All Grown Up! Quotes

Chuckie: We just wanted to know the words for Emica's songs for the concert!
Angelica: You want too much, Finster.

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Angelica: Okay, they embarassed themselves enough. Let's go.

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Tommy: Only ten more years before Angelica's nice to us!
Angelica: Hey! Somebody drooled on it, too. I'll get you lumpy-headed babies. Aunt Didi! Aunt Didi!
Chuckie: Tommy, is ten years going to be a very long time?
Angelica: Aunt Didi!

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Tommy [to Angelica]: Thanks.
Angelica: Forget about it. We're cousins, stick together for all eternity.
Grandpa Lou: That is the sweetest doggone thing I have ever heard you sprouts say!

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Samantha: Ewwww! Is that peanut butter?!
Angelica: Oh, my gosh! How did that get there?!
(At front of the bus)
Tommy: Don't look now, but I think Angelica found the peanut butter.

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Dil [while sniffing a shoe]: Weirdorama. It's corinthian leather. But it smells like egg salad.
Phil: That is so immature. (sniffs the shoe) Cat butt, duh.

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Pangborn: Finster, what are you doing?
Chuckie: Drowning, sir?

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Phil: Thanks, I'll pay you back. As soon as that no-allowance-for-a-month thing is over. How was I suppose to know Kimi's great aunt was in that vase? They should label that stuff.

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Chuckie: This test is stupid and humiliating! I can't even do the simplest rope climb.
Tommy: Chuckie, you made it almost to the top.
Chuckie: Only 'cause Pangborn pushed me halfway up!

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Mr. Beaker: Morning. Sit down, find your chairs this time. Now, ignore my mumbling as I write on the board. Enjoy my back.

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Lil: Why are we partners on every project? It's always Phil and Lil this! Phil and Lil that! Newsflash! We're not two heads on one body! We are just two separate people who happen to live in the same house. He's Phil and I'm Lil. Two names, separated by the word "and." I am a thinking, breathing, independent individual and he's... Phil.

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Lil: Twins this, twins that. It's always Phil and Lil! It's never even Lil and Phil! There's too much "we"; not enough "me"! I am not wearing anything to that place because I am not going!

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Chuckie: I was exercising my right to say no to the President and his stupid test. I made a stand by refusing to show up.
Tommy: Chuckie Finster skipped a class?
Chuckie: Actually, I was hanging out in the nurse's office.

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Chuckie: I've been humiliated year after year, and now my suffering's over! Today I am taking a stand for coordinately-challenged kids everywhere!
Tommy: And tomorrow?
Chuckie: Tommy, don't ruin my moment.

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Betty: Jeez! This is awful.
Howard: I know, we even have to have another set of twins or actually pay for a vacation.
Betty: No, Howie, we have a bigger problem than a lost vacation. Our little Lil is sad.
Howard: Right.

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Betty: Calm down, Philly. Lil gets her own room, but think about it, so do you, and the computer stays here. And you finally have room for that basketball hoop you've always wanted, and you can paint the place any color you like, except tangerine 'cause it makes your father wig out.

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Leslie: All the right kids are here.
Diane: Yeah. No lame-brains or dorks. Oh, by the way, where is your brother tonight?
Lil: Not here!
Diane: He really is a boob, isn't he?
Leslie: My vote is for immature slob.
Brett: Are you talking about Phil? He's like totally obnoxious in class.
Lil: Not all the time.
Diane: Not to mention gross and smelly.
Leslie: This is fun! And he's really goofy looking, too.
Lil: Not like I'm standing up for him or anything, but it's sometimes fun to be gross. And you know, Phil and I are twins, so if you think he's goofy looking, then I guess you think I am, too.

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Lil: Hey! I can call him a jerk or a slob, but you guys can't. You don't even know him! He can actually be cool sometimes, and fun, and funny, and loyal.

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Tommy [to Chuckie]: Come on Chuck, how long does it take to copy your butt?
Chuckie: I wasn't sure if I was letter or legal sized.

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Chuckie: See, I'm vanilla. Crustless vanilla Finster. I was gonna get the chocolate mango swirl bar, but no! I chickened out at the last minute.
Tommy: Actually, Chuckie, you chickened out at the first minute. But hey, be tight with that.
Chuckie: But I want to be tight with a different Chuckie. The Chuck. A Chuck who takes risk, a Chuck who flirts with danger.

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Angelica: Everybody's a critic.

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Susie: Do you still have this cute top…
Alisa: Don't push your luck, girl.

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Angelica [singing]: One, two, three, four! Can't help it boy, my heart's got call-waiting. Don't want you to be the only one I'm dating. Oops, got to put you on hold. Oops, got to put you on hold.

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Susie [singing]: I was feeling real shattered, but my dreams they still matter. So if you think I'm going, baby, you're wrong. I'm so strong 'Cause there's no getting rid of this dream.

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Angelica: Well, it takes a very special kind person to be an advice giver. You have to be soft on the inside, but tough on the outside. Like left over lasagna. Ask yourself, Harold, are you left over lasagna?

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Kimi: Wow, isn't Z totally rockstar?
Chas: Does that mean hoodlum?
Kimi: Dad! What happened to your whole "don't judge a book by its cover" speech?!
Chas: Well, it's different now that the book is hanging around with my daughter!

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Phil: No, mom. Leave it. I don't wanna miss out on anything. Pain is part of the camping experience.
Betty: You wanna walk around with a snapping turtle on your foot?

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Chas: So, Z, is that short for anything? Zack? Zebediah? Zeus?
Z: No, it's just Z.
Chas: Oh. So, how do you spell it?

TV Show: All Grown Up!
Kimi: (explaining why Z had the electronics) It'd blow his image. I mean, getting excused from class to do charity work?
Chuckie: Excused?! I got detention!

TV Show: All Grown Up!
[Police sirens are heard in the background]
Kimi [to Chuckie]: You didn't!
Chuckie: No... Phil did... but it's only because he cares!

TV Show: All Grown Up!