Gargoyles Quotes

Brooklyn: And so it begins. Gargoyles chapter two, or is it three? I've lost count.

TV Show: Gargoyles
Coldstone: You said that destroying my brother is the only way to survive. Is that all there is for us, mere survival?
Demona: Isn't that enough?
Goliath: No. Gargoyles protect. It is our nature. Our purpose. To lose that is to be corrupt. Empty. Lifeless.

TV Show: Gargoyles
Goliath: Courage. Virtue. Struggling to do what is right. Gargoyles and humans want to believe that we are always in control. That we can aide our loved ones in any crisis. But there are times when life mocks our ride. That is when we learn humility, and that the greatest of our strengths is to persevere.

TV Show: Gargoyles
Goliath: 1000 Years ago, we lived in a world that understood our purpose. It was the age of Gargoyles. 10 Centuries later, we awoke to a world bent on our destruction. Somehow, we never lost hope. And today, we come full circle. A new age has begun. And we live, again.

TV Show: Gargoyles
Hudson: [Robbins is calling a Optimologist for Hudson] She can't help me, no one can. I'm not like her other patients.
Jeffrey Robbins: Why? Because you're a gargoyle? [Hudson gasps. Robbins talks to the phone]
Jeffrey Robbins: Yeah, you heard me, Cornelia, my friend Hudson is a gargoyle... Oh I knew you'd be thrilled.

TV Show: Gargoyles
Macbeth: Canmore, your father was an evil man who deserved his fate. But you were just a boy then, so I offer you one last opportunity for forgiveness and mercy.
Demona: He will not require it. But *you* will!
Macbeth: [Gasps] Demona? First desertion, and now betrayal! WHY?
Demona: I merely offer a sample of what you planned for me.
Macbeth: I planned for you to govern by my side. And now because of YOU, my kingdom is in flames!

TV Show: Gargoyles
[Judge Roebling is performing Xanatos and Fox's wedding ceremony.]
Judge Roebling: We are gathered here today to join David Xanatos and... uh.. what is your real name?
Fox: Fox is my real name. Legally.

TV Show: Gargoyles
Jeffrey Robbins: The written word is all that stands between memory, and oblivion. Without books as our anchors, we are cast adrift neither teaching, nor learning. They are windows on the past, mirrors on the present and prisms reflecting all possible futures. Books are lighthouses erected in the dark sea of time.

TV Show: Gargoyles
Demona: You served the human. Now you can serve me.
Puck: Serving humans is fun. They have a sense of humor. You have none.
Demona: Perhaps not, Puck, but I have you.

TV Show: Gargoyles
Puck: Humans love a battle hearty. So does Puck! Come on, let's party!

TV Show: Gargoyles
Elisa: I'm no hero, I just do my job and my job for tonight is over. All I want to do is hit the sack.
Hudson: Why would you want to hit a sack?
Brooklyn: Oh, she means she's tired and wants to sleep.
Hudson: Then why didn't she just say so?

TV Show: Gargoyles
Desdemona: Is this right? To do nothing is not the gargoyle way.
Othello: We are no longer gargoyles. We are... shadows.
Weird Sisters: [in the form of Desdemona] Even shadows must be true to their shade.

TV Show: Gargoyles
Goliath: If I didn't fear the damage you would do to the time stream, I'd gladly leave you here.
David Xanatos: But you won't. Because you didn't. Time travel's funny that way.

TV Show: Gargoyles
Tom: I'm Tom. What's your name?
Olive-green gargoyle (Lexington): Except for Goliath, we don't have names.
Tom: How do you tell each other apart?
Olive-green gargoyle (Lexington): We look different.
Tom: But what do you call each other?
Red gargoyle (Brooklyn): "Friend".

TV Show: Gargoyles
Goliath: It is the nature of humankind to fear what they do not understand. Their ways are not our ways.

TV Show: Gargoyles
David Xanatos: Pay a man enough, and he'll walk barefoot into Hell.

TV Show: Gargoyles
Gargoyle elder (Hudson): What exactly does a "detective" do, lass?
Elisa Maza: Well, when somebody does something wrong, I find out who and arrest them.
Goliath: Who says what's wrong?
Elisa Maza: Well, we have a justice system. Laws, penalties, assessments. But the people decide.
Goliath: You mean the humans decide.

TV Show: Gargoyles
Goliath: Were there anymore down in the rookery?
Broadway (sadly): None. Only us.

TV Show: Gargoyles
Elisa Maza: A good detective trusts no one.
Goliath: That's one thing we have in common.

TV Show: Gargoyles
Lexington: We can't hide from the whole world up here. There are kindred spirits out there for us, but we've gotta look for them, and we've gotta give them a chance, or else we'll always be alone.

TV Show: Gargoyles
[As Lexington and Goliath are pursued by the Pack]
Lexington: They're nothing but animals!
Goliath: Worse than that. An animal hunts because it's hungry. These hunters do it for sport.
Lexington: I'm never trusting anyone again!!

TV Show: Gargoyles
Demona: Don't be afraid. I just want to talk.
Brooklyn: Uh huh? Yeah, last time we met you just wanted to blow me away with a bazooka.

TV Show: Gargoyles
Goliath: Demona? So you did survive.
Demona: I always survive.

TV Show: Gargoyles
Hudson: Movies, television, video games... these days, it's hard to tell what's real and what's not.

TV Show: Gargoyles
Broadway: (taking a gun from a crook) What's this? A new kind of gun? A NEW WAY TO KILL PEOPLE?!

TV Show: Gargoyles
Brooklyn: Who is this Macbeth, anyway?
Lexington: The name sounds familiar- Wait, I remember: Goliath was talking about a play called Macbeth, by some new writer named Shakespeare.
Brooklyn: Ever read it?
Lexington: No.
Brooklyn: Maybe we should.

TV Show: Gargoyles
Macbeth: It's not you I'm after. You're just a pawn. I want your queen.
Goliath: Queen? We have no queen!
Macbeth: No? What about... Demona?
Goliath: You know Demona?
Macbeth: Know her? [chuckles] I named her!

TV Show: Gargoyles
Elisa: [finds Goliath reading] What are you reading?
Goliath: Dostoevsky.
Elisa: Yeah? Who's it by?
Goliath: [stares at her]
Elisa: Just kidding.

TV Show: Gargoyles
David Xanatos: I have the Eye of Odin back in my private collection and the city owes me a favor for donating it. I successfully tested this prototype battle exo-frame. And the most important thing...
Owen Burnett: Yes?
David Xanatos: I was a little worried that I might be getting soft. But I was able to stand up against Goliath, the greatest warrior alive. I'd say I've still got the edge.

TV Show: Gargoyles
[Goliath is wounded as he and Hudson flee from Demona.]
Goliath: [Weakly] You can't... face her.
Hudson: I can face her. I just can't beat her.

TV Show: Gargoyles