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Beauty and the Beast

A selfish prince is cursed to become a monster for the rest of his life, unless he learns to fall in love with a beautiful young woman he keeps prisoner.


PG | 2h 9min | Family, Fantasy, Musical | 17 March 2017 (USA)

Alan Menken: I remember Angela didn't want to record Beauty and The Beast.
Herself - Voice of 'Mrs. Potts': It was a very slow ballad and I was afraid of it I said, "I don't think your right in asking me to sing this song I think someone else should sing it." and they said, "no we want you to sing it."
Alan Menken: What a day in the studio that was. Just not to be believed. And Angela... one take, Beauty and The Beast, one take.

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Angelique: [singing] As long as there's Christmas, I truly believe that hope is the greatest of the gifts we receive.

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Beast: [Upon catching Belle in the forbidden west wing] Why did you come here?
Belle: I'm sorry.
Beast: I warned you never to come here!
Belle: I didn't mean any harm.
Beast: Do you realize what you could have done? [throws a table]
Belle: [cowering] Please... stop...
Beast: Get out! GET OUT!

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Beauty: May I serve you something to eat, Beast? I would be so much more comfortable eating, if you would join me.
Beast/Prince: No, no... You would be far less comfortable dining with me, my lady. As you have noticed, I am an animal and I must take my food as one. I hunt for my supper and I do not play with such dainty toys as knives and spoons.

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Forte: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! [laughing while destroying the castle]
Beast: Forte! [bursts through the doors]
Beast: Enough! Aaargh!
Forte: Heavens, Master! [mocks the Beast]
Forte: "You're not singing!" [bolt of music tones strikes the Beast]

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
[Belle,Chip,and Luminere are climbing up a long and narrow staircase]
Chip: 1,001. 1,002. 1,003.Are we there yet?
Belle: Not yet.
Chip: Oh boy there are sure a lot of steps here! 1,007. 1,008. 1,009. 1,010...

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Catherine: : Father...I just want you to know I would never hurt him...I love him.
Father: : I know... and I also know that it can only bring him unhappiness.
Catherine: : Why do you say that?
Father: : Because, part of him... is a man.

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Catherine: : (at the subway) Well, goodbye.
Father: : Catherine, you have been more than a good friend to me. I know what you have risked and, believe me, I am grateful. Goodbye.

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Father: : What about Vincent?
Catherine: : He knows.
Father: : I didn't want to keep things hidden from him. I wanted to...forget. Does he understand that?
Catherine: : Yes.

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Father: : Is she awake?
Vincent: : Yes. She's very frightened.
Father: : How could you bring a stranger down here? To where we live! You ignored our most important rule.
Vincent: : I know that. But there was no other way.
Father: : Do you know what they'd do if they caught you up there? Or found you down here? They'd kill you. Or put you behind bars and make you wish you were dead. How could you?
Vincent: : How could I have turned my back on her, and left her there?

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Father: : [To Vincent] You know, you have the soul of a doctor. When I studied medicine, they wouldn't admit minorities. Wonder what they would have done with you? Let's not even think about it.

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Vincent: : We're below the city, below the subways. There's a whole world of tunnels and chambers that most people don't even know exists. There are no maps to where we are. It's a forgotten place. But it's warm, and it's safe, and we have all the room we need. So we live here and we try to live as well as we can. And we try to take care of each other. It's our city down here.

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Catherine Chandler: : I don't know what to believe.
Vincent: : It's all true.

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Catherine: : I owe you everything.
Vincent: : You owe me nothing. I am a part of you, Catherine, just as you are a part of me. Wherever you go, wherever I am, I'm with you.

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Vincent: : I've seen your world. There is no place for me in it. I know what I am. Your world is filled with frightened people, and I remind them of what they are most afraid of.
Catherine: : Their own ignorance.
Vincent: : Their aloneness.
Catherine: : Yes.

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Vincent: : Catherine, I feel the things you are feeling when you do.
Catherine: : How do you mean?
Vincent: : Just know that it's true and that your pain is my pain. Sometimes it is almost as if we're one.

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Father: : She can only bring you unhappiness.
Vincent: : Then I'll be unhappy. But I cannot forget her. We are still connected.
Father: : Vincent, your senses, your empathic powers, are quite extraordinary. It's your gift. And these powers have been heightened by the concern, by the love that you feel, but don't let your act of kindness destroy you.
Vincent: : Maybe I have no choice.

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Vincent: : Catherine, you survived. And what you endured will make you stronger and better.
Catherine: : I don't have your strength. I don't know how to do it.
Vincent: : You have the strength, Catherine, you do. I know you.

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Vincent: : I have never regretted what I am. Until now.... I was born and I survived.

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Vincent: : You're safe. You're safe now. Don't be afraid. Please, don't be afraid.

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Catherine: : When I think of corporate law, stimulating is not a word that immediately pops into my mind.
Catherine's father: : You know, when you put your mind to it, you're a fine corporate lawyer.
Catherine: : No, Dad, I'm the daughter of a fine corporate lawyer.

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Sam: : Don't care so much, Vincent, not about people. People always let you down.
Vincent: : You never let us down, Sam. When we needed supplies, or food, you were always there for us. We'll be here for you.

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Sam: : Mitch is poison... Nothing is going to change that.

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Catherine: : So sue me.
Catherine's father: : It's a little late for that, I should have sued you when you were five.

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Catherine: : How can one man have so much courage and empathy and passion, and so little mercy?
Vincent: : Perhaps he lost it somewhere, but he found it again in the end.

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Vincent: : They hunt for this man as they might hunt for me, if they dreamed of my existence.... By what right do I condemn him? Am I so very different?
Catherine: : Yes, Vincent, you are.

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Vincent: : There is enough fear in your world. I could never bring you more.
Catherine: : Forgive me for doubting you.
Vincent: : Catherine, you have a right to be afraid.
Catherine: : My heart knows how gentle you are.
Vincent: : Even the gentlest man has a demon locked inside of him.
Catherine: : Not you; not a demon.

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Jason: : (to Catherine) The city had its own myths. We are so rational, so sophisticated, so cynical that we still need our gods and demons, our heroes and villains... Some terrible fierce creature who haunts the dark places: something with a face of a demon, the soul of an angel.

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Father: : It's Catherine, isn't it?
Vincent: : I can hear her fears whispering to me no matter where I stand.
Father: : She cannot help being afraid, Vincent. Her world is built on fear. It is all they know. The lives they are forced to lead, if they weren't afraid, they would be insane. We have something that they only dream of: a safe place, a secret place, beyond their madness and their fear.
Vincent: : Sometimes, I would run down here when we played hide and seek. But... before the game was over, Father, they always found me... even here.

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast
Catherine: : I had to come. I had to see you. I was afraid-
Vincent: : I know.
Catherine: : You didn't come. I called. I banged on the pipes. You never came.
Vincent: : I could feel your fear, Catherine. Even now, I frighten you.
Catherine: : You taught me to face my fears, always, Vincent. Tell me-
Vincent: : What shall I tell you? That I am not this shadow, this man-monster that you hunt? Must you hear the words before you trust? Hear them then, it is not me. Catherine, I would never hurt you. (Catherine takes an involuntary step backwards)
Catherine: : No, Vincent, no.... I did not mean to-
Vincent: : To pull away? I know. I know your heart, Catherine, but sometimes the words that are not spoken are the truest words of all. (barely audible)... they hurt.
Catherine: : What are you saying?
Vincent: : We both know what these hands can do, have done. Catherine, if your heart does not trust, then no words I could speak could help.

TV Show: Beauty and the Beast