Home Sweet Home Quotes

Van: I don't plan on doing a double life sentence, because of a fucking candy wrapper!

Movie: Home Sweet Home
Kristi: You can run, but you can't hide.

Movie: Home Sweet Home
Kristi: Are you scared little cotton tail?
Naomi Salazar: No.
Kristi: Ooh. So you wanna die?
Naomi Salazar: I'm not gonna tell you anything.
Kristi: Ya know, I say you never truly know someone until their just about to die. The true 'them' comes out. Take your friend for example. Where is she? I don't see her rushing out here to save you.
Naomi Salazar: What do you want? You can have anything you want. Just let us go.
Kristi: You're give me exactly what I want. Right now. And I'm getting to know you just fine. [Kristi slowly pulls out a pocket knife]
Kristi: If I could... just... find the spot. [Kristi stabs Naomi in the neck and Naomi gasps]

Movie: Home Sweet Home
Van: Baby. You gotta help me! Fuck. My hand- that fucking bitch cut off my fingers! God! Fuck! And I think my legs broken.
Kristi: Well, who's fault is that?
Van: What? [Kristi jabs Van's other hand with the head of the shotgun and Van screams]
Van: Fuck!

Movie: Home Sweet Home
Kristi: [Calling out to Gwen]Oly oly oxen free.

Movie: Home Sweet Home
Gwen Stevens: [yelling]I have a gun!

Movie: Home Sweet Home