Taegukgi hwinalrimyeo Quotes

Flip: You ever think about leaving LA?
Dap: [as he kicks trash on the street] LA's the center of the universe. Why would I want to leave?
Flip: There's got to be more to life than this man. My cousin lives on a farm in Alabama. Milking cows and shoveling ****. I wonder what that's like.
Dap: [Laughs] man, you haven't seen a tit in your lifetime, how the hell are you supposed to get milk out of one?
Flip: Very funny mother****er. My point is that thins would be simple, ya know, easier...
Dap: Simple doesn't mean it would be easier. You would be bored. After one day you would be out tagging barns and ****. Pissing off country bumkin police officers. [in a country voice]
Dap: Confound it Norman! I can't figure out how all these dangum cows got spray paint all over them. When I find that nigger, I'm going string him up in the willow tree over there. SHHHHHOOOOOT!

Movie: Taegukgi hwinalrimyeo
Nacho: I'm going to give you some advice, save both of us a lot of grief. Stop seeing Marina.
Flip: What? Why should I?
Nacho: Cause I said so fool. She's my girl now.
Flip: Go **** yourself man. Get out my face...

Movie: Taegukgi hwinalrimyeo