Hell's Kitchen Quotes

Beth Avery: Oh Jim! Krispan killed Joey Richards last night!
Jim Donohue: Killed him?
Beth Avery: He kept him in the cool room for 9 hours!

Movie: Hell's Kitchen
[repeated line]
Chef Ramsay: Jean Phillippe, open Hell's Kitchen.

Movie: Hell's Kitchen
Gordon: Uh... Blue Jay?
Jay: Yes, Chef?
Gordon: (referring to Salvatore) Run upstairs and get Bozo for me, please.
Jay: Oui, Chef.

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen
Gordon: Fine dining? A fine (bleep) MESS!

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen
[Signature dishes]
Gordon: Describe the dish.
Andrew: This is Andrew's Absolute Penne.
Gordon: Andrew's Absolute Penne? (takes a taste of the dish and spits it out) That's absolute dog (bleep). You taste it.
Andrew: (tastes the dish) Could use some salt.
Gordon: You think you're smart don't you?
Andrew: I have my moments.
Gordon: And how long have you been working as a professional chef?
Andrew: Ten years.
Gordon: What a waste of ten years. Get back in (bleep) line.

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen
Gordon: (After tasting Ralph's dish) And what position are you?
Ralph: I'm the number one.
Gordon: You're the number one? With that (bleep)?

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen
Gordon: First name?
Dewberry: Dewberry.
Gordon: Blueberry?

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen
Narrator: Now the red kitchen's first entrees are about to go out. All that's left is a piece of salmon from the most expierienced chef on the red team.
Gordon: Chris.
Chris: Yes chef?
Gordon: Come here. You're an executive chef right?
Chris: Yes chef.
Gordon: What do you think of that?
Chris: It's a little (bleep) up chef.
Gordon: (slams the fish in Chris' chest) There you go. Sorry. I told you (bleep) earlier. Hello? You knew it's (bleep) up.
Chris: You're right chef.
Gordon: An executive chef doesn't serve (bleep) like that do they?
Chris: I apologize chef.
Gordon: Yeah you apologize. Don't you DO it again! Okay?
Chris: I'll start it again chef. (interview) I haven't gotten where I am today without having skills. I think Gordon recognizing talent is going to come with time.
Gordon: Send the whole (bleep) table back. The executive chef has just sent me an overcooked piece of (bleep). (interview) Chris has a huge chip on his shoulder. He's an executive chef which basically means you sit on your ass all day long. And clearly he's been doing that for the last ten years.

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen
Andrew: How does this look, Chef Ramsay?
Gordon: What do you mean "How does this look?" Hey Andrew, get out the habit. Come here you. I'm not going to run to you, I'm trying to run the hotplate here so would you be so kind to come and talk to me. Is that clear?
Andrew: (interview) I firmly believe that Chef Ramsay just doesn't like me.
Andrew: Is this acceptable chef?
Gordon: Yeah, listen to me. Did you hear my (bleep) question?
Andrew: Yes.
Gordon: Answer it! Okay.
Andrew: Yes.
Gordon: Good, now what are you saying?
Andrew: I'm asking you if this looks acceptable.
Gordon: Right, get on the hotplate.
Andrew: (interview) You want to pick on me? Pick on me! I don't give a (bleep)!
Gordon: And you think everytime you want to ask me a question, fat (bleep), that I'm going to run over there and talk to you while I'm trying to run the kitchen. You (bleep) come to me! Is that clear?
Andrew: Yes chef.
Gordon: Now what was the question?
Andrew: Is this acceptable to you?
Gordon: I'll let you know. Now (bleep) off! (interview) Andrew likes to learn the hard way. Kitchens are run on emotions when they get upset. But the most important thing is, it's not personal.

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen
Lady: Chef? Mr. Chef?
Gordon: Yes ladies?
Lady: You hurt my friend's feelings.
Gordon: I hurt your friend's feelings.
Lady: Yes, she's very upset
Gordon: Why?
Lady: Because you told her to (bleep) off.
Gordon: Oh really? Did I?
Lady: Yeah you did.
Gordon: Could you tell her that I meant it?
Lady: Yeah, I'll tell her.
Gordon: Jean-Phillipe Susilovic? Can you take these two ladies please back to plastic surgery?

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen
Gordon: (interview) You can't have the meat standing there or the fish sat there waiting for the vegetables. Why should everything else suffer?

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen
[A man comes up to the hot plate]
Gordon: You're waiting on a wellington and one bass yes? Well I'm deeply, deeply, deeply sorry but right now we're about seven tables behind.
Man: That doesn't do much for me.
Gordon: Yeah right. God to say you do (bleep) all for me either.
Man: Sorry?
Gordon: You do nothing for me either.
Man: I just don't understand why it's so difficult to serve some people their food.
Gordon: Are you that arrogant? You haven't got a clue of what's going on behind me?
Man: It seems like you have a lot of amateur sous chefs.
Gordon: Right. Finally your head's coming outside your (bleep). Now sit down you (bleep, bleep). What an (bleep).
Narrator: Nothing upsets Chef Ramsay more than when customers come to the kitchen.

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen
Gordon: You don't care anymore do you?
Dewberry: At this point, no I don't.
Gordon: You're not interested anymore? You can't cut it?
Dewberry: No I can't.
Gordon: You're useless, you know that?
Dewberry: I am. Goodbye! (starts to leave)
Gordon: Goodbye. That's it? (Red team calls for Dewberry to come back)
Dewberry: (interview) When I got ready to leave and I saw the look on Elsie's face, I knew I couldn't walk out.
Dewberry: (coming back) Sorry chef. I'm confused. I don't know what I'm doing.
Gordon: Thank you for coming back. You never, hello? desert your section again! You understand? You stand there like a man and you face it! Because I'm standing in front of customers taking (bleep) because of you! Get on your section and get those wellingtons out.
Dewberry: Yes chef.
Dewberry: (interview) He was trying to get me to understand what the shortcomings were and about staying with the team and he was trying to get me to be I guess better than I am evidently. (sheds a tear.)
Gordon: He hasn't cooked anything because he's standing there. Now he wants to run back to his mommy.

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen
Gordon: Red team, three quarters of your diners really enjoyed the appetizers but nearly half your diners didn't receive their main course. In fact, and this is a real first for me. One of your tables was so frustrated, they phoned for a (bleep) pizza. And guess what? They ate it and the main course still hadn't come out. That is one not to forget.

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen
Gordon: Dewberry, You're going home for one simple reason. You're a coward. You turned your back on your team after you screwed them.

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen
Gordon: Wendy, is the water boiling?
Wendy: No chef, it's taking forever.
Gordon: Did you use cold water?
Wendy: Yes chef.
Gordon: Why did you top it off with cold water?
Wendy: I thought that cold water was supposed to boil faster than hot water.
Gordon: What?!

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen
Gordon: Jeff, one spaghetti lobster with no lobster in it. The other is loaded with lobster. Wear that one out!
(Michael steps in and splits the spaghetti lobster for Jeff.)
Narrator: Chef Ramsay's addition of Michael to the red team is already paying off.
Maryann: (to Jeff) Say "Thank you Mike." Say "Thank you Mike."
Jeff: Thank you Mike. (under his breath) They're expecting too much for someone who's never been on a (bleep) line before.

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen
[Jeff has been struggling throughout dinner service]
Chris: Jeff, did you hear that (last order)?
Jeff: No, I'm done man. I'm finished.
Chris: No you're not! Come back to us Jeff!
Gordon: Here we go with that. Are you going to run?
Jeff: No, I'm going to stay and finish up service.
Gordon: Oh really. Why?
Jeff: Cause I'm not a quitter.
Gordon: You're not a quitter. Hey, you're not a (bleep) cook either. (walks back to the pass)
Jeff: (under his breath) You're an (bleep)!
Maryann: What was that? What did you just say? I want you to say it louder! I want you to say it louder, Jeff!
Gordon: Come here. What did you say?
Jeff: If you don't like me, I don't know what to tell you. You're an (bleep)!
Chris: That's not cool Jeff.
Gordon: Unbelievable.
Chris: That is not (bleep) cool.
Jeff: (takes his jacket off and leaves the kitchen) Send my ass home. I've had enough of this (bleep)!

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen
Gordon: When Jeff called me an (bleep), I just had to laugh. I've been called far worse than that. Wendy, well it's about time I put you out of your misery.

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen
[During the tasting challenge]
Gordon: Andrew, can you hear me, you jumped-up little politician, can you hear me? (contestants chuckle) Oh good, that's working. Jimmy, what's it like to be slim? He definitely can't hear me.

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen
Gordon: Jimmy, don't eat my fingers.

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen
Andrew: Feels like chicken, tastes like chicken...
Gordon: So, what is it?
Andrew: Chicken.

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen
Jimmy: It tasted like a meat tortellini with a bit of sweated onions in the background.
Gordon: (bleep) (Gordon doubles over, contestants chuckle) That was chicken, you (bleep).
Jimmy: Uh, okay
Elsie: Tortellini, where the (bleep) does he get tortellini from?

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen
(During the tasting of sweetbreads)
Michael: It's something awful man, something from a cow that I shouldn't be eating. It tastes like a brain or something like that. I don't know. (Gordon laughs).

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen
[The Blue team's storeroom has been locked for tonight's service. Once they unlock it and take the chickens out, Andrew tries to tape the latch of the door right when Scott passes by.]
Scott: What are you doing? Get that (bleep) tape off there and get the (bleep) back in there! You think I'm (bleep) stupid?! I'm not stupid like you. Come here. You (bleep) guys (bleep) it up, and so you get a punishment and you don't (bleep) break it so that it works for you. You blew it. Pay the consequences!
Andrew: All right.
Scott: Why don't you take the consequences instead of acting like a jerk? (takes the chickens back into the storeroom)
Ralph: Scott, where are you going? I'm going to break those down.
Scott: No you're not, because Andrew ruined it for you. If you want them you gotta come in here yourself.

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen
Gordon: Jimmy. As the winner of the challenge, you get to choose the person that will be serving the Caesar salad tableside.
Jimmy: Jesus.
Gordon: Uh, he's not here.

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen
Gordon: ...I'm asking you, why are you putting the (bleep) fish stock on the (bleep) risotto?

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen
Gordon: (On making a souffle) When they work, it's a dream come true. But when they don't work, it's a huge disappointment.

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen
Ralph: (interview) When we saw these last five tickets counted down. It was like the countdown to the new millenium.

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen
[Michael, Ralph and Jessica have successfully completed dinner service]
Gordon: Okay, well done. Bloody well done. First time ever in Hell's Kitchen, we have completed a fully booked dining room. starters, mains and desserts. You three did it. (high fives the three chefs) Team, team and team. And last night, none of us had any sleep. 24 hours virtually. And do you know the most important thing about tonight's service? Did you see any food come back?
Michael: No way.
Gordon: No. Did you see any dishes come back? No, nothing. And do you know the most exciting thing for me from a chef's point of view? Every dish looked the same. Spot on. Well done. I am a very proud man.

TV Show: Hell's Kitchen