Primeval Quotes

Connor Temple: Re-e-ex! Where are you, dude?
Abby Maitland: Did you think he was going to send up a distress flare or something?
Connor Temple: He knows the sound of my voice; I'm thinkin' he might come running.
Abby Maitland: He's a lizard, not a golden retriever!

TV Show: Primeval
Connor Temple: The same thing happened to me once with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I admit she's a fictional character but, you know, when it feels real... then she starts hanging around with this badly animated dog and it all got a bit... weird. They always break your heart in the end, don't they?

TV Show: Primeval
Helen Cutter: Presumably there are still laws against kidnapping.
Sir James Lester: Mmmm, though officially you're dead! We can't have kidnapped somebody who doesn't actually exist, can we? The only way you can get out of here is by telling us everything you know about the anomalies.
Helen Cutter: I'll tell you one thing: you're the spitting image of a Utah raptor I once met in the Jurassic.

TV Show: Primeval
Jenny Lewis: I warned you to stay away from this Danny.
Danny Quinn: See, I thought we were flirting, it's so difficult to read women these days.

TV Show: Primeval
Mathew Collins: It's a wonder there are any crocs left.
Jacob Krieg: You may be grateful for my skills. You're after a maneater.
Mathew Collins: There are more than enough human beings on this planet. The crocodile is exceptional. A creature of far greater value.
Jacob Krieg: You don't seem stupid, so you must be insane.

TV Show: Primeval
Steven Johnson: I HATE ****ING AFRICA!

TV Show: Primeval
Connor: [While playing with the magnetism of the anomaly by allowing metal objects to be sucked through] Heh heh! It's brilliant. Oh... that was my front door key...

TV Show: Primeval
Lester: You spend your entire career planning for just about every crisis imaginable - up to and including alien invasion - then this happens. So much for thinking outside the bloody box.

TV Show: Primeval
Nick: [throws a stack of paper on his desk into the garbage]
Connor: Oh... actually, that's my dissertation. Yeah.
Nick: [retrieves the stack of papers from the garbage and begins paging through it]
Connor: See, I argued that all life on Earth derived from organisms carried here by alien spacecraft. It's pretty sexy stuff.
Nick: [throws stack of papers back in the garbage]
Connor:'s a work in progress, really...

TV Show: Primeval
Nick: [to Claudia] Maybe there is something here, maybe there isn't. Frankly, I doubt-
Steven: Cutter!
Nick: [sees a dead cow lodged in a tree] Okay, now I'm getting interested.

TV Show: Primeval
Lester: Still, at least the immediate crisis is over.
Nick: Some... force out there ripped the boundaries of space and time to shreds. Maybe it's happened before, in which case every single thing we thought we knew about the universe is wrong. Or, this is the first time, in which case what changed? What happens next? Believe me: it's very, very far from over.

TV Show: Primeval
Nick: [protesting as Special Forces enter the London Underground] They don't even know what they're looking for.
Stephen: There can't be that many types of venomous monsters under the Aldridge.
Claudia: You should see the last tube home on a Friday night.

TV Show: Primeval
Capt. Ryan: They were like spiders, but with pincers, not fangs. Some of them over a meter long. Horrible little...
Nick: Look, how do you feel?
Capt. Ryan: Sick. My ears are ringing...
Nick: Any blurred vision?
Capt. Ryan: No. But there's something else. The gunshots were too bright, like fireworks.
Stephen: That's classic signs of excess oxygen in the atmosphere.
Nick: Richer, more heavily oxygenated air must be seeping through from another anomaly. But we're not talking about the Permian era any longer. This is much, much earlier.
Claudia: How much earlier?
Nick: Maybe the Carboniferous, about three hundred million years ago.

TV Show: Primeval
Abby: [confronted by Carboniferous arachnids] Does anyone have a really big slipper?

TV Show: Primeval
Claudia: That's the problem with heroic gestures. Succeed, and you look wonderful. Fail, and all you do is leave the bloody mess for everyone to clear up.

TV Show: Primeval
Connor: [about Stephen] You really like him, don't you?
Abby: I don't know him.
Connor: When has that ever stopped people from fancying each other before?

TV Show: Primeval
Claudia: The police have charged Dianne Johnson.
Lester: I know.
Claudia: We have to intervene!
Lester: We're not going to do that.
Claudia: Why not?
Lester: Because I won't allow this story to become public property. At least in prison the newspapers can't get hold of her.
Claudia: So you're just going to let them lock up an innocent and traumatized girl?
Lester: Of course it's undesirable, but it would be far worse to release her to cause panic and disorder. I'll see that the charges are dropped once the immediate crisis is under control.
Claudia: That could take months!
Lester: And would you rather tell the police that an ancient sea monster is cruising our swimming pools consuming lifeguards? I know the injustice stings, but the correct decision is often painful. That's the burden of government.

TV Show: Primeval
Connor: The reservoir is land-locked right? So allowing for condensation and rainfall, the depth should be pretty consistent.
Nick: Yeah.
Connor: I made this mark of water level earlier. [Dips a measuring stick into the water] The water level has fallen forty centimetres since then. This isn't a reservoir anymore—it's a tidal lake!
Nick: The water must be flowing out through the anomaly... which means it's still down there somewhere.

TV Show: Primeval
Nick: Why do you want me now, after so long?
Helen: I'm human. I want company. I want to share this... incredible gift, but only with you. Nick, I have seen such wonders. Things you wouldn't believe...
Nick: You're asking me to abandon my life. Leave behind everything I know. People are dying back home, and you want me to just run away with you?
Helen: Animals die, Nick. Species die. You know I'm right. One day humanity will disappear just like the dinosaurs, and nature doesn't care; something else will take our place. Nick, just leave all the other stuff behind. Come with me.
. . .
Helen: I offer you the key to time. The key to time, Nick. And you turn your back on it. Call yourself a scientist?
Nick: Call myself a human being.

TV Show: Primeval
Lester: Who's that idiot?
Nick: Connor Temple. He looks like a half-wit, but he has a very good brain."
Lester: We may stand on the brink of Armageddon, but at least we have an irritating student on our side. How reassuring.

TV Show: Primeval
Helen: Presumably there are still laws against kidnapping?
Lester: Hmm. Though officially you're dead. We can't have kidnapped someone who doesn't actually exist, can we?

TV Show: Primeval
[Stephen kicks a football directly into a "No Ball Games" sign]
Connor: Fluke.
Stephen: Jealous.

TV Show: Primeval
[Heavily-armed soldiers arrive at a flat in response to a creature sighting]
Mrs. Davis: I didn’t expect the SAS.
Nick: The town council takes pest control very seriously, Mrs. Davis.
. . .
Nick: Relax, everyone. It’s only a python.
Mrs Davis: [shrieks] Only a python? What the hell were you expecting?
Connor: [holding his ear] Ow.

TV Show: Primeval
Lester: [about Helen] I trust her about as far as I can throw a stegosaurus.

TV Show: Primeval
Nick: We'd better ship this lot back before we upset Darwin. Everybody, um... grab a dodo.

TV Show: Primeval
Capt. Ryan: [On dead dodo] Professor, we have a dodo down.
Claudia: Oh, no.
Abby: How did that happen?
Connor: Maybe he ate one of the pies.

TV Show: Primeval
Tom: [on the captured dodo in their flat] What’s he got there?
[retching sounds]
Tom: Oh no! Not my Converse All Stars!
Duncan: Oh, that stinks! I think I’m gonna hurl...
Tom: No, no, no. Don’t contaminate it because we can sell dodo sick on eBay.

TV Show: Primeval
Tom: They tried to take me over, Con. But I fought them. I fought them.
Connor: You did a really good job.
Tom: I'm a hero. [dies]

TV Show: Primeval
Connor: (answering Abby's phone) Abby Maitland's love shack, number one stud speaking.

TV Show: Primeval
Connor: Rex! I swear, when I catch you, you're gonna be the first animal to become extinct twice!

TV Show: Primeval