Camelot Quotes

Bladebeak: Dragon a la king. It's such a pleasant change from - -chicken?

Movie: Camelot
King Arthur: [singing] Don't let it be forgot / That once there was a spot / For one brief shining moment / That was known as Camelot!

Movie: Camelot
King Arthur: The adage blood is thicker than water was invented by undeserving relatives.

Movie: Camelot
King Arthur: I love them and they answer me with pain and torment. Be it sin or not sin, they betray me in their hearts and that's far sin enough. I can feel it in their eyes, I can feel it when they speak, and they must pay for it and be punished. I shall not be wounded and not return it in kind! I'm through with feeble hoping! I demand a man's vengeance! [Calming down]
King Arthur: Proposition: I'm a king, not a man. And a very civilized king. Could it possibly be civilized to destroy the thing I love? Did they ask for this calamity? Can passion be selected?

Movie: Camelot
[after Cornwall and Devon fall off the edge of a cliff]
Cornwall: Houston, we have a problem.

Movie: Camelot
Uther: You will respect your mother.
Morgan: Step-mother!
Igraine: Why are you here?
Morgan: I've come home, and I want to offer you forgiveness.

TV Show: Camelot
Arthur: We can't let woman come between us, can we, brother?
Kay: Everything comes easy for you. You don't even appreciate it.

TV Show: Camelot
Morgan: [about the tower] Suits you up there. Where will you go?
Igraine: You'll find I have plenty allies who will give me space. Was there anything else? Or did you just come to gloat?

TV Show: Camelot
King Lot: You're very confident in your plans.
Morgan: I am.
King Lot: What makes you so special?

TV Show: Camelot
Merlin: The king is dead. Murdered.
Arthur: So?
Merlin: Uther died with no legitimate son.
Arthur: So what's that gotta do with us?
Merlin: Not them. You... are Uther's son.

TV Show: Camelot
Arthur: King's will...
Merlin: Signed by his own hand. Bearing his seal, attesting to your birth.

TV Show: Camelot