Damages Quotes

Hollis Nye: [to Ellen] There won't be room for him [your boyfriend] and Patty. There won't be room for you and Patty. With Patty Hewes, there's only Patty.

TV Show: Damages
Tom: When it comes to reading people, Patty lives and dies by instinct. The woman has the sharpest bullshit meter I've ever seen. And you're at the most difficult step. It's do or die. If you're phony with her for one second, she'll skewer you.
Ellen: Good. Phony's not my strong suit.

TV Show: Damages
Ellen: [at Ellen's sister's wedding reception] Ms. Hewes. What are you doing here?
Patty: I had to meet you.
Ellen: Why?
Patty: Because, kiddo, you're the first person stupid enough to turn me down.

TV Show: Damages
Patty: Kids are like clients. They want all of you, all the time.

TV Show: Damages
Martin: If you were a man, I'd kick the living dogshit out of you.
Patty: If you were a man I'd be worried.

TV Show: Damages
Ray: [to Arthur Frobisher about Katie] The law is on our side. The evidence is on our side. On paper, this case is tighter than a bull's ass on fight night. But if Patty Hewes gets that girl in front of a jury... all bets are off.

TV Show: Damages
Patty: How old were you?
Katie: I'm sorry?
Patty: I had just turned six.
Katie: When what?
Patty: When I realized I was a good liar. How old were you?

TV Show: Damages
Bearded Man: Well, there's always a solution.
Arthur: What kind of solution?
Bearded Man: A permanent one.
Arthur: What? Oh, God, no. What, you think that I would...?
Bearded Man: It wouldn't get back to you.
Arthur: Oh, we're-we're talking about a human life here. Sh-She's an innocent girl. She didn't do anything. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Bearded Man: Sometimes that's enough.

TV Show: Damages
Ellen: What happened with Katie? I spoke to her, Ms. Hewes. I don't believe she's lying.
Patty: Really? Why is that?
Ellen: Because she has no reason to.
Patty: Don't be stupid, Ellen. Everyone's hiding something.

TV Show: Damages
Patty: I manipulated you, yes.
Ellen: Well, I don't like being manipulated.
Patty: Duly noted.

TV Show: Damages
[After opening a parcel containing a grenade]
Patty: It's going to be a shitty week!

TV Show: Damages
Patty: [to her employees] All of you are members of an extraordinary team, and I value each and every one of you. If you want to quit, just tell me now. But if you call in sick Thursday or Friday, don't bother coming in Monday. Your jobs won't be waiting for you. That grenade was never meant to destroy our office. It was meant to destroy our resolve.

TV Show: Damages
Patty: Taking power away from a man is a dangerous thing. Someone always pays.

TV Show: Damages
[(After reading Michael Hewes' internet history]
Uncle Pete: What's a M-I-L-F?
Patty: Beats me!

TV Show: Damages
Patty: And how's your morning?
Uncle Pete: Every day above ground is a Pyrrhic victory.

TV Show: Damages
Roger Kastle: Ms. Connor, would you characterize your life as one big blur of narcotics and intercourse?
Katie: Would you characterize yourself as an asshole?!

TV Show: Damages
Ellen: Just give me a name, Gregory. I'll keep you out of this.
Gregory: So, what, I give you a name, you won't come after me?
Ellen: Not if you give us a bigger fish.
Gregory: Barney.
Ellen: What's his last name?
Gregory: Rubble. Lives in Bedrock. Hell of a right hook.

TV Show: Damages
Michael: You were right. I was playing games with you. I was very angry, and I was acting out.
Patty: Acting out? You sent me a hand grenade and almost killed your stepfather.

TV Show: Damages
Michael: Getting away from you was the best thing that could've happened to me. It gave me clarity.
Patty: Did it?
Michael: You wanted to completely control of my life, so you took away my free will. Some pretty terrific parenting, real mother-of-the-year type stuff.

TV Show: Damages
Ray: If these next few questions make you blush, Miss Connor, I apologize.
Katie: To screw.
Ray: I'm sorry?
Katie: That's why I was in an empty parking lot in the middle of the night. And later on a couch and then on the floor. Do you find cocaine is like Viagra? Or are you more of a tantric breathing kind of a guy, like Sting? If these past few answers make you blush, Mr. Fiske, I apologize.

TV Show: Damages
Ray: [after his deposition of Katie Connor] You hear that, Patty? That's the sound of the zeroes dropping off of Mr. Frobisher's revised offer.

TV Show: Damages
Katie: You know, you're not mad that I lied. You're just pissed that I got caught and made you look bad.
Ellen: I only ever wanted the truth.
Katie: No, Ellen, all you ever wanted was to impress Patty Hewes.

TV Show: Damages
Patty: Ray Fiske is a brilliant lawyer who made us look very foolish today. It happens. I understand how it must hurt right now... what happened with Katie... but... there's a very important lesson to be learned from all this.
Ellen: Which is?
Patty: Trust... no one.

TV Show: Damages
Tom: I'm sick of her shit.
Tom's Friend: That's right, Tomahawk, break the shackles. Take the power. Always identify your oppressor by name. So what's shit are you sick of?
Tom: Patty's.
Tom's Friend: Say it loud!
Tom: I'm sick of Patty Hewes' shit!

TV Show: Damages
Ray: I'm worried the sun don't shine on the same dog's tail all week.
Arthur: I have no idea what that means.
Ray: It means we got lucky.

TV Show: Damages
Karen Gonzales: We picked Ms. Hewes for a reason. She's the best. She said there'd be some setbacks. We knew there were going to be some ups and downs.
Larry Popler: Where the hell are the ups, Karen?
Karen Gonzales: You're a gambler. You don't change your horse mid-race, do you?
Larry Popler: If it's pulling up lame, I do, then I shoot him.
Karen Gonzales: Oh, Jesus.
Larry Popler: Two right in the head real quick. Problem solved.

TV Show: Damages
Katie: [about Ellen] How's my lawyer friend?
David: She wanted to come.
Katie: But she's stuck up Patty's ass and couldn't make it.

TV Show: Damages
Patty: There’s a huge difference between being number one and being number two.
Tom: Yes, there is.
Patty: You’re a number two, Tom. That’s your talent. That’s your limit.
Tom: This is what you came here to tell me?

TV Show: Damages
Patty: This was a big step. Approaching a witness under false pretenses. Offering protection you can't provide.
Ellen: Don't they teach that in law school?

TV Show: Damages
Gregory: How is Katie? I liked her.
Ellen: Is that why you lied to her, humiliated her and got her to perjure herself?

TV Show: Damages