Love Hina Quotes

Tsuruko: [giggling] I didn't know that cars in Tokyo used to attack people...
Keitaro: [embarrassed] They don't really use to...
Kitsune: Damn, you still are the King of the Unlucky, eh, Keitaro?
Kaolla: [laughing] You're a bad luck magnet!
Keitaro: Hey, stop that!

TV Show: Love Hina
Naru: Haven't you seen my breasts enough!?
Keitaro: [while flying away] Is that a trick question!?

TV Show: Love Hina
Kitsune: If it doesn't work with her, what about me dressed like her?
Keitaro: What's with that stupid way of thinking?!
Kitsune: C'mon, don't you wanna take a sniff from Naru's uniform?
Keitaro: Narusegawa would never do that!!!

TV Show: Love Hina
Kaolla: So, what are we gonna do with him?
Naru: Crucify and torture him, cut out his tongue, and send him to Hell!

TV Show: Love Hina
Kitsune: That's worth a month's rent.
Keitaro: Huh?
Kitsune: What, weren't you listening? You cop one feel, I get one month's rent free.
Keitaro: What're you talking about?

TV Show: Love Hina
Naru: What do you think you're doing, you sleaze?
Kitsune: [Fake sobbing] H-he started grabbing my breasts, going, "You like it here? How about here?"
Keitaro: It's the other way around!

TV Show: Love Hina
Kaolla: Hey, Keitaro, here for a midnight fling? If it's you, I don't mind.
Keitaro: W-What are you saying?
Kaolla: By the way, do flings taste good?

TV Show: Love Hina
Naru: W-what the heck are you doing, Kitsune?
Kitsune: Sorry! I'm really sorry! My hand slipped!
Naru: I have to be at work in a few minutes! What am I gonna do now?
Kitsune: I feel so bad! I'll earn your share of the money, so please forgive me!
Naru: You will?
Kitsune: Cross my heart. Trust me, just look into these eyes.

TV Show: Love Hina
Haruka: It's a shame you don't have a boyfriend yet.
Motoko: W-what are you saying? You're my role model, Miss Haruka.
Haruka: Role model?
Motoko: You've avoided tawdry romances, relying on no man, and are living your life on your own terms.
Haruka: I wouldn't put it in such glowing terms. It's just that living at Hinata Apartments lets me get away with not thinking about things that aren't too pleasant to dwell on.

TV Show: Love Hina
Naru: Wow!
Keitaro: You got a perfect score!
Naru: You're actually a total genius!
Keitaro: H-how could you fail the entrance exam three times with these scores?
Mutsumi: Well, I'm guessing it's because I'm a klutz and I'm frail, and I'd keep forgetting to write down my name, or I'd faint before reaching the exam hall and be hospitalized.

TV Show: Love Hina
Kaolla: Come, Brother. Come with me.
Keitaro: W-what's happened to you, Su? You're all grown up again! [Su leans over to kiss Keitaro.] Uh, but the adult Su has that exotic, ethnic charm going.

TV Show: Love Hina
Mutsumi: This way, I can take a good, long look at your face. When I look at your face, Keitaro, I feel so tranquil, like I know you from a long, long, time ago. That's what made me want to study with you for our entrance exams. Am I causing trouble for you?
Keitaro: N-no.
Mutsumi: I want to go to Tokyo U, together with you.

TV Show: Love Hina
Naru: Hee hee... I'm sorry, I gotta recognize that these things happen. Okay, it's usually the other way around....
Keitaro: So... why do I have to be smacked for that?
Naru: It's just that... it has already became involuntary....

TV Show: Love Hina
Keitaro: Ouch... I thought I was gonna die.
Mutsumi: You really don't die easy, eh, Keitaro...?

TV Show: Love Hina
Noriyasu: Hmmm, how thrilling. That reminds me of our past perils....
Haruka: I'd rather not to remember it.
Keitaro: Have you ever been through stuff like these before?
Noriyasu: [Laughs] Lots of times!

TV Show: Love Hina
Keitaro: I want you to come with me, Narusegawa. I don't care if we're going to Todai or Tokyo U... But when we do... I just wanna be with you.
Naru: K... Keitaro... are... are you... proposing me... on... on marriage....?
Keitaro: Yeah....

TV Show: Love Hina
Keitaro: What are you laughing about?
Naru: You got so serious all of a sudden, I didn't expect for that!

TV Show: Love Hina
Haruka: You're just like Seta. You know nothing about women's feelings. Naru's not like me, you know; if you want to keep your relationship alive, you gotta do "that."
Keitaro: [Surprised] What? Do "that?" You mean "that?"
Sara: What's "that?"
Haruka: [Slaps Keitaro in the face] Don't say it so loud! When I say "that," I do mean "that." You're an adult, you know what it's all about!
Sara: What's "that?!"
Keitaro: Oh, yeah! Sure, it's "that!" We're grown-ups after all-- [Sara starts choking him, demanding to know what "that" is.]

TV Show: Love Hina
Keitaro: When Aunt Haruka told me do do "that," I thought she said I should talk to you neatly....
Naru: Uh, I don't think that's what she meant.
Keitaro: Well, actually, I found it a bit odd, too.... Anyway, what really is "that?"
Naru: Eh... "that"... is "that."
Keitaro: Gaaah! I don't get it! Please be clearer!
Naru: [Starts walking away and blushes.] You idiot! Don't you go and put me to shame! You creep!

TV Show: Love Hina
Kaolla: Oh, darn! The encoding bugged, and now there's a lotta script errors!
Motoko: Hmph! That techno-retard!
Sara: C'mon, you can't even dial on a cell phone!

TV Show: Love Hina
Kitsune: Now, now, tell me what afflicts your poor little self... You got a friend here...
Keitaro: Ehh... It's-it's nothing... It's really nothing...
Kitsune: It's Naru, right?

TV Show: Love Hina
Mutsumi: I wonder what Keitaro had written in his letter... There might be something helpful there, who knows?
Kitsune: Letter from Keitaro?...
Naru: Letter? What letter?
Mutsumi: Don't you remember? I handed it to you a few chapters ago.
Naru: But you said it was a letter for Keitaro!!
Mutsumi: Gee, did I err? That was a letter from Keitaro!

TV Show: Love Hina