Survivor Quotes

Jeff Probst: The tribe has spoken.

TV Show: Survivor
Cassie: I heard all of you.

TV Show: Survivor
Edge: [to Detroit Tiger Dimitri Young] Now Dimitri, is it a lack of talent or a lack of steroids [that explains your baseball team's poor performance?]
Edge: I'm not saying it's you; I'm not saying you're injecting any foreign substances into your body; except a whole lot of cheeseburgers fatty. But lets face it: baseball is a crock. It's filled with a bunch of overpaid crybabies, hooked on amphetamines.

TV Show: Survivor
Fongling: Oh and since you saved me this time I think I should say thanks.
Bruce McGivern: Don't mention it. I'm a Don-Gua, after all.

TV Show: Survivor
Jesse Ventura: Gorilla, you know you wear shades now, is that because you want to be like me?
Gorilla Monsoon: No it's because I want to see, Jess.

TV Show: Survivor
Raven: Love these unisex Bathrooms.

TV Show: Survivor
Nash: Fucking technology [clutches his wound Kate gave him]
Nash: Bitch

Movie: Survivor
Nash: You had to be here
Emil Balan: I've been waiting ten years for this... for what they did too my wife
Nash: How far will the blast radius be? [last lines]
Emil Balan: Not far
Nash: Good [stabs him]

Movie: Survivor
[last lines] Kate Abbott: [answering the phone]Hello?
Sam Parker: I always liked your instincts.
Kate Abbott: Oh, Sam, you're alive!
Sam Parker: Yeah. You, too, from what I hear.
Kate Abbott: Mostly. So I guess this is what we're doing with our lives.
Sam Parker: Yeah, it is. Kate, there were over a million people out there tonight, and you saved them all.

Movie: Survivor
[last lines] Nash: Kate...
Kate Abbott: Times up! [stamps on his hands making him slide down and over a sky scraper roof plunging into Times Square far below]

Movie: Survivor
Nash: [on the upcoming bombing]For Emil it's personal but for you it's all about greed
Pavlou: For a hundred million it's a lot more than that

Movie: Survivor
Nero Franks
Trevor: The fire works in Dubai... that was you, wasn't it?
Nash: [stabs him in the ear]You shouldn't have asked about that thing in Dubai.

Movie: Survivor