End of Watch Quote

Big Evil: That's when we fucking graduate. We fucking get the upgrade right now. Not fucking gonna be little fucking paisas no fucking more. Right? That's what we're gonna do.
Demon: I'm with you.
Big Evil: They want to come into our fucking hood and fucking talk shit to us? You fucking do this shit right.
La La: It's our fucking hood. They don't fucking disrespect us. Fuck yeah.
Big Evil: You guys want to fucking collect? You guys got to fucking put up. This time we're gonna do it right.
Wicked: Yeah, we're doing this.
Big Evil: Fucking guys have some fucking balls.
Demon: Hey E, after we get these motherfuckers, you know, it's gonna be a little hot in the hood, though. Right, La La?
Big Evil: We're gonna get the fuck out of here after that. I'm gonna fucking take you guys to fucking Vegas. You guys fucking do this shit right, I'm gonna treat you right. But if we don't fucking do this we can never fucking come back. That's the fucking thing.

Movie: End of Watch


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