Human Giant Quotes

Aziz: They say the hardest part of rollerblading is telling your parents that you're gay and um I gotta say I found that to be true today. I always thought that was some sort of joke some sort of weird... I went over there and rented the roller blades from this gentleman Clarence and signed the forms and then said have you told your parents you're gay? And I said no and they said we can't give you these roller blades. And I was like I always thought that was a joke. And they said No its not. So I drove out to my parent's house in Santa Monica and uh had the talk with them and um... that was the toughest part of the day um the rollerblading itself not that difficult. My parent's culture really doesn't know about the gay culture. They said "Sinjay are you sure?". And I said yea I'm sure I... I mean can we just hurry this up I wanna get out there on the beach you know and have some fun... get the blades going. I mean braking is tough, turns are tough but telling your parents that you're gay is the hardest part of rollerblading.

Movie: Human Giant
Suryat: You goddamn motherfucker [throws coffee mug]
Paul Scheer: [fives him] Get ass cancer you molester

TV Show: Human Giant