Adventure Time Quotes

Finn: CANDY PARTYY!! Jake! This party is so crazy!
Jake: I know, Finn! I know! Haha!
Cinnamon Bun: Ok, I'm gonna do it! Ok ok ok! Everyone watch! I'm gonna do a flip! (Falls and crashes into PB's castel)
Princess Bubblegum: (Dancing while castle is gonna crash) ahhhhh!
Finn: PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM'S IN TROUBLE! (runs over and catches her)
Princess Bubblegum: Phew! Please! Calm your self's my people! I am safe!

TV Show: Adventure Time
Finn: Cool!
Princess Bubblegum: Hmmmm, Hero? Hmmmm Heeeeero? HEY! I just thought of somthing!
Finn: Uhh, what did you think of?
Princess Bubblegum: I'll show you,come on! We'll go through my secret entrance! (walks over) Alright everyone! Turn around! (whisper voice) well turn around! This entrance is secret!
Candy people: Ohhhhh!
Princess Bubblegum: (pulls brick out of wall) Hurry Finn!
Finn: hahaha! No way!
Princess Bubblegum: Here it is! (pulls out a globe) Check it out!
Finn: Whoa! A magical globe!
Princess Bubblegum: No, Finn! It's what you can see through the globe.
Finn: Golly!
Princess Bubblegum: Hehehe! Look! Can you see this book?
Finn: Yeah I see it!
Princess Bubblegum: It's called the Enchiridion! It's a book made only for heros who are righteous!
Finn: Shmowzow!
Princess Bubblegum: The book lies in the top of mount cragtoor, guarded by manly mini-tar! It's waiting for a truly righteous hero to claim it!
Finn: (Dancing) Do you think I've got the goods, Bubblegum? 'Cause I am INTO THIS STUFF! (Pounding the floor)
Princess Bubblegum: I know. And yes I do.
Finn: Then off I go! (Jumps out the window) Yeaaaaaaaah!
Jake: (dancing and realizes Finn falling)Huh?
Finn: Thanks pal
Princess bubblegum: Farewell Finn the! Oh wait, (pulls out handkerchief)Farewell Finn the human boy!
Finn: Bye Princess! Ya know what time it is buddy?
Jake: Adventure Time! (fist bumps Finn)
Finn: Yeah man!

TV Show: Adventure Time
Keeper: The key is in you, child, but you can not use your brawn here, the door is MAGICALLY sealed!
Finn: (Picks up Keeper and shoves him in the lock. The door unlocks.)
Keeper: You've unlocked the riddle of the door! Ha ha! Brilliantly young child! Please, reveal to me how you unravelled my clue!
Finn: I just thought you looked cute stuffed in that lock.
Keeper: Oh yes, that's how most people get in...

TV Show: Adventure Time
Finn: I'm not righteous. I'm wrongteous! ...Stupidteous.

TV Show: Adventure Time
Finn: Give me back my friend!
Giant: But I ate him already!

TV Show: Adventure Time
Evil Wizard: Now, as one last LAST trial: SLAY THIS ANT!
Finn: Is it evil?
Evil Wizard: No! But it's... not good, either. It's neutral. Will you slay it?
Finn: ...NO!
Evil Wizard: If you want the hero's Enchiridion, then slay this unaligned ant!
Finn: Never. Never! NEVER! (Runs up to wizard and kicks it in the crotch.)
Keeper: (Enters) Congratulations Finn the human. Now you have truely reached-
Finn: NEVER!!! (Punches Keeper in the stomach.) Oh no! Mr. Keeper, I'm sorry. Wha- Why are you wearing that little devil costume?
Keeper: These are my pyjamas. I was getting ready for bed.

TV Show: Adventure Time
Jake: Hey, crack open that book and read something for fun's sake, alright?
Finn: Oh yeah! Woah, how to kiss princesses? Hehe he he...
Jake: Woooahh, what'd you just read?
Princess Bubblegum: (Appearing in magical globe) Yeah, what does it say, Finn? Manishman won't tell me.
Manishman: Hey, don't tell her, Finn.
Finn: It doesn't say anything, Princess.
Princess Bubblegum: Manishman!
Finn: Aaaaaahh... YEAH! (Jumps into air)

TV Show: Adventure Time
Princess Bubblegum: You promised you wouldn't freakin' tell anyone! Oh, you're so cute, Finn.
(flashback ends, and Finn blushes)

TV Show: Adventure Time
Finn: Hey, buddy, do you know what time it is?
Jake: Adventure time?
Finn: No, time for 7 Minutes in Heaven!

TV Show: Adventure Time
Lumpy Space Princess: You have to travel by car in my world, or else you'll fall into the lumpy abyss.
L.S.P's Dad: Daughter! Have you brought smooth people into our domain?
Lumpy Space Princess: I had to, Dad! I'm trying to help them! SO DON'T LUMPING YELL AT ME!
L.S.P's Mom: What did you say?! What did you just say?!
Lumpy Space Princess: I said 'Lump off', Mom! (starts screaming gibberish, and Finn touches her)
Lumpy Space Princess: What?!
Finn: Um, vroom vroom?
Lumpy Space Princess: Oh, yeah. I need to borrow the car.

TV Show: Adventure Time
Melissa: You wanted a ride to Makeout Point? You think I want to make out with you?! Well, maybe I do, but...Wait... I HAVE A BOYFRIEND, FINN! (slaps Finn)

TV Show: Adventure Time
Guy: Yeah, lumpiness sucks.

TV Show: Adventure Time
Finn: Why did you have to say all those rude things to them?!
Lumpy Space Princess: What? I was helping you.
Finn: Thanks a lot. They were right about to hand over the antidote!
Lumpy Space Princess: You're...welcome a lot...
Finn: You insulted them and they got mad and now Jake's gonna be lumpy forever! This is all your fault!
Lumpy Space Princess: Well, now I know how you really feel. I was just trying to help, but whatever., not whatever! I know I mess things up sometimes, but I'm really trying! And you're supposed to be my friend! Not like those fake ones I have here! So do what you want! I'm going to promcoming. Are you coming or not, Lumpy Jake?
Jake: No. Because no matter how messed up and lumpy I get, this guy never turns his back on me. (turns lumpy) Oh, yeah, right behind ya. I just gotta turn my back on this guy.

TV Show: Adventure Time
Portal Frog: Password, please.
Lumpy Space Princess: WHATEVER, IT'S 2009!

TV Show: Adventure Time
Finn: Yeah, there's a big sleeping lava man in our front yard, he is so hot...
Jake(hits Finn's arm suggestively) Mmm hmm.hehe
(Ice King glares at the two of them.)
Finn: I mean, not like sexy hot, but...
Jake: No, you do mean sexy hot.
Finn: No, I mean...
Ice King: I DON'T CARE!

TV Show: Adventure Time
Tree Trunks: I'm the sexiest adventurer in the world!

TV Show: Adventure Time
Finn: This guy is a pal for life! It looks like he's got two jiggly bellies stuck together.
Jake: I've got that on my back. I call it my butt.

TV Show: Adventure Time
Jake: Your gut says he's evil, my gut says he's good. Let's put our guts together and end this funky feud!

TV Show: Adventure Time
Ricardio: You were right all along, Finn! Now I'm going to cut out Princess Bubblegum's heart and make out with it.

TV Show: Adventure Time
Princess Bubblegum: Finn, what the cabbage!

TV Show: Adventure Time
Princess Bubblegum: You're totally jealous of Ricardio.
Finn: Not I'm not! I just don't like the way he talks to you. It makes me feel weird.
Princess Bubblegum: That's jealousy!
Finn: I'm not jealous. I'M WEIRD!
Jake: Woof, man. This is going bad!

TV Show: Adventure Time
Head Marauder: Get back here, you chicken!
Marauders: Oooooh!
Finn: ...What did you call me?
Head Marauder: You can't just walk away from a roughhouse!
Finn: Hey! Listen up, you cold-hearted marauders! Somebody's out there crying for help and I'm not gonna ignore that!
Jake: Aw, here it comes! Lay it down, Finn!
Finn: A long time ago, when I was a baby, I went boom boom on a leaf. Then I fell backwards and sat in my own boom boom and cried for a day, but no one came to help me. That day I vowed to help anyone in need, no matter how small their problem! And that's why I need to go.
(Finn leaves, the marauders all clap and cheer.)
Jake: He still cries when he poops. Thanks for being cool, guys. Wait up, Finn!

TV Show: Adventure Time
Finn: What do you think? Fixed all your problems, right?
Mountain: No! That was terrible! Now the men are just punching animals! It's worse than before and it's in no way a good solution!

TV Show: Adventure Time
Mountain: Please! no!
Finn: What? why?
Mountain: Because they're so rough on each other.
Finn: But a smooth, well-controlled roughhouse...bolsters the guts...and rejuvenates the muscle.
Mountain: No! It's raunchy and maddening. All those men and their disgusting fantastic bodies.
Jake: Whoa.

TV Show: Adventure Time
Finn: Did ya'll smack me into that mountain on purpose?
Balloons: Mmm hmm.
Finn: Take note, NEPTR. These guys are Grade A Pranksters.

TV Show: Adventure Time
Finn: Get me out of the water! Now, Jake, now! (Jake is shown bruised, going "ow" as Finn steps on him.)

TV Show: Adventure Time
Ice King's "Bride": You lousy butt-faced pig! I hate you!

TV Show: Adventure Time
Finn: That...sucked.

TV Show: Adventure Time
Finn: Don't flaunt it if you're not gonna give it up!

TV Show: Adventure Time
Duchess of Nuts: Hello, Finn. Are you here to arrest the Duke?
Finn: How did you know?
Duchess of Nuts: The nuts told me. For I am the Duchess of Nuts!
(Jake eats a handful of nuts from a bowl)
Jake: Ooh. I should've asked if these were, like, her eggs or something.

TV Show: Adventure Time