The Weekenders Quotes

Lawrence Fassett: [the RV has just exploded, killing all four inside as Osterman and Tanner watch] And then there were two.

Movie: The Weekenders
Nicole: [entering, modeling outfit] What do you think?
Claire Hopkins: Classy. Yet slutty.
Nicole: I know! [to Rachel]
Nicole: I told you she'd love it!
Rachel: She said it was slutty.
Nicole: And classy.

Movie: The Weekenders
Tino's Mom: You know, a kite flies on a string, not a stick.
Tino: [pause] I could see your lips moving, but all I heard was "blah, blah-blah".

Movie: The Weekenders
Tish: Me? JEALOUS? I haven't got a jealous bone in my body!
Carver: Do you have any jealous internal organs?

Movie: The Weekenders
Tino: Could you give me a map to that sentence?

Movie: The Weekenders
[about his mother's vegetarian Halloween candy]
Tino: That's so healthy, its un-American...

Movie: The Weekenders