Sanctuary Quotes

Ashley Magnus: Henry! Have you had a chance to check out my Nubbins?
Henry Foss: [appears confused] Oh, you mean the... No, but I would like to. [the creatures turn transparent when Henry approaches]
Ashley Magnus: Hey... Oh, guys, come on, there's nothing to be afraid of
Henry Foss: [sneezes] Oh, man, I think I'm allergic.
Ashley Magnus: Well, you better get used to them, they're the coolest thing we ever brought back. [the Nubbins rematerialize]
Henry Foss: Hey... huh, I gotta admit, your nubbins are pretty amazing.
Ashley Magnus: Don't you just wanna squeeze them?
Henry Foss: [looks pained]

TV Show: Sanctuary
Dr. Helen Magnus: Open your eyes. Good doctors come and go. But the really great ones have always seen beyond the boundaries of science, beyond the known. The great ones dare to believe in the unbelievable.

TV Show: Sanctuary
Henry Foss: I've got wood.

TV Show: Sanctuary
Nikola Tesla: Helen Magnus. Kiss me and I'll save your life.
Helen Magnus: And if I don't?
Nikola Tesla: (scoffing) It's been over 60 years. Just plant one on me already.
Helen relents and wants to give him a kiss on the cheek, but he turns his face on the last moment so she ends up kissing him on the mouth
Helen Magnus: Nikola Tesla...You always did know how to get attention.
Nikola Tesla: And you're still as boring as ever when it comes to keeping a lecture. But, to business. Cabal agents are all over the building. If we don't leave now, things are going to get...rather bullet-ridden.

TV Show: Sanctuary
Nikola Tesla: (to Helen) My God you look sexy with a gun
Helen Magnus: (to Nikola) You haven't lost your touch, I'll give you that.

TV Show: Sanctuary
Nikola Tesla: The little bastard. [slams laptop closed] This was supposed to be my party! Nobody hijacks Nikola Tesla!

TV Show: Sanctuary
Darrin: Look, Chad, I'm starting to get a bad feeling about all this.
Chad: What, you're going to bail because of one screw up?
Darrin: [pointing to corpse on floor] That's what you call dead Steve?

TV Show: Sanctuary
Chad: You know I was hoping you'd be a bit more cooperative.
Nikola Tesla: Yeah, well, life's a bitch and then you don't die.

TV Show: Sanctuary
Helen Magnus: Any questions?
Will Zimmerman: Just one. How come there's no organ music?

TV Show: Sanctuary
Will Zimmerman: I profile criminals, not monsters.
Helen Magnus: You can't see the irony of that statement?

TV Show: Sanctuary
Henry Foss: The kid sucks brains! Not that I'm being judgmental...

TV Show: Sanctuary
Helen Magnus: There’s an expression among creature hunters: if you could teach a lion English, you still wouldn’t be able to understand him.

TV Show: Sanctuary
Will Zimmerman: This whole place is full of those who are different.
Malcolm Dawkins: What does that make you: the zookeeper?

TV Show: Sanctuary
Helen Magnus: Abnormals aren’t like humans. They don’t play by the same rules.

TV Show: Sanctuary
Helen Magnus: I have standards, Will. Drinking coffee? Well below them.

TV Show: Sanctuary
Ashley Magnus: Henry? Have you had a chance to check out my nubbins?"

TV Show: Sanctuary
Henry Foss: Hey, little guy, it's OK. Here you go. (He puts down a piece of cheese) That's gouda. Yeah, nobody's going to hurt you, little fella. Nobody's gonna … (Henry sneezes and the frightened Nubbin bites him. Henry screams) I lied. I'm gonna hurt you. Oh … ow … Your mother was a sewer rat!

TV Show: Sanctuary
Henry Foss: Hey! Listen. I know you're all about saving the whales and everything, but these guys just happen to be a pack of vicious over-sexed hyperthyroid invsi-rodents!

TV Show: Sanctuary
Henry Foss: Women and geeks first. Oh, no, wait, that's all of us...

TV Show: Sanctuary
Henry Foss: Threat level 'holy crap'. Check.

TV Show: Sanctuary
Nikola Tesla: The Ancient Ones...They were intelligent, gifted, powerful...until a bunch of church folk decided that our race was impure, evil. And not only did they hunt them down, killed them off, but they turned our species into a cultural joke.
Nikola Tesla: When vampires ruled the earth, it was a golden age. Science, art, architecture, all advanced. And after they killed them off what happened?
Helen Magnus: The Dark Ages.
Nikola Tesla: And now everybody thinks that we're allergic to garlic and we can turn into bats at will. It's beyond insulting.

TV Show: Sanctuary
Nikola Tesla: Irony is, I once owned the patent to that weapon. I never should have sold it to Edison. Cheapskate that he was.

TV Show: Sanctuary
Helen Magnus: You've always been like this haven't you? Selfish and arrogant, putting your own desires before everyone else's...
Nikola Tesla: I brought you here for two reasons. Because only you can help me finish what I'm working on and because I love you.
Helen Magnus: Yes, so you keep...(short pause as her brain catches up with her ears) What?
Nikola Tesla: I always have. More than that lunatic Druitt ever did. I misled you and I deeply apologise for that, but I had to see you.

TV Show: Sanctuary
Helen Magnus: We'll have to fight our way out of here. No killings!
Nikola Tesla: Said the woman with a gun to the vampire.

TV Show: Sanctuary
Helen Magnus: Imagine a caterpillar arresting its metamorphosis before it becomes a butterfly.
Henry Foss: You really think it was a butterfly that brought down that snake creature?

TV Show: Sanctuary
Helen Magnus: Kraken? Please, that's a complete myth.
Will Zimmerman: Glad I didn't say 'sharktopus'.

TV Show: Sanctuary
Will Zimmerman: Our whole life is a B-movie.

TV Show: Sanctuary
Will Zimmerman: [to Helen & Ashley] Okay, favorite album.
Ashley Magnus: Nevermind
Will Zimmerman: What? Is it that personnal?
Ashley Magnus: [laughs] No, Nevermind. Nervana. You?
Will Zimmerman: Jousha Tree, obviously.
Helen Magnus: Sargent Pepper and Raphsody in Blue.
Will Zimmerman: That's two.
Helen Magnus: Over the course of two lifetimes. Gershwin played it for me when he was writing it.
Will Zimmerman: [Sarcastically] And no doubt, you've watched the sun come with the Beatles.
Helen Magnus: Just one of them.

TV Show: Sanctuary
Amy Saunders: What’d you find out?
Zach Spencer: Um, it made a nest and it’s supposedly older than the dinosaurs or something and, oh, it’s from Japan.
Amy Saunders: About them.
Zach Spencer: Oh! I don’t know, they’re cool, they’re smart, and the blond one is totally hot.

TV Show: Sanctuary
James Watson: Why are you here, Druitt?

TV Show: Sanctuary