China Beach Quotes

Colleen McMurphy: I remember thinking nothing had changed, the choppers coming in, the boys, and the body bags. Everything was exactly the same as the day I arrived, except for me.

TV Show: China Beach
Colleen McMurphy: You don't know anything about me.
K.C. Koloski: [chuckles] I've known you all my life. You sang in the church choir Coleen. You grew up in a nice little house covered with ivy Coleen. Mom did all her own baking and Daddy didn't pay enough attention to you because of all your brothers. How'm I doin' Colleen?
Colleen McMurphy: This is a three scotch conversation, I'm only on my second.
K.C. Koloski: Pep club? Senior Play? Student council? You're the girl that never wanted to share a gym locker with trash like me.
Colleen McMurphy: You left out Pom-Pom squad.

TV Show: China Beach
Dodger: [Hugging his infant son - last line of episode] I'm alive.

TV Show: China Beach
Dr. Crocker: [about K.C] Who is she?
Dr. Dick Richard: Whoever you want her to be.

TV Show: China Beach
Maj. Lila Garreau: [K.C. is escorted to the firing range by MP's] Everyone else has qualified on the firing line, today's your last chance.
K.C. Koloski: [Empties the 6 shot clip, every shot hitting the head of the target] He's dead, can I go now? [Hands the pistol to a shocked Lila and walks off]

TV Show: China Beach
Sarge Pepper: Rule Number Four: All five-second grenade fuses are actually three seconds.

TV Show: China Beach
Dr. Richard: What are you doing here?
McMurphy: I love my work.
Dr. Richard: You ok?
McMurphy: Never been better.
Dr. Richard: You couldn’t stay away from me, admit it. [pinches her butt]
McMurphy: [startled] Don't you think that once you could pinch the left one?

TV Show: China Beach
Dodger: I used to talk.
Cherry: When was that?
Dodger: When I was a kid.
Cherry: Well, how old are you now?
Dodger: 19.
Cherry: You couldn't be…
Dodger: What's your name?
Cherry: Cherry.
Dodger: What's your real name?
Cherry: That's it.
Dodger: Cherry?
Cherry: Yeah.
Dodger: Cherry… how old are you Cherry?
Cherry: 19.
Dodger: How'd you get to be such a kid?

TV Show: China Beach
Laurette: Woah, competition number one.
McMurphy: I'm just one of the guys.
Laurette: Right, hair like silk, body like Monroe and a heart probably as big as all America. Check. Double check.
McMurphy: I'm just one of the guys.

TV Show: China Beach
McMurphy: Don't you ever quit? I am not getting involved with a pilot! Again…
Natch: Forget involvement. Forget him.
McMurphy: I'm trying!
Natch: I'll help!
McMurphy: But will you still love me tomorrow?
Natch: Who says there is a tomorrow?

TV Show: China Beach
Georgia-Lee: This is a great opportunity for us.
Laurette: To get discovered
Georgia-Lee: To serve our country.
Laurette: To meet some hunks…
Georgia-Lee': Did you come willingly or did you get kicked out of the country?
Laurette: I would have gone to jail to get out of the Holiday Inn at Peyolee P.A. George Washington didn't become a star there. George Washington froze there at Valley Forge… and nobody thawed out since. Come to think of it, prison is not a bad idea. Where else can you get such a large captive audience? Except Vietnam!

TV Show: China Beach
Laurette: Just one night. You'll love it – men everywhere! You won't believe what a huge dose of unadulterated male lust can do for your outlook on life.
McMurphy: Ok. I'll do it.
Laurette: Alright!
McMurphy: On one condition.
Laurette: What?
McMurphy: I give you one night, you give me one night. I get up on the stage and help you - you come and help me on my last night.
Laurette: Great, no problem! Piece of cake! Deal!
McMurphy: Deal. Oh, and I'm not wearing one of those short dresses…
Laurette: Sorry a deal's a deal! Boots too… [pauses] What do you do?
McMurphy: You'll love it – men everywhere…

TV Show: China Beach
Boonie: What else do you need?
Laurette: How about too eggs easy over… a couple of Bloody Mary's.
Boonie: That's affirm...
McMurphy: How about a bath with bubbles?
Boonie: Ahh, that's affirm!
Laurette: And a king size water bed with sheets... real sheets.
McMurphy: Real cotton. How about... how about just a little cease fire?
Boonie: First three requests will take twenty minutes. The last will take a little longer.

TV Show: China Beach
[McMurphy and Laurette sit in the ruins of McMurphy's bombarded quarters]
Laurette: Time to go back to the world. Then what?
McMurphy: I'll stay...
Laurette: What?! But you just said... you got those five brothers! A family that's larger than most cities in Kansas! Go home...
McMurphy: I have an even bigger family here. I am home.
Laurette: That's affirm.

TV Show: China Beach
Laurette: I could never do what you do.
McMurphy: I saw you last night. You know in your heart that you made a difference. That's a good feeling. There is the loss and the guilt that comes from feeling good… but still there's the fact – you were there. He had a mother and a sister, girlfriend… and you were there. You gave him a home before he died so far away from it.

TV Show: China Beach
Becket: [to the corpses] You guys don't care about color do you? Black, white, brown… don't make no difference, does it? Yeah, 'ole grim old reaper. The first equal opportunity employer!

TV Show: China Beach
Laurette: [to McMurphy] Your hair looks great. What's under it – not so great.

TV Show: China Beach
Laurette: [entering bunker] Oh God! Oh my god, I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die naked in a hole in the ground [notices Cherry and Lila] with Sandra Dee and Eva Gabor.

TV Show: China Beach
Dr. Richard: Uh oh, say ah.
McMurphy: What are you doing?
Dr. Richard: Say ah.
McMurphy: Ahhhh!
Dr. Richard: [checking her throat] Yeah, I was afraid of this.
McMurphy: What?!
Dr. Richard: War addict. Hooked on adrenalin. Can't be cured.
McMurphy: Careful, it's contagious.
Dr. Richard: Should have gone home, but you couldn't stay away from me, admit it.

TV Show: China Beach
Natch: What are you doing tonight?
McMurphy: Washing my hair.
Natch: What about tomorrow night?
McMurphy: Doing my nails!
Natch: Night after?
McMurphy: Waxing my legs!
Natch: What are you looking for?
McMurphy: A little patch of peace. Do you know where I can find it?

TV Show: China Beach
K.C.: I never forget the religious side of fashion.
Laurette: Hemm?
McMurphy: K.C.'s right. Never and I mean NEVER underestimate the power of prayer.
Laurette: Prayer?
K.C. & McMurphy: Dear god, let it fit!

TV Show: China Beach
McMurphy: [entering bunker] It's a vendetta now. It's personal. Even Charlie doesn't want me to GET ANY SLEEP!

TV Show: China Beach
Natch: Ahh, McMurphy it's too hot to work so hard.
McMurphy: What?
Natch: Not liking me. You're working way too hard at it.
McMurphy: It's not hard, it's a labor of love.

TV Show: China Beach
Dr. Richard: Can't be heaven, you're here.
McMurphy: Now I know you'll be alright.
Dr. Richard: Ow, I thought nurses were supposed to make you feel better.
McMurphy: Except doctors. Doctors we make miserable here.
Dr. Richard: Now I'm miserable.

TV Show: China Beach
Dr. Richard: Let's get into suits and helmets. You'll have to dress me.
McMurphy: You love saying that.
Dr. Richard: True. I do.

TV Show: China Beach
Laurette: What's the matter with these guys anyway?
C.I.D.: They all crossed a line. They broke a bond. Now they can't be trusted. You see, now they'd do anything. They'd drag anybody down who tries to help them. Drag them straight to hell.
Beckett: I thought that's where we were.

TV Show: China Beach
Lila: When I'm frightened I say a name over and over. It calms me.
Cherry: Any name?
Lila: No, that's the beauty of it. Something personalized just for you.
Laurette: Oh, god.
Lila: Good, you've got the idea Laurette. I rub my forehead and intone the name: Eleanor Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt…
Laurette: Ahh, God!
Lila: Now you got it, but many times.
Laurette: Janis Joplin, Janis Joplin…

TV Show: China Beach
McMurphy: I'm not leaving.
Dr. Richard: Look, this is a live mortar, it could go. Two dead's enough.
McMurphy: What if it doesn't, huh?
Dr. Richard: Well, then I'm a hero!
McMurphy: Without me?

TV Show: China Beach
D.J.: From? From… well, there's an interesting concept. Like, we're here and there's this other place, so if you're in – you're out, or by, or of, or to for, with, at about around. Keep the faith girls.
Lila: There is something definitely wrong with that young man.
Laurette: What was your first clue?

TV Show: China Beach
C.I.D.: I read eyes.
K.C.: Oh, well, I guess I should have worn my dark glasses.

TV Show: China Beach