Code Lyoko Quotes

Milly: Tamiya, listen, is there any reason for your filming your feet?

TV Show: Code Lyoko
Sissy: [just before it happens] Or else what, a monster's going to squirt goopy goo all over my face, huh, Ulrich?

TV Show: Code Lyoko
Jeremy: You think Ulrich will manage to get her to smile?
Odd: Yeah, sure as Julia Roberts is gonna call and invite me out to dinner!

TV Show: Code Lyoko
Odd: I bet she's been telling you how nobody can resist her charms. She's right, too! Just take a look at the two nobodies she always hangs around with.

TV Show: Code Lyoko
Ulrich: If meanness is one of the qualities of a beauty queen, then she'll get re-elected all right!
Jeremy: That's true, but try to get Miss World to see that.
Odd: Miss World, huh? [into microphone]
Odd: Miss In-Her-Own-World is more like it!

TV Show: Code Lyoko
[at the end of Finson's movie]
Jeremy: Totally ridiculous!
Ulrich: Wow! That was great!
Odd: I thought the special effects were pretty good but, well, it wasn't scary enough.
Yumi: You're kidding! How come your teeth were chattering, for the sound effects?

TV Show: Code Lyoko
Squeaky-Voiced Agent: "We belong to a ultra-high security division of the secret service. The president himself has no idea that we exist."
Black Agent: "Even we have no idea who we really are."

TV Show: Code Lyoko
Black Agent: "Y'got an affinity for bombers, especially the long range kind. And a particular affection for anthrax and other degenerate stuff like that."

TV Show: Code Lyoko
Yumi: "Hey, Ulrich! Come here for a second!"
Ulrich: [nervously] "Hello, Yumi." [to Emily] "I'll be right back, okay?"
Yumi: "I hate to disturb you, Romeo, but Jeremie's been trying to reach you! XANA's just woken up."
Ulrich: "XANA? Again? Go on, I'll be right there."
Yumi: "What do you mean 'go on'?!"
Ulrich: "Cool it, huh, Yumi?!"
Yumi: [not cooling it] "Okay, I'll cool it. First tell me what's going on with you and Emily."
Ulrich: "Nothing's going on! I like her. We get along really well. I don't understand the problem. Unless that bothers you."
Yumi: "<thers me? No, it's just that..." [background turns red] "...that you could've told me about it! Like a buddy, huh?!"
Ulrich: "Oh, I get it, you think of us as buddies. I wondered what you thought of us and now I know."
Yumi: "That's right, a couple of pals - and besides, that's the way you want it! Not like Emily, huh? OH, ULRICH!"
Ulrich: "Okay, what do I really mean to you? And be honest, huh?"
Yumi: "Me be honest? You and Emily have been together for two months, without a word, and you tell me to be honest?"
Ulrich: "Where'd you get that idea--Emily and I are not--oh, forget it, I'm not gonna defend myself to you! Ciao!"
Yumi: "Yeah right, 'ciao', that's all you can think of to say."

TV Show: Code Lyoko
(Aeilita falls asleep in class and gets repremanded. This occurs after class)
Sissi: "Well, Mrs. Einstien, better get a good night's sleep because as you know, most of us go to sleep at night."
Odd: "Of course you don't have that problem Sissi. 'Cause your brains are in your feet!"
Sissi: "Isn't Odd a riot? Look who's got the nerve to talk about my feet, especially after what Heidi Klinger told me about YOURS."
Nicholas & Herve: *Hold noses, laugh, and walk off with Sissi.*
Odd: "What does she mean? What's wrong with my feet?"
Ulrich: "To put it tactfully, when you take your shoes off it's a little like a... a..."
Jeremie: "Like a pile of very fresh manure that we just can't seem to get away from."
Ulrich: "That's it!"
Odd: "C'mon you're nuts! Well, what'dya know? There's Heidi. I guess now we'll find out if my feet smell."
Odd: "Hey Heidi? Is it true my feet smell a little?"
Heidi: *steps back* "A little? Just make sure you and your sneakers don't come within 50 feet of me!" *walks off*
Everyone: *laughs*

TV Show: Code Lyoko
Ulrich: But... What's that supposed to mean, friends, that's all?
Yumi: Isn't it clear?
Ulrich: Ugh. Yeah, okay, friends and that's all. Fantastic. That's just great. (answers cell phone) Jeremie. (listens) Uh, okay. Fantastic. That's just great. Uh. No. I--yeah. We're on our way.

TV Show: Code Lyoko
Jeremie: It's your turn, Aelita.
Odd: Her turn for what? She can't do anything.
Jeremie: Watch.

TV Show: Code Lyoko
Emily: Ahem (Odd sees a furious look on Emily) What's all this about me being in love with Jim?!
Odd: Uhhhh....ummmmm....
(Ulrich and Jeremy cringe from the loud slap)

TV Show: Code Lyoko