Collateral Quotes

Vincent: What's your name?
Max: Max.
Vincent: Max. I'm Vincent.

Movie: Collateral
Vincent: Lady Macbeth. Leave the seats. The light's green. We're sitting here.
Max: [a car horn honks behind Max. The car whips around them to get through the intersection] Asshole!
Vincent: You no longer have the cleanest cab in La-La Land. You gotta live with that. Focus on the job. Drive.

Movie: Collateral
Vincent: You got ten minutes. 10: 01? I drive the cab to the hospital and execute your mother on my way out of town, and don't pretend indifference.
Max: I can't do this.

Movie: Collateral
Vincent: You're alive. I saved you. Do I get any thanks? No. All you can do is clam up. You wanna talk? Tell me to **** off?
Max: **** off.

Movie: Collateral
[after Vincent and Max load a corpse into the cab's trunk]
Vincent: Lets go.
Max: Hey, why don't you just take the cab?
Vincent: Take the cab?
Max: Yeah, you take it. I'll - I'll chill. I'll - I'll just chill. They don't even know who's driving these things half the time anyway. They never check or anything. Okay... so... just - just take it. You, me...
Vincent: You promise not to tell anybody right?
Max: Yeah... yeah... yeah... promise.
Vincent: Get in the ****ing car.

Movie: Collateral