The Stand (TV miniseries) Quote

[Nadine, her back turned to Mother Abagail, is next in the new arrivals' greeting line.]
Mother Abagail: Who's this woman who comes?!
[Nadine turns to look at the old woman.]
Randall Flagg: [in Nadine's mind] Go to her!
Nadine Cross: My name is Nadine Cross.
Mother Abagail: Mayhap it is, and mayhap it ain't!
Nadine Cross: I'm from New York.
Mother Abagail: Mayhap you are…
Nadine Cross: [muttering] Mayhap I ain't.
[She looks up.]
Nadine Cross: I won't keep you long.
[She slowly climbs the steps toward Abagail.]
Nadine Cross: You look so tired. Of course, anyone your age is bound to tire easily, isn't that so?
[She holds out her hand, but Joe rushes past her to hug Mother Abagail.]
Mother Abagail: Hello, Joe, what'd'ya know? [laughs]

TV Show: The Stand (TV miniseries)


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