61* Quotes

[on Maris's failure to hit 61 homers in 154 games]
Milt Kahn: He had a great season.
Artie Green: Aaah, the pressure got to him.
Milt Kahn: You ever play baseball, Artie?
Artie Green: No. Not really.
Milt Kahn: That's what I thought.

TV Show: 61*
Mickey: I just ain't getting there. I just can't play no more. I'm wore out, done. I'm out of the race. Thought I took pretty good care of myself too.
Roger: You did Mick. Damn straight you did.
Mickey: Well anyway, he's all yours if you want him. You go get that fat ****.

TV Show: 61*
Roger Heckler: Get out of here you ****ing hick! No one wants you here! You don't belong here! This is Mickey's town!

TV Show: 61*
Whitey Ford: Hey, Slick, how come every time you get drunk it costs me money?

TV Show: 61*