Urusei Yatsura Quotes

Carla: Just tell me what's wrong with me!
Rupa: I hate everything about you! If I had to marry you, I'd...
Carla: ... rather die, eh?! [Fires rocket at him.]
Rupa: I didn't say THAT!

Movie: Urusei yatsura
Elle: So you're Lum, the Oni-girl.
Lum: And you're Elle, the Darling-thief.

Movie: Urusei yatsura
Inaba: But, I can't just let you go, I have to reward you somehow.
Shinobu: I don't need a reward.
Inaba: I know! As a reward, I'll go on a date with you!
Shinobu: Now hold on...
Inaba: No need to be shy. C'mon, how about it?
Shinobu: I said NO! [Punches him into the sky.]
Shinobu: Do you understand THAT, you pervert?

Movie: Urusei yatsura
Lum: Who would want to put Darling through such a terrible ordeal?
Sakura: The answer to that is... [Suspenseful music begins]
Sakura: The same someone who invoked the curse. And that is... someone even we don't know!

Movie: Urusei yatsura
Shinobu: Oh, Lum! Did you happen to see a perverted rabbit flying through the air?

Movie: Urusei yatsura
[Mujaki cries as his dream is being destroyed]
Ataru Moroboshi: Oh, calm down, it's just a dream. You can always make more.
Mujaki: You don't understand at all. What's the difference between reality and the dreams I make? I've been making and living in other people's dreams since I was born. Can't I have a dream of my own, just this once? Oh, why do they always have to be destroyed?

Movie: Urusei yatsura
Newscaster: Only one day remains in the game of tag between Ataru and Lum, a game upon which the future of the Earth depends. Complaints are coming in from all over about Ataru's hopeless performance.
Businessman: You see, surely, it's all Ataru's fault! He is responsible for all this!
Baseball Player: I'm worried that if Ataru loses and the aliens take over, I won't be able to play baseball anymore!
Megane, Perm, Chibi: Ataru! Pay us back before you get killed!
Newscaster: Furthermore, we're getting numerous comments saying that if Ataru loses tomorrow, he and his family should be executed, and we've received word that people in their neighborhood are preparing to lynch them.
Mr. Moroboshi: Dear!
Mrs. Moroboshi: I never should have had him!

TV Show: Urusei Yatsura
[Lum is upset that Ataru wants to meet up with another girl.]
Lum: Oh, no, no, no! Please don't go!
Ataru: You can't change my mind! My will is like iron - ironclad!
Lum: Why... why is that, when I love you so much? Do you hate me?
Ataru: No, I love you.
Lum: Then, how come... ?
Ataru: You don't understand, do you? I love you, Lum, and I love Shinobu, Sakura, Oyuki, and I love Kintaro's teacher... in other words, I love you all!

TV Show: Urusei Yatsura
Lum: This is so romantic.
Ataru: [to himself] Boy, what a mess I'm in!
Lum: We've been through so much, but at last we're going to be properly married.
Ataru: [to himself] I want to see Elle! Somehow I must escape from this trap!
Lum: I can almost hear the footsteps of happiness!
Ataru: [to himself] I can almost hear the footsteps of doom!
Lum: Somehow I have this feeling that we're not on the same wavelength.
Ataru: Huh? Must be your imagination.

TV Show: Urusei Yatsura
Kintaro: You're a simpleton whose reasoning abilities are totally primitive!
Jariten: He's not only primitive, but clumsy, satyric, flirtatious, and to top it off, a moron and a total pervert.
Ataru: Geez, what a bunch of little brats!

TV Show: Urusei Yatsura
Kintaro's Teacher: [conducting her class on a tour of "famous places" in Tokyo] Over there is the famous telephone pole! Here's a garbage can, sometimes called a plastic garbage can! Pretty neat, isn't it?
Ten: This is what you call a famous place?!
Kintaro: Teacher, please don't embarrass me!
Kintaro's Teacher: What's the matter, Kintaro?
Kintaro: Just 'cause we're kids, don't think we don't know better! At the very least, take us to Tokyo Tower or Nijubashi! Or if not that, how about taking us to an anime studio?

TV Show: Urusei Yatsura
Ataru: Just shut up about omens and evil! We're not going anywhere!
Lum: [hugs Ataru] That's right! The only place we should be going is to bed! What do you say, darling?

TV Show: Urusei Yatsura
Lum: [waves bikini top at Ataru] I'm in bed... come and join me!
Ataru: I told you, Lum, I do NOT want to sleep with you!
Ten: Hey, what's the matter with you? Is your little Ataru not standing up for itself?
Ataru: What do you mean?
Ten: I mean, is your love compass still pointing due south?

TV Show: Urusei Yatsura
Rei ("Raymond"): "Would you please do me the great honour of being my treasured wife?"
Ataru: WOW! Raymond spoke a whole sentence!
Lum: Well, that doesn't count. He was just reading from a phrasebook!
Megane: Yeah, he just recited it!
Kakugari: Where's the romance in that?

TV Show: Urusei Yatsura