Being Human Quotes

George Sands: So, a house or a flat?
John Mitchell: Whatever we can afford.
George Sands: And if we need to move on again?
John Mitchell: We move on.
George Sands: We share the cleaning.
John Mitchell: We can draw up a roster, I'll buy highlighter pens and everything.
George Sands: What about guests?
John Mitchell: We can't ask them to clean.
George Sands: No. What if one of us wants to have a guest?
John Mitchell: In your last house you clearly had a level of security that I'm not used to. You want a guest. You have a guest. Wait a second, are you talking about a lady shaped guest?

TV Show: Being Human
George Sands: Who wants some of my chair?

TV Show: Being Human
George: So, so, okay, so when's this supposed to be happening?
Mitchell: Tomorrow.
George: Tomorrow? Why tomorrow? That's when I transform; I won't be able to be there.
Mitchell: Because, it's when you transform and you won't be able to be there.

TV Show: Being Human
Mitchell: There will be huge suffering on both sides, history's shown us that.
Ivan: No, history's shown us that the end never justifies the means, that's always the road to hell.

TV Show: Being Human
[at a meeting of the vampires, Ivan is handing round glasses of a dark, blood-red liquid]
Ivan: Take a drink. Only alcohol tonight, I'm afraid - none of the hard stuff.

TV Show: Being Human
[Mitchell, Annie, and George are trying to escape from the vampires' lair]
Mitchell: Annie! Get away from here!
Annie: No! I'm not going to leave you!
George: Annie, just go! [Flashes his Star of David at Seth]
Seth: That's not going to work this time, Digby. There's too many of us.
Mitchell: Let them go, Seth. If you let them go, I swear I won't run.
Seth: [ripping sound is heard] Ow... [Seth looks down to see a wooden stake protruding from his chest. He then collapses and dies]
Lauren: Well, he won't be staring at my tits when he speaks to me anymore.

TV Show: Being Human
Mitchell: I've got this friend. He says the human condition, human nature, being human, is to be cold and alone. Like someone lost in the woods. It's safe to say he's a 'glass-is-half-empty' kind of guy.

TV Show: Being Human
Mitchell: When in Rome, stop killing the other Romans.

TV Show: Being Human
[Mitchell haggles with an estate agent who's showing them around the house]
Mitchell: I don't know, you see my friend, he's very picky. He took a lot of convincing to agree to this.
George: [Excited] You can actually see the top of the hospital from the window and it's a dinky little kitchen you could fit a table in there… maybe. Otherwise, if we have people over we can just sit in here. And the little garden is just... gorgeous. We can grow vegetables!
Mitchell: Like I said, he's a very difficult customer.

TV Show: Being Human
Estate Agent: The back of the house doesn't get much sunlight.
Mitchell: I'm not mad about sunlight...

TV Show: Being Human
George: This is ridiculous! What could be scarier than one of us?
Mitchell: A bigger one of us?

TV Show: Being Human
Annie: Shit, can you see me?
George: Of course! Who are you?
Annie: You can see me? [She waves her arms] Can you see me do that?
George: What's she talking about?
Annie: Oh my God you can hear me too. I don't believe this!
George: You don't believe it? Mitchell, call the police.
Mitchell: George, it's okay.
George: It is most certainly not okay, we paid a deposit!
Mitchell: George, shut up! She's a ghost.
Annie: [Slightly offended] Your point being?

TV Show: Being Human
George: Okay, well this has been great, my first ghost - knockout! But it's getting late, so...
Annie: Uh, you don't have to keep going on about it, me being a ghost, it's a bit rude. If someone's fat and you're like 'you're fat'.
George: Oh, I'm sorry maybe I'm just a bit tetchy, because you just tried to scare me out of my house.
Annie: It was my house before it was your house!
George: That's not an argument! It's not like bagsying the front seat of a car!

TV Show: Being Human
George: And where have you been young lady?.
Annie: I met up with Gilbert. We went to the cemetery.
Mitchell: He knows how to show a girl a good time(!).

TV Show: Being Human
Annie: I'd like to be like his guardian angel and stop anything bad from happening to him.
Gilbert: Can you stop him from listening to Michael Bublé?

TV Show: Being Human
Annie: Oh okay, so I'm contemplating resolving my death so that I can move on to the next dimension and you're worrying about getting your leg over?

TV Show: Being Human
George: Oh Annie, I really like this woman and it would be so nice to spend an evening with her without worrying about her discovering the existence of the spirit world as well as what I am.
Annie: Loads of people have had an experience with a ghost, and if they haven't they know someone who has. It is a lot more socially acceptable than you may think. They talk about it on Loose Women all the time.

TV Show: Being Human
[George has followed a noise outside the hospital to find his ex, Julia, being threatened by her new boyfriend, Peter]
George: Julia...!
Julia: [Urgently] Please, go back inside.
Peter: You heard her, walk away little man!
Julia: [To Peter] He's- he's just someone who works at the hospital.
Peter: [To George] She been giving you the eye too? What's she been telling you?!
Julia Peter, please don't do this-!
Peter[Ignores her] Aw take a ticket and sit down! Don't think you're anything special mate, she'll give it to anyone, she's like seven eleven! [To Julia] The doctor! The cab driver![To George] She thinks I don't notice!
George: I think you should calm down...
Peter: Yeah and I think you should piss off! You've been told twice, now!
George: I'm afraid I can't do that.
Julia: [Sobbing] George, please!
Peter: [Realises] ...George. Did you say "George"? [Tosses her aside, turns to George] I've seen photos of you. You're the one that disappeared. [Shakes his head in amusement] Did you follow her? You think you can take her back now? What's she been telling you?!
Julia: Stop-
George: She didn't know I was here, I didn't know she was coming in.
Peter: Yeah? Well you're wasting your time; she doesn't even talk about you anymore.
George: [Smiles angrily] Yeah, I'm sure you saw to that.
Peter: I'm glad she's gonna see this...
George: [Looks up at the nght sky] You're lucky this isn't tomorrow.
Peter: Yeah? What happens then?
George: Monsters come out.
[Peter throws a punch, George catches his arm, lifts him off th

TV Show: Being Human
[Mitchell wakes up in bed]
Annie: Hiya.
Mitchell: Have you been sitting there long?
Annie: Define long.
Mitchell: An hour?
Annie: Then yeah.

TV Show: Being Human
Mitchell: So, you've just arrived at Hogwarts, which house do they put you in?
George: I'd like to say Gryffindor, but they're supposed to be brave. What's the other one? Ravenclaw, does that have a characteristic?
Mitchell: I think they're brainy. You could be in Ravenclaw.
Annie: I quite fancy Hufflepuff actually. I've always thought in Hufflepuff they just spend the day making stuff with safety scissors and glitter.
George: What about you?
Mitchell: I think that they'd say, 'it's probably best if you just stay in the canteen for the next five years'.
Annie: Does anyone ever choose Slytherin?
George: No, because that would be like saying 'I'm a sociopath.'

TV Show: Being Human
Annie: Ah well, you shouldn't be eating bacon anyway, should you - you're Jewish.
George: Yeah, I gave up on the whole orthodoxy thing when I started turning into a wolf.
Annie: Do they have rules about being a werewolf as well?
George: I think you'd be hard pressed to find a religion that doesn't frown on it.
Mitchell: What about the Moonies?

TV Show: Being Human
George: Okay, you win ten million pounds; what do you do?
Annie: Buy Colin Firth.

TV Show: Being Human
Annie: Everyone dies. Actually, can I start that again? Everyone deserves a death. I was going to die of old age. That was the plan.

TV Show: Being Human
Annie: So who wants tea?
George: Ugh.
Annie: What?
George: You keep making tea! Every surface is covered with cups of tea and coffee. I go to make myself some tea and I can't! There's no mugs, there's no tea! It's all been made! And you can't even drink it! You can't drink it, but you keep making it! Oh, oh, oh my god, it's driving me INSANE!
Annie: Oh, well, I like my routine, it makes me feel normal.
George: Wh- b- wh- You're a ghost!
Annie: Yeah, OK...

TV Show: Being Human
Mitchell: We've got work and then it's his time of the month.
Annie: Oh god, I used to hate that. Curl up on the sofa, Pride and Prejudice, if anyone said anything I'd bite their head off. Oh, that... that is actually a real possibility for you, isn't it... The, the biting...

TV Show: Being Human
Seth: What blood type is he - A positive? Bit Jacob's Creek-y for my taste, but there you go...

TV Show: Being Human
Mitchell: I'm sensing a trip to IKEA. [Glares at George] And you know my feelings on that.

TV Show: Being Human
Annie: Owen, your landlord, my fiancé. Ex-fiancé. He's coming round!
Mitchell: In about... now.
George: He's coming here? Why?
Mitchell: He's back from Saudi for a few months and wants to meet us.
Annie: Well you guys are his longest staying tenants. All the others have er... found it strangely unwelcoming.
George: [To Mitchell] Why didn't you put him off?!?
Mitchell: I tried! But she kicked me in the shin. The shin, George!

TV Show: Being Human
Annie: Okay, I've written a list of questions for you to ask him.
Mitchell: [Reading the list] 'Are you screwing Janey Harris?'
Annie: She always fancied him and believe me, if she knew when I died she'd have been here before the ambulance crew.
Mitchell: [Reading the list] Aw, 'Has my sister had a baby?'
Annie: They've been trying for ages. I blame her husband, his name's Robin and he works in a Post Office.

TV Show: Being Human
Herrick: [To Mitchell] How noble of you to take on the curse of immortality so that your friends could wither and decay in hospitals and old people's homes.

TV Show: Being Human