Waterloo Road Quotes

Jack: You say you're up for a challenge, almost all of our kids leave school with an ASBO or a bun in the oven.

TV Show: Waterloo Road
Andrew: It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.

TV Show: Waterloo Road
Kim: That takes us up to five mums to be. We could start our own antenatal classes.

TV Show: Waterloo Road
Jack: Kids, eh? They turn everything on its head, don't they? You give them a system and their first instinct is to cheat it.

TV Show: Waterloo Road
Rachel Mason: Oh good morning!
Eddie Lawson: Can I have a word?
Rachel Mason: You can go mad and have several, if you like. Come on!

TV Show: Waterloo Road
Rachel Mason: What is it?
Eddie Lawson: I don't want to worry or panic you, ok...
Rachel Mason: Oh! I knew this day was too good to be true, you're going to spoil it, aren't you?
Eddie Lawson: What?
Rachel Mason: I know its as rare as hens teeth but you are looking at a happy headmistress.
Eddie Lawson: Why so happy?
Rachel Mason: Well, erm... its the end of term and er... we're going to thrash Forest Mount at the spelling bee and the football and you what? I think this school is finally working out! And! This is the first morning that I've come in and not been greated by doom, disaster and destruction. So what is it?
Eddie Lawson: You know what? I can wait.
Rachel Mason: No, no, no, no, no, tell me, what is it?
Eddie Lawson: What are you doing tonight?
Rachel Mason: Er, tonight? I don't know, why?
Eddie Lawson: Its the end of term I thought... I could take you out and celebrate.
Rachel Mason: Thats really nice of you to ask, erm...
Eddie Lawson: Yeah just... I thought it'd be nice to talk, you know? Away from this place.
Rachel Mason: Yeah, what about?
Eddie Lawson: Everything? Have a drink.
Rachel Mason: I would love to, thank you [giggles]
Eddie Lawson: Good. Right. About 8 o'clock?
Rachel Mason: Fine by me
Eddie Lawson: Good. [turns to leave but remembers something else] Er... I need to see the budget for the PE department.
Rachel Mason: Ah, ah. I've got that... somewhere [walks to the filing cabinets and routes for paperwork whilst Eddie takes the letter from Hordley from the pile on her desk] Here we go
Eddie Lawson: Great. 8 o'clock?
Rachel Mason: [nods] Yeah!

TV Show: Waterloo Road
Rachel Mason: Eddie what do you think? Formal at the table or informal on the sofas?
Eddie Lawson: Er, I'm sorry, what is it your asking me? XD

TV Show: Waterloo Road
Ralph Mellor: Coming to something when we've got to protect our kids like this
Rachel Mason: Not a lot I can do about that, Ralph
Ralph Mellor: You're right. Just got to be careful who we let in next time

TV Show: Waterloo Road
Clarence Charles: Donte! Chlo!
Donte Charles: I don't believe it, he's wearing a tie. You are on the pull
Clarence Charles: I am not on the pull... but you never know

TV Show: Waterloo Road
Security Dave: Nasty things, guns, I'm just trying to keep everybody safe
Steph Haydock: Yes but I'm hardly likely to have a Uzo machine gun in there, am I?

TV Show: Waterloo Road
Melissa Ryan: First things first, my name is Melissa. You can call me that, or Mel or whatever you feel comfortable with, just not Ms. Ryan please, it makes me sound like a lesbian dominatrix

TV Show: Waterloo Road
Rose Kelly: Guess what my password is?
Clarence Charles: Yeah, go on...
Rose Kelly: Rose1
Clarence Charles: Rose1?
Rose Kelly: [laughs] They'll have a job cracking that!

TV Show: Waterloo Road
Steph Haydock: Me and Grantly are, well, a bit of an item.

TV Show: Waterloo Road
Fleur Budgen: You've ruined my life!

TV Show: Waterloo Road
Rob Cleaver: I'm no Fred Flinstone; but I can make your bed rock!

TV Show: Waterloo Road
Rose Kelly: Are you taking the piss?

TV Show: Waterloo Road
Grantly Bugden: Oi! you out, Staff Room
Helen Hopewell: Helen Hopewell, new English teacher
Grantly Bugden: You teach?
Helen Hopewell: Not quite. Got about 20 miuntes to go. Its my first day teaching.
Steph Haydock: No!

TV Show: Waterloo Road
Helen Hopewell: [About Max] I know he can be a bit severe, but, he is a pretty inspirational leader
Steph Haydock: Really? so was Mussolini

TV Show: Waterloo Road
Kim Campbell: Beep Beep
Tom Clarkson: ah, Chill-Out zone comes to Waterloo Road
Kim Campbell: it's the Waterloo Road Garden Project
Tom Clarkson: ah the Blue Peter garden, only we dont want people burying their dogs in it
Kim Campbell: I think you will find it was a Tortoise

TV Show: Waterloo Road
Ruby Fry: [About Micheala] She practically had Grantly in tears with her flute solo
Christopher Mead: What did she do, poke you in the eye with it?

TV Show: Waterloo Road

Chlo Grainger: What if a mad axe man breaks in? Where are we supposed to tell him? We don't know where are mum is?
Izzie Redpath: Tell him to ring me on the mobile.

TV Show: Waterloo Road