Goof Troop Quotes

Pete: [yelling] PJ!
PJ: You bellowed, Dad?

TV Show: Goof Troop
Police Officer: Well, Pete, 99 out of 100 times, it's nothing.
Peter 'Pete Petey' Pete, Sr.: [sighs in relief] Whew, that's what I figured.
Police Officer: Then again, there's that 100th time.
Peter 'Pete Petey' Pete, Sr.: [gulps in fear] There is?
Police Officer: Reminds me of my first case. He was a used car salesman.
Peter 'Pete Petey' Pete, Sr.: [fearfully] Like me?
Police Officer: No. This guy was crooked. Ripped off his customers. You're nothing like that.
Peter 'Pete Petey' Pete, Sr.: [hesitant to be honest] No, not exactly.

TV Show: Goof Troop
[Pete has got a nose protector on, and is paranoically hiding in his office, thinking that someone is out to get him]
Pete: Huh! No silly letter is going to spoof me. I've got nerves of steal. Why, I could eat brussels sprouts without even breaking. [suddenly, the phone rings, and he shrieks in fear, and crushes it to pieces with a bat]
Pete: Probably a wrong number anyway.

TV Show: Goof Troop
[Pete has caught the boys with his video camera]
Pete: You boys have some serious grovelin' to do!
PJ: [nervously] D-don't kill us, Dad. We swiped it for a good cause.

TV Show: Goof Troop
[Pete sees his living room covered in paint]
Pete: What have you done?
Uncle Angelo Goof: Created a masterpiece, no?
Pete: [yelling] NOOO!

TV Show: Goof Troop
Max: You know, maybe we're targeting the wrong audience.
PJ: Eighty-five gallons of sweat later you tell me this?

TV Show: Goof Troop

TV Show: Goof Troop
Pistol: Dadd-ee? Don't wanna bug ya, jus' a small request, but... can I have a baby brother, please?
Pete: [distractedly] Sure, sure, candy, ice cream, baby brother, anything... soon as your mother gets home.

TV Show: Goof Troop
Max: It's not over yet! You've got twenty-three hours and fourteen minutes to do everything you ever wanted to do in your whole life!
PJ: Even the stuff I'd get killed for?
Max: What have you got to lose? PJ, you're dead meat anyway!

TV Show: Goof Troop

TV Show: Goof Troop
PJ: Max? Maybe we oughta try something tamer, like skydiving off the Trump Tower?
Max: Hey, when my best buddy's looking at life in prison with no parole, I'm not gonna let him miss his last chance to break his neck!

TV Show: Goof Troop
Gilda: Here's the bill for all of my time you've taken up.
Peg: [suspiciously] Bill? What bill?
Gilda: [shoves Pete out of his seat] Lady, let me tell you about your husband's sense of humor.

TV Show: Goof Troop
PJ: [examining the damage to Pete's boat] Whoa, those guys are dead meat! When Dad sees this, he's gonna blow a gut!
Pistol: [shaking her head] Nah-uh... Betcha this time it's his spleen!
PJ: Quarter?
Pistol: You're covered!
[Later, after Pete reacts to the damage to his boat, PJ knocks on Pistol's door and tosses her a quarter.]
PJ: You were right... spleen.

TV Show: Goof Troop
PJ: What about all those trophies on the "Wall of Petes", Dad?
Pete: [sobbing] The Wall of Petes is a big pile of... horse feathers!

TV Show: Goof Troop
[Scene: Max and PJ are ready to crush cans Max's way.]
PJ: Are you sure this will work?
Max: I'd stake your life on it, dude!
[Later, after they execute Max's plan to crush the cans]
PJ: Okay, I lied to my parents once... oh, and I tore the head off my little sister's doll!
Max: PJ, why are you telling me all this?
PJ: In case we don't make it, I wanna go with a clear conscience, y'know?

TV Show: Goof Troop

TV Show: Goof Troop
[Max and PJ are in their rooms talking via tin-can telephone after their dads forbid them from seeing each other.]
Max: Get over here, PJ! We gotta talk!
PJ: No can do, dude! My dad's watching me... he's got all the exits covered!
Max: No sweat!
[Max yanks hard on his end of the phone. PJ, who is holding onto the other end, flies out his window and lands in Max's room.]
Max: Here, Peej, smash this muffin in my face!
PJ: [confused] Okay, but why?
Max: It's the only way we can be friends!
PJ: No, I... I can't do it, Max...
Max: You're gonna have to, PJ! It's our only hope! If you don't do this, we're gonna... [PJ smashes the muffin in Max's face] ... I think you're getting the hang of it.

TV Show: Goof Troop
Max: PJ, red alert! Scramble!
PJ: Yo, Max! What is it?
Max: Peej, your dad's gonna pop Bubbles!
PJ: [gasps] Be right down!

TV Show: Goof Troop
Pete: Pistol, what are you doing? Little bitsy girls can't fly!
Pistol: [giggling] Oh, don't be silly, Daddy... I'm not flying, I'm landing!
Pete: Landing? Oh, that's different... LANDING?!?!

TV Show: Goof Troop
Pete: Stealing's wrong! It's against the law... and it's just plain bad manners! And if I caught anyone I know stealing, I'd scale and sand 'em myself. Understood?
[Max and PJ look at each other and gulp.]
PJ: Thanks, Dad!
Max: Thanks, Mr. P!
[The boys quickly exit as Pete wrestles with his new power tool.]
PJ: Aw, great! Leech is gonna kill us, the police are gonna arrest us, and my dad's gonna sand us!
Max: Look, we'll hide the bottle here for tonight. In the morning we'll think of something!
PJ: Like changing our names and putting ourselves up for adoption?!

TV Show: Goof Troop
Max: I'm eleven-and-a-half! Nothing scares me!
PJ: Except math tests.
Max: [glaring at PJ] That's different, PJ...

TV Show: Goof Troop
Max: Peej, on a scale of one to ten, how much does your dad usually like me?
PJ: Less than zero?

TV Show: Goof Troop
Max: Aww, Peej! Fishing with your dad! What could be more fun?
PJ: Eating glass! You know what fishing with him is like? Not to mention when I turn green and toss three meals a day!

PJ: When are we gonna look for treasure?
Max: Soon as we ditch the dads! New plan...
PJ: Oh, I hate this!
Max: You'll love it! [singsong] You get to hit me!
PJ: [eagerly] Really?
Max: Yeah! But I get to hit you... first!
[Max hauls back and punches PJ across Pete's boat, then starts to sob.]
Max: Dad, PJ says Pete's a better fisherman than you!
Pete: Whaddaya mean lettin' your kid hit my kid just for tellin' the truth?

TV Show: Goof Troop
Peg: The only thing wrong with that rotten pineapple rind is fishing fever!
PJ: [gasps] Is that when you break out in fish hooks and your limbs scale off?
Peg: It's when your bait can of a father tricks you into doing his job so he can take the day off fishing!
Max: Tricked us?
Goofy: What?
PJ: He wouldn't!
Peg: He could... he would... he did.
Goofy, Max, PJ: Waaah!
Peg: Now, now, now... fishing fever is a very stubborn disease, so I'm afraid the cure will have to be... drastic.

TV Show: Goof Troop
Peg: I wouldn't luau with you if my hula hips depended on it!

TV Show: Goof Troop
Max: We're losing the trailer!
Goofy: Take the wheel, Max!
Max: But I'm only eleven-and-a-half years old!
Goofy: That's all right, Maxie... this car is old enough to drive itself!
[Goofy climbs out of, and over, the car to get to the trailer hitch.]
Max: [giggles] You need a license to do this?

TV Show: Goof Troop