Merlin (1998 film) Quotes

Directed by Steve Barron. Written by Edward Khmara with teleplay written by David Stevens and Peter Barnes.

TV Show: Merlin (1998 film)
Merlin: You killed her.
Queen Mab: No, I didn't.
Merlin: You killed her like you killed my real mother.
Queen Mab: No, I only let her die.

TV Show: Merlin (1998 film)
King Arthur Pendragon: Merlin, what should I do?
Merlin: In the end, you must uphold the law.

TV Show: Merlin (1998 film)
Merlin: I'm thinking of the future here, Morgan.
Morgan Le Fay: Oh, you would think of the future, Merlin. Because the past is too painful

TV Show: Merlin (1998 film)
King Arthur Pendragon: I made a mistake that night with Morgan. But I can't believe that I'll be condemned for all eternity for one mistake.
Merlin: No, not by me. I'll never condemn you, Arthur.

TV Show: Merlin (1998 film)
Morgan Le Fay: I like the old ways. The old ways gave me a son, and they made me beautiful.
Merlin: But beauty is only an illusion.
Morgan Le Fay: Beauty is always only an illusion, didn't you know that?

TV Show: Merlin (1998 film)
Mordred: Why didn't you kill him, Auntie Mab?
Queen Mab: Because that's what he wanted me to do.

TV Show: Merlin (1998 film)
Uther: You tricked me, Merlin!
Merlin: Come come, Uther. I'm a wizard, that's my business.

TV Show: Merlin (1998 film)
Merlin: There will be a child; a boy. I've seen him, Uther. He's mine.
Uther: What will you do with him?
Merlin: Teach him honor and goodness.
Uther: I can do that.
Merlin: Honor and goodness, the words stick in your throat. You choke on them just as you'll choke on your vomit in the end!

TV Show: Merlin (1998 film)