Journeyman Quotes

Arthur: So what's next? Bungee-jumping off the pyramids? Bull-leaping in Crete?

TV Show: Journeyman
Arthur: Ow! I think I landed on my car keys...

TV Show: Journeyman
Arthur: God, I wish I had a body!

TV Show: Journeyman
Arthur: Why yes, Gage, I like mushrooms; why do you ask?

TV Show: Journeyman
Sean's Mother: You don't ever get tired of wandering? Ever wanna pick a spot and settle down?
Anna: It's like my dad always said. Ain't no wise man ever stayed for long in one place.

TV Show: Journeyman
Nicole: Do you regret it; having a kid?
Dan Vasser: I'd do anything right now to get back to him.
Nicole: Good luck with that.

TV Show: Journeyman
Dan Vasser: I think I just helped [Neal Gaines] start a family.
Katie Vasser: Well that's great, how about sticking around here and saving this one.

TV Show: Journeyman
Hugh Skillen: Don't you have a wedding anniversary tonight?
Dan Vasser: [realizing] I forgot to pick up her ring.
Hugh Skillen: I've seen this movie before.
Dan Vasser: Hey, I don't need you in the kitchen when it comes to my marriage.
Hugh Skillen: Yes you do.
Dan Vasser: Yeah you're right.

TV Show: Journeyman
Hugh Skillen: I've been where you've been.
Dan Vasser: I guarantee you, you have not been where I have been.

TV Show: Journeyman
Dan Vasser: I'm not what you married, and I'm sorry about that... I'll always come home.

TV Show: Journeyman
Jack Vasser: I don't want to be your first phone call anymore when you have marital problems.
Katie Vasser: Wow, its good I came in person. It must be so much more gratifying saying that to my face.
Jack Vasser: You married my bother Katie, I can't just shrug it off and carve the Christmas turkey.
Katie Vasser: I didn't leave you for him and I'm not the reason Livia died.

TV Show: Journeyman
Livia Beale: You wanna join the mile high club?
Dan Vasser: Can I ask you something? If I am here for a reason, if I am following someone, why are you here?
Livia Beale: [Evasively] I don't know.
Dan Vasser: It's me isn't it, you're following me?

TV Show: Journeyman
Tanna Bloom: You haven't changed at all.
Dan Vasser: Neither have you.
Tanna Bloom: Oh God, please tell me I have.
Dan Vasser: Alright, you have.

TV Show: Journeyman
Katie Vasser: Is it something you were born with, is it genetic, in the DNA; that's what I'd like to know?
Dan Vasser: It's hard to say.
Katie Vasser: What ever. [Dan and Katie walk into the bathroom] Here's the bottom line, when you're done the [toilet] seat goes down. [Demonstrating] Again - done and down. I thought we had this licked but recently there's been some backside.
Dan Vasser: Change is hard Katie.

TV Show: Journeyman
Dan Vasser: You wanna know the weird part? It felt like I was gone for fifteen minutes, when I got back it had been three hours.
Katie Vasser: Dan, on my current 'list of weird' that doesn't even make the top ten.

TV Show: Journeyman
Melissa Waters: You fit the description of the man I'm supposed to meet; blond, good looking, great shape. I thought you were him. The wedding ring should have been the give away.
Dan Vasser: Yeah well, extremely married.
Melissa Waters: Any advice on how to make that happen?
Dan Vasser: Be incredibly lucky and meet the right person.
Melissa Waters: Well you're a big help.

TV Show: Journeyman
Dan Vasser: I know that you're upset about me seeing Livia back there Katie, but...
Katie Vasser: Dan, I have three hundred people coming to a black tie fund raiser that I'm chairing, and a string quartet that's just bumped us for the Mayor's birthday, thirty-two more returned inventions due to insufficient postage. You and Livia meeting in the ether is not what's bothering me right now.

TV Show: Journeyman
Livia Beale: You don't even seem like Katie's type.
Dan Vasser: What's her type?
Livia Beale: I don't know; Jack's a cop — edgy commitment-phobic, a bad boy — you're not.
Dan Vasser: I'm a recovering gambling addict who travels through time — I have some things going for me.

TV Show: Journeyman
Katie Vasser: You look like you've been in a fight.
Dan Vasser: Yeah, well maybe nine years ago.

TV Show: Journeyman
Katie Vasser: Cheese guy's here
Theresa Sanchez: Oh I love him!
Jack Vasser: Wait, so cheese is okay, just not cheesecake?

TV Show: Journeyman
Katie Vasser: You're an adrenalin guy Dan. You liked the action when you were gambling, maybe you want two women in different time zones. You know, technically it wouldn't be cheating — I was sleeping with Jack, maybe you should sleep with Livia back there.
Dan Vasser: So if I'm with Livia back there, you can start sleeping with Jack here. [Katie reacts] What — not funny?

TV Show: Journeyman
[As Dylan McCleen gets away]
Livia Beale: Yeah, that's a bummer
Dan Vasser: This assignment's a bitch!
Livia Beale: They're all a bitch.
Dan Vasser: I just need my laptop — how did people survive back here?

TV Show: Journeyman
Zack Vasser: I know a trick Dad can do to scare people — turn invisible.
Katie Vasser: Honey, that's our little secret, okay, just like money. Remember, it's not polite to talk about money.

TV Show: Journeyman
Dan Vasser: What day is it?
Livia Beale: I dunno — I just got here. You want a new travel tip?
[Looking at a license plate]
Livia Beale: registration tags — it's 1965
Dan Vasser: Oh yeah? Kid's on his cell phone.
Livia Beale: Okay, so it's not a perfect system.

TV Show: Journeyman
Livia Beale: This is some kind of teen fantasy for you, isn't it?
Dan Vasser: No... yeah!

TV Show: Journeyman
Steven Kowalchuk: Don't you get it — he doesn't age? [To Dan] Are you from the future or the past?
Dan Vasser: The future.
Steven Kowalchuk: I knew it! It's the shoes, it's always the shoes.

TV Show: Journeyman
Livia Beale: I can't believe we're having this discussion.
Dan Vasser: I can, I have them all the time with my wife now. Never with my dead fiancée though.

TV Show: Journeyman
Livia Beale: I loved this table, you've no idea how hard it was to find this thing. I'm kinda surprised it broke.
Dan Vasser: How come?
Livia Beale: It always seemed pretty sturdy to me.

TV Show: Journeyman
Dan Vasser: You know a couple of times tonight when we were talking...
Livia Beale: It was like nothing had ever changed.
Dan Vasser: Accept those guys trying to kill me.
Livia Beale: And you fighting yourself — that's new.

TV Show: Journeyman
Livia Beale: How much money are we talking here?
Dan Vasser: I had over twenty thousand dollars in that drawer, give or take a few.
Livia Beale: You ever heard of a bank?
Dan Vasser: It wasn't exactly tax deductible.

TV Show: Journeyman