End of Watch Quote

Sarge: Taylor, why didn't you shoot that son of a bitch? You had him dead to rights.
Brian Taylor: I just didn't feel like killing anyone tonight, Sarge.
Sarge: You feel like writing this up? Brass is gonna want clean paper, make sure all the logs match.
Mike Zavala: Sarge, did you see that? Van H has a fucking Ginsu sticking out of his eye.
Sarge: His eye was cut in half. The lens was hanging out. He's not coming back. Rookie, too. She ain't coming back. She gave me this to give to the watch commander. [holds up Sook's badge]
Mike Zavala: On the spot?
Sarge: Yeah.
Davis: Oh well. She wouldn't have made probation anyway.
Orozco: Hell no.
Sarge: What, because her daddy's not a captain?
Davis: You know she wasn't cut out for this shit.
Sarge: Why is that?
Davis: The evidence.
Orozco: She almost got Van Houser killed.
Sarge: You guys are cold, man. You got cold, dead eyes. You know that? Yeah both of you. You have a soul?
Davis: Yes, we just leave it at home.
Brian Taylor: Yo, we gonna sit around yapping or we gonna get this done?
Orozco: Dude, you guys saved that rookie's life. That was one big fucking fat ese.

Movie: End of Watch


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