Cardcaptor Sakura Quotes

Syaoran: Sakura?
Sakura: Yes?
Syaoran: [taking off his hat and blushing] I... think I... you... lik... like...(Ore wa... omae ga... omae ga... suk... suk...)
Kero: Sakura! Come pose with me!
Syaoran: [crushes his hat and sighs]

TV Show: Cardcaptor Sakura
Eriol: It feels like, this isn't the first time we met.
Sakura: Weird, isn't it?
Eriol: We might have met before, in a past life. [Standing up] May I ask your name?
Sakura: M-my name is Kinomoto Sakura.
Eriol: Named from the beautiful flower that blooms in the spring. May I call you Sakura-san?
Sakura: Sure, Hiiragizawa-kun.
Eriol: Please call me me Eriol. [Reaches for Sakura's hand to help her up]
Sakura: [Takes his hand] Okay, Eriol-kun.
Syaoran: [fuming, a vein popping and making gushing noises]
Tomoyo: This looks like a promising scene from a shoujo manga!

TV Show: Cardcaptor Sakura
Sakura: Teddy bears yes! Yes! Lots of teddy bears! Yes!
Syaoran: [Sees Sakura and Tomoyo and hides]
Sakura: It would be so great if everyone got what they wanted.
Tomoyo: Yes it would.
Syaoran: [Watching]
Eriol: Sakura-san is really cute you know.
Syaoran: and her...there's nothing...uh. [runs away]
Eriol: [Smiles]

TV Show: Cardcaptor Sakura
Syaoran: [Looks at the bear he made Sakura and sees Sakura's face and shakes his head wildly] Why do I keep thinking of HER?

TV Show: Cardcaptor Sakura
Syaoran: [staring at Sakura turning bright magenta and his heart beating wildly]
Sakura: [turns around] Li-kun!
Syaoran: [turns even redder and runs away] She was just--just standing there and my heart goes. Could it be? The same feelings as I had for him? [Yukito] was the only one that made me feel fuzzy warm and now she... [hops over a fence]
Yue: You have Clow's blood (Syaoran is Clow's descendant) and confuse that with seeing Yukito. You are only attracted to his power of the moon.
Syaoran: Power of the moon?
Yue: Right. If you look deep inside your heart, you will see the one you truely love. Your true feelings.
Syaoran: True feelings? What about…
Yue: Figure out the rest on your own [turns back into Yukito]
Yukito: [looking dazed] How did I get to such a place? Oh *hands Syaoran the bear he made for *Sakura* You dropped this. You should give it to the person you made it for.
Syaoran: [looks at the bear intently]

TV Show: Cardcaptor Sakura
Sakura: [reading Alice in Wonderland] It would be so great to be in a world like that. [doesn't realized Tomoyo and Syaoran are watching her and that Eriol's approaching]
Eriol: [gives her a leaf] Use this as a book mark!
Sakura: Thank you Eriol-kun [smiles]
Eriol: Ahh, you're reading Alice? I really like that book.
Sakura: You read it?
Eriol: A long time ago.
Sakura: What's England like?
Eriol: It's rainy and foggy a lot, but I like all the old buildings. Would you like to go to Alice's world?
Sakura: Hoe?
Tomoyo: I guess Hiiragizawa-kun means by taking her to Alice's world, taking her to England and meeting his family.
Syaoran: [fuming and clenching fists]
Syaoran: [runs to Eriol and Sakura waving his arms wildly] HOMEROOM IS STARTING!
Tomoyo: [smiling] The situation has upped again.

TV Show: Cardcaptor Sakura
Sakura: [On the phone with Syaoran] When I fell out of the elevator I heard you call me by my first name, Sakura. It makes me feel as though we've become even closer friends. Can I call you "Syaoran-kun"?
Syaoran: [blushes] Do what you want. [hangs up phone, looks out the window and smiles]

TV Show: Cardcaptor Sakura
Syaoran: [looking at the fire and thinking of Sakura; sighs] Sakura...
Sakura: [appearing behind him] What?
Syaoran: [freaks out inside, but remains calm on the outside] What?
Sakura: I thought I heard you call my name.[Sakura and Syaoran are sitting by the fire. Earlier, Sakura was scared of Eriol's ghost story, so Syaoran stopped him with the excuse that it was too late.]
Sakura: ??????????? Arigatou Gozaimasu.(Thank you for today.)
Syaoran: It was nothing.
Sakura: [giggles] You always say "It was nothing" but that's not true because you really are very kind.
Syaoran: [blushing] Why do you say that?
Sakura: Oh look! It's snowing!
[Sakura runs outside and Syaoran watches her dancing in the snow, blushing like a madman]
Sakura: This bear is really cute. [pointing to a big bear statue] What about the bear you were working on? Yukito-san will be very glad to receive it.
Syaoran: I don't really have feelings for him, I was just attracted to the power of the moon he gives off as Yue. The bear's not for him. I love someone else.
Sakura: ??? Dare? (Who?)
Syaoran: Sa...
Sakura: [interrupts] ???? Gomen. (Sorry.)
Syaoran: Eh? [face faults]
Sakura: I shouldn't have been so nosy. I'm sorry. Let's go back inside.
Syaoran: [sighs]

TV Show: Cardcaptor Sakura
Syaoran: [blushing heavily] I'll walk you home
Sakura: Thank you, but can you do me a favor?
Syaoran: What?
Sakura: Let's go to the park. [in the park]
Sakura: Today, I told Yukito-san that I loved him.
Syaoran: Oh..d-did you?
Sakura: [nods] But he said that one I love most wasn't him.
Syaoran: Eh?
Sakura: He said I loved him like I loved my father, but there's someone he loves not like a father. And I'm happy because I love this person too. Tomoyo even said the greatest happiness is when the one you love is happy. And for me, I'm happy knowing Yukito-san will be happy.
Syaoran: [eyes widen]
Sakura: [with tears in her eyes] But for some reason, I can't help but cry. I don't want to cry in front of Yukito-san, because I'm sure it would make him feel bad. I understand what he was saying I really do. [bursts into tears]
Syaoran: [fights with himself mentally, gets off the swing and interrupts]
Syaoran: I know. [hands her a handkerchief] I understand. [smiles]
Sakura: [takes handkerchief] Thank you. [faces Syaoran and then puts her head on his shoulder] Yukito-san said that someday I'll find someone who I love the most, and he will love me the most too. [tears drip from her face]
Syaoran: [looks sad for a moment then smiles] It would be nice if you could find him.
Sakura: [nods]
Syaoran: [closes his eyes and puts his arms around Sakura, whispering] Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find him.
Sakura: [sobbing] Thank you.

TV Show: Cardcaptor Sakura
Sakura: [walking home and sees Syaoran on the bridge] Syaoran-kun...
Syaoran: [not looking at her and squeezing his hand in nervousness] I wanted to say... when I first came to Japan, my head was so filled with fulfilling my mission and catching the Clow Cards. I didn't care who got in my way. But you, you always cared about the people around you and it showed. I did nothing but get in your way.
Sakura: That's not true! You helped me so much when we were catching the cards!
Syaoran: Well, that's what I wanted to say. Thank you, it's truly a good thing that I met you. [runs away]
Sakura: Wait Syaoran-kun... I don't know how I feel about you...

TV Show: Cardcaptor Sakura
Sakura: Syaoran-kun!
Syaoran: But why... [his butler approaches with the teddy bear]
Sakura: ??? Watashi... (I..) [Both Sakura and Syaoran blush]
Wei: Syaoran-sama... Take this. [giving Syaoran his teddy bear that Syaoran left on his room]
Sakura: That bear... Can I have it?

TV Show: Cardcaptor Sakura
Sakura: ??????? Mata aeru, ne? (We'll meet again, right?)

TV Show: Cardcaptor Sakura