Lost and Delirious Quotes

Mouse: Have you ever been really thirsty? And you open a carton of milk and you pour it in your mouth... and it's... sour. That happened. Inside me. Forever.

Movie: Lost and Delirious
Fay Vaughn: Paulie, you looked like you were involved with the piece.
Paulie: Actually, I was just thinking whether the Jays were gonna take the World Series again.
Fay Vaughn: I don't believe you, Paulie. I saw you listening.
Paulie: You can go **** yourself sideways. [storms out of the classroom]

Movie: Lost and Delirious
Jake Hollander: [after Paulie attacks him viciously to start their duel] Place your bets, my friends.
John: Go Jake!
Paulie: [brandishes sword] For my love.
Jake Hollander: If you're talking about Tori, twit, get real. She hates you. She's just too nice to tell you.
Paulie: She loves me.
Jake Hollander: Stop talking shit, Paulie. Tori is my girlfriend. [Paulie glares and lunges, and the fight continues]

Movie: Lost and Delirious
[last lines]
Mouse: [voice-over] Dear my mother, I almost got lost too, didn't I? But the pure love you gave me 'til you died was like a flame always there, burning. And just like the raptor, that little flame was all I needed in order to see in the dark. It saved me, Momma, from that deep dark. Paulie, she didn't have that. The darkness took over her so she had to fly away. I still dream of her every night. And I think I always will. And you know, I can always remember your face now. Any time I think of you I look up and I can see your face. My mother's face. Like a flame across the sky.

Movie: Lost and Delirious
[Paulie enters the library in a fencing outfit carrying a sword, and stands on top of the table Tori is studying at]
Paulie: I shall make me a willow cabin at your gate and call upon my soul within the house; Write loyal cantons of contemned love and sing them loud even in the dead of night; Halloo your name to the reverberate hills and make the babbling gossip of the air cry out 'Victoria!'
Eleanor Bannet: Paulie... why don't you come down from there? [touches her arm]
Paulie: [flinches away] Don't ever touch a raptor.

Movie: Lost and Delirious