Skins Quotes

Alex: Nobody's perfect.
Zach: Right. I'm glad you feel that way because I was just about to suggest that we give it another try.
Alex: We? [Zach nods his head happily]
Alex: Are you completely off your nut?
Zach: [sarcastically] Don't beg, Alex. It doesn't suit you.
Alex: Oh, Zach.
Zach: Oh, what?
Alex: There are a lot of things about you that I would highly recommend. But you're never gonna last with anyone. You may settle down for a while, but then something will happen. You'll get scared and start to look for some... thing, some... place. Some young girl to save you. You're on a merry-go-round, Zach, and the brass ring is just a brass ring. It solves nothing.
Zach: I'm doomed?
Alex: You're Zach, and you like merry-go-rounds.

TV Show: Skins
Cameron Dove: Why don't you go play with your friends?
Seth Dove: They're all dead.

TV Show: Skins
Larry Goldman: His father is the district attorney!

TV Show: Skins
Wendy: You'd better be careful.
Eric: Of what?
Wendy: I'm serious, Eric. You're not in Modesto anymore. I see the way you look at him.
Eric: He's so beautiful. I can't help it. He's like a god.
Wendy: You don't have to tell me, I was infatuated with him too once. But I know all Neil's secrets and there's **** there you don't even want to know about. Trust me. Once I'm gone, you'll be all Neil has and you have to understand one thing. Where normal people have a heart, Neil McCormick has a bottomless black hole. And if you don't watch out, you can fall in and get lost forever.

TV Show: Skins
[last lines]
Neil: [narration voice-over] And as we sat there listening to the carolers, I wanted to tell Brian it was over now and everything would be okay. But that was a lie, plus, I couldn't speak anyway. I wish there was some way for us to go back and undo the past. But there wasn't. There was nothing we could do. So I just stayed silent and trying to telepathically communicate how sorry I was about what had happened. And I thought of all the grief and sadness and ****ed up suffering in the world, and it made me want to escape. I wished with all my heart that we could just leave this world behind. Rise like two angels in the night and magically... disappear.

TV Show: Skins
[Zach goes to a formal party dressed as Aladdin]
Zach: Jake! You told me this was a costume party!

TV Show: Skins
Tony: Tonight's the night, Sid. You finally pop the cherry, you finally get the VIP tour of Netherland, you finally...
Sid: Fuck off. [mutters] Don't make fun of me.

TV Show: Skins
Sid: [to himself] Every time. Every fucking time. "Buy three ounces of weed, Sidney." Oh yes, sir. "Shove a bag of pills up your ass, Sidney." Oh, right away. "Come help me save some random bint." Oh, could I? What have we learned, Sidney? Your friends are shitheads.

TV Show: Skins
Tony: Alright, who's stupid enough to fuck Sid?
Michelle: Cassie?
Sid: No, she's still in hospital.
Michelle: No, they let her out; she's just not allowed to handle knives.
Sid: [defeated] Alright, she'll do.
Tony: Okay we'll have to get a lot of drugs. Tell you what: get an ounce. We can sell it at the party.
Sid: I've got to get an ounce of spliff?
Tony: Sure. There's this guy on Bradley Stoke who'll sell on tick; tell him you'll pay tomorrow.
Sid: Why don't you go?
Tony: Can't. Got tai chi, then my choir audition, then psychology.
Michelle: Cassie's great in the sack... as long as she's not hungry.
Sid: Who says?
Tony and Michelle: Everyone.

TV Show: Skins
Tony: I say this world extends way beyond this little field of dreams we're dancing in, and I wanna see that world.
Chris: What the fuck's he on about?
Jal: He's quoting, Chris. It's a literary reference.
Chris: What do you mean, like Shakespeare and shit?
Jal: Dawson's Creek.

TV Show: Skins
Maxxie: Where are you going?
Chris: To find that party.
Maxxie: Nah!
Chris: Look, it's posh kids! All the boys are gay!
Maxxie: Yea?
Anwar: Are the girls gay, too?
Chris: Look... everyone's gay!

TV Show: Skins
Tony: How's the treatment going, Cassie?
Cassie: Oh, it's cool. I wear a white dress and now I can eat yogurt, cup-a-soup, and hazelnuts now. I'm not sick if they let me play with the cats. Yeah, it's like... hazy days, y'know?
Tony: Well, that's encouraging...

TV Show: Skins
Sid: I mean, what would you do when everything is just so fucked up and you don't know what to do?
Cassie: I stop eating until they take me to the hospital.

TV Show: Skins
Anwar: I'm praying to my God here, Cass.
Cassie: Oh... wow... is he listening?
Anwar: I hope not, otherwise he'll know about all those pills I necked last night.
Cassie: Think quietly.

TV Show: Skins
Cassie: : 'Chelle?
Michelle: [mumbling in her sleep] Fuck off, Tone.
Cassie: : It's me, Cass.
Michelle: : Crazy bitch.
Cassie: : ... Yes.

TV Show: Skins
Ms Stock: [on the phone to her daughter Abigail] Yes?... No... No, I don't care who's going, Abigail, you failed to comply with my wishes regarding parties and carpets were damaged!... Stop crying!... I am not an "expletive bitch", I am your mother! Have you taken your medication?... Well, take it now. Now!

TV Show: Skins
Tony: You stink.
Sid: I didn't have time.
Tony: Time? I've been home, showered, done my Chi, had a wank, subtly undermined my dad, put new clothes on and here I am, with my English coursework.
Sid: English coursework? [in dismay] Oh fuck...
Tony: You know, Sid, sometimes I wonder why you even bother to get up in the morning. You're such a complete and total fucking waste of time and... [angered, Cassie discreetly nudges her plate, spilling Sid's Coca Cola on Tony's trousers] Ah, shit!
Cassie: Wow, Tony. Bummer, It looks like you pissed yourself.
Tony: [furiously] That's not supposed to fucking happen!
[There is laughter from Anwar's table]
Anwar: Look at Tony, man! [laughing] Ah shit man!
Posh Kenneth: Raas blood, white boy gone piss himself up, you get me! Mandem's sick stains! Hey cuz! Yo got serious stains! Him cream up his pussy good style!
[Tony gets up and assaults Posh Kenneth]
Cassie: I'm a bad person. [Sid smiles and nods]
Tony: [sulkily, to Sid] Come on.

TV Show: Skins
[Tony is drying his pants in the staff locker room]
Angie: [walking out of the shower half-naked] Tony, this is a room for female staff...!
Tony: Yeah, the dryer's broken in ours.
Sid: [walking in] Oh, there you are. Jesus, we're in trouble. That crazy fucking dealer found us Tony—hi, Angie [Angie uses her hands to cover her breasts]—I mean, we gotta do something, you could talk to him... oh, fuck!
Chris: [walking in] Aw, you wankers, that was well funny, man! I bet someone's going to have to apologise because Kenneth's crying now so he... [realises Angie is staring at him] Oh, Jesus Christ, that's Angie, Mary mother of God, that's Angie! Don't look, get out!
Angie: For fuck's sake, fuck off! [after the boys leave] Ah, I still got it.

TV Show: Skins
Cassie: This guy from my group therapy's got your ID card. He's a crazy fuck and he hates you because you cheated him.
Sid: What's his name?
Cassie: He likes to be called Mad.
Sid: Twatter?
Cassie: Yeah, totally. What did you do?
Sid: I bought some dope on the tick and lost it in the harbour, and... oh, fuck!

TV Show: Skins
Michelle: You, girl, need to learn a few tricks.
Jal: Like what?
Michelle: Like looking good, it's what I do.
Jal: It isn't all you do.
Michelle: Yeah, it is. You play clarinet and I look shaggable.

TV Show: Skins
[All the guys at the table are staring at Jal's breasts]
Jal: For Christ's sake! Stop Looking at them!
Maxxie: Oh, sorry Jal. Well, they're out aren't they?
Jal: [to Maxxie] You're gay!
Maxxie: [enchanted] Yeah... [snaps back to normal] I mean, yeah. Of course.
Jal: [to Anwar] You're supposed to respect womens' bodies, Muslim boy!
Anwar: I'm respecting. Believe me, I'm respecting.

TV Show: Skins
Jal's Father: [into a microphone, spoken word] I'm inspired—I'm offline, a renegade, disturbing the peace while I'm spitting a serenade. All this tension, miscomprehension. I'm informed and on the level that I might mention that when I scream it's just passion. I ain't angry at culture, I ain't angry at fashion. And I might sound spiteful if I feel shit's epidemic; I admit that some is soul and some is academic. I've been doing this forever, so why're you choosing now? Turning your face away is a punch in the gut—Pow! So swing a rhyme of time, like the daft sing of love, so keep your peace. 'Cause I've got kin, I've got skin to think of.

TV Show: Skins
Chris: [attempting to return a stereo] Look, man, I bought it yesterday, and I remember you! Very good... face for memorising. So yeah, I bought it from you and you were chuffed to sell it.
[The shop assistant opens the CD drawer]
Shop assistant: There's a pop tart in the CD drawer.

TV Show: Skins
[A squatter shoves a naked Chris out of his own house after they fought]
Squatter: Listen, take a while, calm down, maybe take a day or two and then we'll talk about it, alright?
Chris: It's my fucking house!
Squatter: I don't make the rules, man, I don't make the rules.

TV Show: Skins
Junkyard Man: [buying Chris' stereo] How do you want it? Powder, pills or cash?
Chris: Cash.
Junkyard Man: [counting out money] 10, 15, 20, job done.
Chris: Fuck it, let's have a look at these pills, then.

TV Show: Skins
Jal: You try it: no mum, no dad, all on your own.
Tony Stonem: Sounds brilliant to me.

TV Show: Skins
Mark Jenkins: Oh yes, my boy, we're going to this my way, you hear me!? The gravy train has terminated, terminated, you little fucker. Did Tony fail this?
Sid: No.
Mark: Of course! And why, why didn't he fail it?
Sid: He doesn't take History.
Mark: Right! [beat] You are going to get something, something right, if it's the last thing I ever do! What's your next class?
Sid: Drama.
Mark: Right. Drama. Home. Coursework. Fucking perfection. Or else.
Sid: Why are you talking in very short sentences?
Mark: Emphasis! Drama! Fuck off.

TV Show: Skins
Tony: Change. It's a wonderful thing. Look, you know how subatomic particles don't obey physical laws? They act according to chance, chaos, coincidence. They run into each other in the middle of the universe somewhere and bang! Energy! We're the same as that. That's the great thing about the universe: unpredictable. That's why it's so much fun.

TV Show: Skins
Cassie: I've been waiting. Where were you?
Sid: I was out.
Cassie: Who with?
Sid: Michelle.
Cassie: Michelle? Wow!
Sid: Listen, Cass, I've had a bit of a bad nigh—[is interrupted by Cassie]
Cassie: Michelle's so lovely! [singsong]Michelle... my girl. [Rapidly] I love her, I love her, I love her! So hey, wow! Fuck you, Sid! [Sid tries to protest] Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you! [Cassie shoots her toy water gun at Sid's face then breaks down in tears] I'm going home.
[Sid tries to stop her from leaving so he can explain]
Cassie: [kissing Sid] It's your choice, everything is your choice. [whispers] Wake up, Sid.

TV Show: Skins
Chris: Everything you could ever want from an evening. Songs, choir girls, colourful costumes, fellatio... rabbits.
Maxxie: Rabbits?
Chris: Don't ask.

TV Show: Skins