End of Watch Quote

La La: This is fucking stupid. Those motherfuckers got bulletproof vests. We need to hit them with some AK's and shit.
Big Evil: Don't fucking rank out, La La!
La La: Fuck you! When the fuck have I ever backed out from shit, huh?
Big Evil: Get that fucking camera out of my face.
La La: I'm saying, we just can't fuck this shit up. I don't give a fuck, man. You know me. I'll do the motherfucking time. I just don't want the big homies fucking whacking me. Fucking whacking me for fucking up! We need a fucking plan. And you fucking know it, homie. Think about it. That's all I'm, saying.
Big Evil: Head back. I'll get some fucking big guns from the Border Brothers.

Movie: End of Watch


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