The Stand (TV miniseries) Quotes

Stu Redman: Country don't mean dumb.

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
Larry Underwood: That brown soun' sure do get around!

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
[When Stu stops cooperating with the Vermont CDC staff, Dr. Denninger enters in his isolation suit to talk to him.]
Dr. Denninger: Patty Greer says you've given her… quite a bit of trouble. She's quite upset.
Stu Redman: Well, that makes two of us. Being hijacked by a bunch of government sons of bitches in spacesuits does that to me every time. So, if you don't wanna see how quick I can rip a hole in that thing 'fore you can get outta here, you better give me a little information.

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
Nick Andros: Who are you, ma'am?
Mother Abagail: Abagail Freemantle. But folks 'round these parts just call me Mother Abagail. I'm a hundred and six years old, and I still make my own bread!

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
[Sheriff Baker and Dr. Soames see the beaten Nick Andros emerge from his cell.]
Sheriff Baker: When I was a boy, we caught ourselves a mountain lion back up in the hills. We shot it, 'n' dragged it back to town. What was left of that critter when we got home was the sorriest lookin' sight I've ever seen. You the second sorriest, boy.

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
[An isolation-suited Dr. Dietz enters Stu's room with a small animal cage.]
Dr. Dietz: I'd like you to meet a friend of mine. Meet Geraldo.
Stu Redman: Geraldo, huh?
Dr. Dietz: Um-hmm. Now, the virus your fellow townspeople contracted passes easily from human to guinea pig, and vice-versa, presumably. But Geraldo has been breathing your air, via convector, for the last three days. And Geraldo is fine and frisky, as you see. I'd call that rather comforting, wouldn't you?
Stu Redman: I see you're not taking any chances.
Dr. Dietz: That's not in my contract. However, it does appear there is absolutely nothing wrong with you, Mr. Redman. Or, may I call you "Stu"?
Stu Redman: Just don't call me Geraldo.
. . .
Dr. Dietz: All right, now, you listen up! I'm not responsible for you being here, or for the dead people in your home town. Neither is Denninger, or the nurses who come in to take your blood pressure.
Stu Redman: Then who is?
Dr. Dietz: No one. Everyone. God. Who knows?
. . .
[Stu starts coughing, causing Dietz et al. to scramble to leave the room.]
Stu Redman: Dietz! Calm down. I was just faking.
Dr. Dietz: Why… why would you do a thing like that?
Stu Redman: You talk about this thing in here like you were outside of it. I just wanted you to get a little taste of what it's like on the inside. How'd you like it?
Dr. Dietz: You stupid son of a bitch!

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
[On the phone, Larry talks to Arlene, his bartender friend in L.A.]
Larry Underwood: Listen, I'm gonna try and get the, uh… the afternoon flight back, so… you put on your sexiest number, I'm gonna take ya out to dinner, then I'll take ya out dancing… then maybe I'll just take ya.

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
[Larry walks along a New York City street. In the background, a robed man slowly approaches, ringing a bell.]
Monster Shouter: Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead! Bring out your—
[Suddenly the robed man lunges at Larry, grabbing his shirt and talking straight into his face.]
Monster Shouter: He's coming for you, Larry. The Man With No Face!

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
[Two men are boozing it up, cruising in their convertible down a remote Arizona highway.]
Poke: Ya know what time it is?
Lloyd Henreid: What time is it?
Poke: Time to make a cash withdrawl!
Lloyd Henreid: I heard that!
Poke: And if anybody — I mean anybody — says anything, or does anything to stop us…
[Lloyd talks into the barrel of Poke's gun.]
Lloyd Henreid: We gonna Pokerize 'em!
Poke: Dead right! Damn straight!

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
General Starkey: "Things fall apart. The center does not hold." [A] man named Yeats said that. I didn't understand that poem in college, Len. But I… must be getting smarter in my old age, because I understand it now. And one other line from that poem: "What rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches toward Bethlehem to be born?"

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
[Rae Flowers continues her radio talk show as the military invades the building.]
Rae Flowers: Tell ya what, Portland — it looks like the Marines have landed, and they don't look too happy.
[Frannie and her flu-ridden father are listening in horror.]
Frannie Goldsmith: This is a joke! Right? I mean, this has gotta be a joke!
Peter Goldsmith: I don't think so, Frannie. I really don't think so.
Rae Flowers: Hi, there. You're on the air.
Caller: Rae, you all right?
Rae Flowers: Well, to tell you the truth, honey, it doesn't look too good for the kid right now. Several soldiers have just broken into the studio. They— they're fully armed, and they're… they're dressed in some kind of protective clothing. They're wearing… they're wearing respirators on their faces.
[The soldiers break into Rae's studio.]
Soldier: Shut it down!
Rae Flowers: Hey, Bluto! You ever hear of a little number called freedom of speech?! Bill of Rights?! Any of that ring a bell? [to her audience] Folks, I've just been ordered by my uninvited Fascist guests to shut down, and I've refused. I think—
[Sounds of gunfire over the radio, then silence.]
Frannie Goldsmith: Oh my God, what's happening?!

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
[At night, on a desert highway, a tall, long-haired man in jeans spies a deer.]
Randall Flagg: Rub-a-dub-dub…
[He makes a gun-firing motion with his hand, light flashes, and the deer falls dead.]
Randall Flagg: … thanks for the grub.
[The robed Monster Shouter passes down the road ringing a bell, continuing his chanted warning]
The Monster Shouter: Bring out your dead! The Dark Man cometh! Bring out your dead! The Dark Man cometh! Bring out your --
[He sees Randall Flagg and stops still in his tracks, utterly terrified]
The Monster Shouter: ...the Dark Man...he is here!
[Flagg zaps him dead]

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
[Settling down to a rare steak dinner in the city, Larry and Nadine duck when they hear a gunshot.]
Nadine Cross: Oh, I think I lost my appetite.
Larry Underwood: We gotta get outta here.
Nadine Cross: I beg your pardon?
Larry Underwood: I mean, we gotta get outta the city. I mean, it's not just the odds of getting shot. You have any idea what it's going to smell like in two weeks? Five million people rotting in the July sun!
Nadine Cross: Ohhh-kay.
[Nadine pulls out a bottle of pills, but Larry stops her from taking any.]
Larry Underwood: What is that?!
Nadine Cross: Vitamin C.
Larry Underwood: Yeah, I'm sorry. It's none of my business.
Nadine Cross: Apology accepted...mostly because I think you're right. The Big Apple is baked.

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
[Repeated lines.]
Trashcan Man: Bump-dee-bump! My life for you!

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
[Abagail Freemantle talks to God as she works around Hemingford Home.]
Mother Abagail: I hear ya, Lord, and I'm in the way o' doin' your will… but I don't much like it!
. . .
Mother Abagail: Oh, I'll do what you say, Lord — don't I always? But even your own Son prayed that the cup be taken from his lips, and I'm… prayin' the same thing. Heh heh. Probably… get about the same answer, too! [laughs]

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
[The Walkin' Dude visits Lloyd in his prison cell.]
Lloyd Henreid: Can you let me outta here, mister? I'll do anything you want.
Randall Flagg: You poor guy. You look like ka-ka! [giggles] Tell me something, Lloyd—
Lloyd Henreid: How do you know my name?
Randall Flagg: Lucky guess. How'd you stay alive so long?
Lloyd Henreid: I saw it coming down, and I saved up some food, that's how.
[Flagg points to Lloyd's cot, and the mattress pulls itself up, revealing a partially-eaten rat.]
Randall Flagg: Brer Rat, how'd he taste?
Lloyd Henreid: [snivelling] Poke should be here, not me! Everything was Poke's idea!
Randall Flagg: And you got stuck with nothin' to eat but Rat Tartar.
. . .
Randall Flagg: Oh! I never even introduced myself, did I? Pleased to meet you, Lloyd. Hope you guess my name.
Lloyd Henreid: Huh?
Randall Flagg: Oh, uh… nothing. Just a little classical reference.
? "Pleased to meet you / Hope you guess my name" are two lines from the chorus of The Rolling Stones' song "Sympathy for the Devil".

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
[Larry and Nadine argue over her refusal to enter the Lincoln Tunnel.]
Larry Underwood: And you've had plenty of those, thank you very much!
Nadine Cross: Hey! Give that back!
Larry Underwood: No, ma'am. I'm not gonna stand here in the middle of five million dead people, and watch you commit suicide!
. . .
[After he throws away her pills, Nadine storms off.]
Larry Underwood: Where're you going?
Nadine Cross: Going to the George Washington Bridge! By myself!
Larry Underwood: Pfft. I don't need this prima donna act… Missy! I really don't! You have fun… getting raped and murdered back on 7th Avenue! Sweetheart!

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
[Stu happily pets Glen Bateman's dog, Kojak.]
Stu Redman: He's the first dog I've seen in, uh… well, since the third week of June.
Glen Bateman: Yeah. Superflu took most of the dogs… right along with their idiot masters. Most unfair.

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
[Nadine dreams of the Dark Man.]
Nadine Cross: So… cold! No! He's warm, not you!
Randall Flagg: But I'm the one you belong to, Nadine. You are the Promised One.
Nadine Cross: [petulantly] Why me? Who promised?

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
[Nick, meeting Tom Cullen, applauds his mannequin displays posed to replace the missing townspeople.]
Tom Cullen: Thanks. Decoration is my hobby. M-O-O-N, that spells "hobby".
. . .
[While Nick is stymied trying to explain to an illiterate Tom that he's mute, Tom stares for a moment, then brightens.]
Tom Cullen: I got it, Mister! I got it! You're just like old Albion Packalot's hired man! Tom Cullen knows what that is! M-O-O-O-N, that spells "deaf and dumb"!
. . .
[Tom frets to Nick about how everyone "up and went to Kansas City".]
Tom Cullen: Everybody's… always talkin' about what a dull town this is, since the roller rink went bust. And there's just the drive-in theater out on Route 61, and… all they show is them diddly-daddly pictures, and they're all rated "X". M-O-O-N, that spells "X".

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
[Tom excitedly hops on the bicycle that Nick brought him.]
Tom Cullen: All right, I'm ready! Laws, yes! M-O-O-N, that spells "ready"!
[The two of them start out for Hemingford Home.]
Tom Cullen: Woo-hoo! M-O-O-N, that spells "Nebraska"!

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
[Nick and Tom meet up with spoiled-brat Julie Lawry.]
Julie Lawry: You're name's Tom, right?
Tom Cullen: Tom Cullen. M-O-O-N, that spells "Tom Cullen".

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
[On a Midwest highway, Ralph Bretner drives his pickup truck up alongside Tom and Nick on their bicycles.]
Ralph Bretner: Name's Ralph Bretner.
Tom Cullen: I'm Tom Cullen. M-O-O-N, that spells "Tom Cullen". I don't know his name, 'cause I can't read it. Sure wish I did, though — laws, yes.
[Nick hands Ralph a hastily scribbled note.]
Ralph Bretner: Your friend's name here is "Nick Andros". M-O-O-N, I-I guess that spells "Nick". [laughs]

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
[Larry is surprised by a woman travelling with a feral boy.]
Lucy Swan: I'm so pleased to meet you.
Larry Underwood: Yeah, same here, believe me. [to the boy] How ya doin', son?
[The boy pulls out a knife and nearly slashes Larry before the woman pulls him back.]
Larry Underwood: Whoa!
Lucy Swan: Put that away.
Larry Underwood: Nice kid! Has he had his rabies shots yet?
Lucy Swan: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. He's–he's been… traumatized.
Larry Underwood: Haven't we all.

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
[Mother Abagail talks to Ralph and Nick about what God has told her. Ralph reads Nick's response.]
Ralph Bretner: Uh, Nick says that… he says he don't believe in God.
[Mother Abagail laughs.]
Mother Abagail: God bless ya, Nick! But it don't matter! He believes in you.

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
[On the outskirts of Boulder, Colorado, little Gina calls Tom over.]
Tom Cullen: What is it, Gina?
Gina McCone: A parade! Come on up and look!
[He stands on the truck bed and hoists Gina up to see further.]
Tom Cullen: Gosh, it is!
[Below them, a pack of motorcycles leads a caravan of other vehicles approaching.]
Tom Cullen: M-O-O-N, that spells parade.

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
Lloyd Henreid: Flagg wants to see you.
Trashcan Man: [whispering intensely] My life for him. Yes. My life for him!
[The Rat Man turns to Lloyd, whispering.]
Rat Man: Dude's crazy.
Lloyd Henreid: Like we're not?

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
[Nadine has another dream about Flagg.]
Nadine Cross: I'm here. I came to you.
Randall Flagg: The bride cometh to the bridegroom as a flame to the wick of a lamp.
Nadine Cross: Is that the Bible?
Randall Flagg: Hmm, Danielle Steel, I think.

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
[Glen, Larry, Stu, and Ralph talk about the imminent restarting of the Boulder power station.]
Glen Bateman: The plague took the people, but it couldn't take the gadgets, could it? No, they're all still out there. Everything from electric can openers to cobalt bombs, just waiting for someone to come along and pick 'em up. And the scavenger hunt… starts today.
Ralph Bretner: Ah, hell, Professor. What's wrong with puttin' the rocks back in people's scotch?
Glen Bateman: It's the old way. And the old way was a death trip.
Stu Redman: That's a little heavy, don'tcha think?
Glen Bateman: Do you? There's an old woman down there who might tell ya different, East Texas. If she'd talk about this end of it at all, that is.
Stu Redman: What's the problem?
Glen Bateman: I don't know if there is one. But I know I'm very concerned about the way things are going. She wants a mass meeting. Except she says it's really God who wants the meeting. We say, "Fine. You're fine, Mother. God's fine, too." And then we go right back to tinkering with the power station, trying to recreate the world that damn near choked the human race to death. What's wrong with this picture?

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)
[Nadine, her back turned to Mother Abagail, is next in the new arrivals' greeting line.]
Mother Abagail: Who's this woman who comes?!
[Nadine turns to look at the old woman.]
Randall Flagg: [in Nadine's mind] Go to her!
Nadine Cross: My name is Nadine Cross.
Mother Abagail: Mayhap it is, and mayhap it ain't!
Nadine Cross: I'm from New York.
Mother Abagail: Mayhap you are…
Nadine Cross: [muttering] Mayhap I ain't.
[She looks up.]
Nadine Cross: I won't keep you long.
[She slowly climbs the steps toward Abagail.]
Nadine Cross: You look so tired. Of course, anyone your age is bound to tire easily, isn't that so?
[She holds out her hand, but Joe rushes past her to hug Mother Abagail.]
Mother Abagail: Hello, Joe, what'd'ya know? [laughs]

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)