Crusade Quotes

[Encountering a painting of the Ark of the Covenant]
Elsa: What's this?
Indiana Jones: Ark of the Covenant.
Elsa: Are you sure?
Indiana Jones: Pretty sure.

TV Show: Crusade
Chrono: [watching the rain fall] Depressing, isn't it?
Sister Rosette Christopher: No. Considering we were up all night on a mission, and they ask us to do the shopping on our way home. I'd say it's more than depressing, it's the absolute worst.
Azmaria Hendrick: [being tossed around in the back seat] I'm sorry, I said I could do it by myself.
Sister Rosette Christopher: What are you talking about? It was obvious to all of us that you couldn't do it alone!
Azmaria Hendrick: [the phone rings] Oh, the Phone! Whoah! [falls down]
Chrono: Oh, are you all right, Azmaria?
Azmaria Hendrick: Yeah, I'm jake
Sister Rosette Christopher: You just stay put. Chrono answer the phone!
Chrono: huh what?
Sister Rosette Christopher: Can't you see I'm busy someone's gotta dirve!
Chrono: Hello? Oh, Father Remington, Rosette can't answer the phone right now.
Sister Rosette Christopher: [grabs the phone and talks excitedly] Oh, hello, Father.
Chrono: oh boy
Azmaria Hendrick: Shoud she do that while driving?

TV Show: Crusade
Gideon: Why me? There are others just as qualified.
Senator McQuate: During your time captaining an Explorer-class vessel you've come across more new alien lifeforms than anyone else in the Fleet. There are half a dozen captains riding Explorer ships; the rest are either too old or too cautious. You're a dangerous man when you want to be, Captain, and right now we need a dangerous man.

TV Show: Crusade
Indiana Jones: Half the German army is on our tail and now you want me to go to Berlin, into the lion's den?
Professor Henry Jones: Yes.

TV Show: Crusade
[to Indiana, while watching a Nazi parade and book burning]
Professor Henry Jones: My son, we're pilgrims in an unholy land.

TV Show: Crusade
Note: Quotes are organized by episode, in the order that series creator J. Michael Straczynski intended for them to be seen (intended airdate order).

TV Show: Crusade
Eilerson: Nations rise and fall. Planets live and die. But corporations go on, through good times and bad, because it's all about profit. [N]

TV Show: Crusade
Galen: Never contradict a Technomage when he's saving your life. Again.

TV Show: Crusade
Gideon(to Matheson): Don't think.
Galen: Yes, quite right. If you wanted to think, you should never have joined the military in the first place.

TV Show: Crusade
Galen: I was just thinking on whether or not a comment would be 'most wanted or least needed'.
Gideon: I thought you said you don't hold a grudge?
Galen: I don't. I have no surviving enemies. At all.

TV Show: Crusade
[Eilerson and Matheson are discussing going back to the planet.]
Eilerson: I say we find out what the problem is, take care of it. I believe blowing it up is the usual solution to these things. And then we go back for the rest, and avenge the untimely death of Crewman...
Matheson: Varelli.
Eilerson: Varelli. [pauses] Vivisected. Terrible way to die. We have to have our priorities, after all.
Galen: Did you say... vivisected?
Chambers: Yes, nearly all his internal organs were missing.
Galen: that is interesting...

TV Show: Crusade
Galen: When you have reached the end of the road, then you can decide whether to go to the left or to the right, to fire or to water. If you make those decisions before you have even set foot upon the road, it will take you nowhere. [pauses] Except to a bad end.

TV Show: Crusade
Holographic Galen: Oh, my. Whatever shall I do? They've all left without me. I knew I'd forget where we parked that shuttle. I hope something dreadful doesn't happen to me.
[He looks up to see a ship overhead.]
Holographic Galen: Oh, look. Something dreadful.

TV Show: Crusade
Gideon: They don't want us leaving with what we know. Too bad we don't know anything.

TV Show: Crusade
Galen: If I'm going to die, I'd rather do so in a room with a view.

TV Show: Crusade
Galen(ref: to Gideon): Ten years ago, I rescued a stray cat. That brings with it a degree of obligation. I can't exactly go wandering off every time he gets stuck up a tree, now can I?

TV Show: Crusade
Galen: In the end, it's all the story of Job, isn't it?
Gideon: Some days, it feels like our faith is being tested, same as his.
Galen: Where do you put your faith, Matthew? In science? Your luck? This ship?
Gideon: I haven't decided.
Galen: Well, then, if this is the story of Job, a great deal of people are being inconvenienced for your benefit. Hope you appreciate it.

TV Show: Crusade
[Dureena attempts to get Galen to teach her everything he knows about technomancy.]
Galen: The answer is still no. For now.
Dureena: Then there's hope?
Galen: There is always hope, only because that is the one thing no one has figured out how to kill. Yet.

TV Show: Crusade
Chambers(on the porn that came from Eilerson's data crystal): There's something you don't see every day.
Chambers: As a Doctor, I have to say that's totally unrealistic. An alien life form like the Pak'Ma'Ra is not biologically equipped to interface with humans in that kind of...
Gideon: It's an amazing thing, technology.

TV Show: Crusade
Gideon: I may have an idea.
Dureena: I don't think you've recovered from your last good idea.
Gideon: That would explain it.

TV Show: Crusade
Matheson: How odd. To know everyone's heart but my own.

TV Show: Crusade
[Gideon orders that probes be dropped onto the planet.]
Galen: I want you to know that this thing just made a very large dent in my ship. Did you ever think about looking outside before you start throwing things overboard?
Gideon: Maybe next time you'll let us know when you're coming. So what brings you here this time?
Galen: An attempt, in all probability foolish and useless, to prevent you from going down to that planet.
Gideon: Galen, my people have been looking for this place since we left Earth. Now that you're here, what could you possibly say that would change that?
Galen: Well, how about if you go down there, the odds are that none of you will return alive? [pauses] Clear me for docking. Put away the breakables. Turn on the landing lights. I'm coming in.

TV Show: Crusade
[The crew finds a planet that is a paradigm for Earth's infection with the Drakh plague.]
Galen: Oh, how wonderful. A paradigm. I'm sure the race that died beneath us would love to know that their fate had been reduced to a paradigm.[pauses] Sorry. Do go on.

TV Show: Crusade
Eilerson(to Dureena): I've decided to re-define our relationship. You pretend that you can't speak. I'll pretend that I can't hear. We'll get along famously.

TV Show: Crusade
[Gideon returns to grab a weapon.]
Eilerson: Where are you going?
Gideon: To follow a friend into hell.

TV Show: Crusade
[Gideon talks to the Apocalypse Box.]
Apocalypse Box: Do not trust.
Gideon: Do not trust who?
Apocalypse Box: Galen.

TV Show: Crusade
[Miners on a planet report sabotage... and a gold dragon.]
Galen: If I'm right, this is definitely something you should see.
Gideon: And if you're wrong?
Galen: Oh well that hardly seems likely, now does it?

TV Show: Crusade
Alwyn: If they come with guns, they will leave in boxes.

TV Show: Crusade
[Alwyn's demon-like creatures are attacking Earthforce personnel.]
Galen: The teeth are a very nice touch.
Alwyn: You think so? Not too big?
Galen: No, I think they are just about right.
Alwyn: Yes, I suppose you're right.

TV Show: Crusade
Matheson: Showing that we can obey the new regs is all that stands between us and the creation of a new Psi-Corps. I'm not gonna be the one to mess that up.

TV Show: Crusade