.
Davis: Yeah, no problem.
Mike Zavala: Check out this motherfucker's burner, bro. Dude he's got more bling than the old lady's wedding ring.
Brian Taylor: You don't have any holes in you?
Mike Zavala: I'm good, bro. Let's toss the truck.
Orozco: Hey, who was he shooting at?
Brian Taylor: What?
Orozco: Who was he shooting at?
Mike Zavala: Me.
Orozco: That's fucked up, man.

Movie: End of Watch


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