Sea Patrol Quotes

Mike: What’s happening, Buffer?
Buffer: They’re still looking for a tube, sir.
Mike: (Looks thoughtful.) Tell X she’s got a pistol. Use it.
Buffer: You want him to shoot her?
Mike: Tell X to break down her Browning, remove the 9-millimetre barrel, use it as a tube. Over.
Buffer: Got it.
Mike: (Chuckles.) Shoot her.
Nav: Well, that’s one way of ending a crisis.

TV Show: Sea Patrol
Jaffah: It’s freezing.
ET: No it’s not. We’re too close to the equator.
Jaffah: Do we have any sharks in these waters?
ET: No. The saltwater crocodiles scare ‘em away.
Jaffah: Crocodiles?
ET: I’m joking.

TV Show: Sea Patrol
Mike: Enjoying yourself, X?
Kate: Driving a patrol boat is very different to a frigate.
Nav: Ha! Yeah, different as! Like a V8 and a schoolbus.
Mike: You’re a westie petrolhead, Nav.

TV Show: Sea Patrol
Alicia: The gunner is there because...?
Kate: In case of sharks.
Buffer: Oh, I wouldn’t concern yourself, ma’am. No self respecting shark would eat him.
Nav: But if one just snacked on him a little, might do the woman of the world a favour.

TV Show: Sea Patrol
Mike: Nav, mark the buoy’s position on radar.
Nav: It’s already marked, sir.
Mike: Just once I’d like to get in ahead of you,
Nav: (Laughs.) In your dreams, sir.

TV Show: Sea Patrol
Mike: And he’s under the impression that you’re Wonder Woman.
Kate: Oh, you didn’t already know that?

TV Show: Sea Patrol
[Spider and Kate are talking about Jaffa after he's been stung.]

TV Show: Sea Patrol