Andromeda Quotes

Kim: I have a security clearance so high, I have to kill myself if I remember I have it – and I'm not allowed past the front gate.

TV Show: Andromeda
Rommie: I gave you my best offer. You have 73 seconds to change my mind.
Carter: 73 seconds, huh? That sounds about right.

TV Show: Andromeda
Tyr: You're right. This might have been easier had we been able to follow your plan.
Dylan: Damn! That was almost an apology!
Tyr: It was nothing of the sort.

TV Show: Andromeda
Eureka Maru: Warning – specified proximity exceeds safety margin.
Beka: Override safety protocols, authorization code: "Shut up and do what I tell you!"
Eureka Maru: Authorization accepted.

TV Show: Andromeda
Parvati Quechua: You're not so bad, as far as kludges go. I have to admit, I like you – I really do.
Beka: Enough not to kill me?
Quechua: Well, no, but I promise to feel bad about it after.

TV Show: Andromeda
Cuchulain: Until now, all I cared about was Tyr, and what he stole from us. Now I care very much about you.
Dylan: Well, you see, that's what the universe needs more of – people caring for each other. Have a good trip out.

TV Show: Andromeda
Harper: Yeah, sure, that explains everything. No chance that they've been left alone because they're a bunch of cannibals, or killer robots, or…
Trance: Harper!
Harper: What? You're gonna say I'm wrong? C'mon, every single High Guard remnant we've encountered has been psychotic, evil, or both… Present company excluded, of course.
Dylan: Of course.

TV Show: Andromeda
Tyr: You should never trust any Nietzschean… except me.

TV Show: Andromeda
Gaheris Rhade: About this "Best Man" job…
Dylan: Uh… yes?
Rhade: Does it always involve drunken bachelor parties and half-naked dancing girls?
Dylan: Pretty much, yeah.
Rhade: In that case, I accept.

TV Show: Andromeda
Charlemagne Bolivar: There are at least three good reasons you shouldn't let the Sabra-Jaguar Pride join your new Commonwealth: We are renowned for our treachery; we are at war with the Drago-Kazov Pride; and we will constantly remind you of your genetic inferiority. Now, here's the upside: We are renowned for our treachery; we are at war with the Drago-Kazov Pride; and, did I mention, we command the third-largest fleet in the known worlds.

TV Show: Andromeda
Dylan: And, in the case of an emergency, the ship can be piloted from the gunnery nose.
Charlemagne: Emergency? You mean in the event that the Command Deck crew is reduced to a fine red mist and splattered across the walls in a bloody mural?
Dylan: That would qualify, yes.
Höhne: Fascinating! And do such emergencies happen with a degree of frequency, or are they a rare occurrence?

TV Show: Andromeda
Tyr: What would you like, Jaguar?
Charlemagne: The usual: Hundreds of grandchildren, utter domination of known space, and the pleasure of hearing that all my enemies have died in terrible, highly improbable accidents that cannot be connected to me. And you?
Tyr: [laughing] The usual.

TV Show: Andromeda
Dylan: This is Captain Dylan Hunt of the Andromeda Ascendant.
Tyr: Apparently, they've heard of you.

TV Show: Andromeda
Tyr: My prince, if you rely on people to play by the rules, your reign will be sad, violent, and short.

TV Show: Andromeda
Erik: Our entire defense fleet…
Dylan: Rommie, how long would it take for you to destroy that fleet?
Rommie: 6.2 seconds.
Dylan: That long?

TV Show: Andromeda
Dylan: A Glorious Heritage class cruiser – like the Andromeda – could completely depopulate a world – like Ne'Holland – in under two minutes. More tea?

TV Show: Andromeda
[Rommie uses planetary warfare pods to kill snipers]
Erik: You are just like Tyr !
Rommie: No , I'm better .

TV Show: Andromeda
Beka: (referring to Elssbett) She didn't salute! Shouldn't she salute?
Dylan: Well, I'm thinking that maybe she went to the Beka Valentine School of Military Discipline.

TV Show: Andromeda
Harper: Great, "Start the revolution without me!" Anything else I can do for you? Transmute the elements? Reverse entropy? Make you a sandwich?

TV Show: Andromeda
Tyr: It will take a great deal more than a whispered promise to extract from me any more information than I have provided already. However, [whispers] you are oh so very welcome to try.

TV Show: Andromeda
Beka: Uh, Dylan, now would be the time for one of those crazy, desperate, this-just-might-work ideas.
Dylan: Oh, I've got one, I was just hoping I wouldn't have to use it.

TV Show: Andromeda
Tyr: Tell them the truth. Tell them...That life is inherently unfair, and the wise only fight battles they know they can win.

TV Show: Andromeda
Harper: I don't believe in destiny. I don't even believe in density, except in the heads of Perseids – it's a compliment – I believe in Seamus Zelazny Harper. I cogito, therefore I sum, and I sum to cogito that damn machine right out of existence. Capice?

TV Show: Andromeda
Beka: Trance! You will never guess who I just met!
Trance: A scary futuristic version of yourself? She went that way.

TV Show: Andromeda
Ferahr: It wasn't me, I swear!
Dylan: It wasn't you who did what?
Ferahr: What do you mean?
Dylan: I haven't even told you why I'm angry!
Ferahr: Then why…?
Dylan: Ogami mercenaries. Big, mean, and ugly. Who sent them?
Ferahr: Uh… lemme think… uh, I know… It wasn't me, I swear!

TV Show: Andromeda
Rommie: I can pick up galvanic skin responses and respiration changes. I can also analyze pupil dilations in real time, which makes me a walking lie detector. So, tell me the truth, or I'll turn the bones of your hand into calcified gelatin.
Ferahr: Absolutely! Absolutely!
Rommie: What do you know? He's not lying.

TV Show: Andromeda
Molly: I haven't lost any [passengers] yet.
Dylan: I thought I was your first customer.
Molly: Good point.

TV Show: Andromeda
Tyr: This warship – her capabilities – it makes us complacent. We may have to engage the enemy using nothing but our teeth and nails. (Beka bites him.) Ow!

TV Show: Andromeda
Dylan: Until Rommie and Trance figure out how these bio-weapons spread, I want you out of harm's way.
Harper: All right, I know that used to be my favourite place, but…
Dylan: No "buts", go!
Harper: Yes, sir. Bravely running away, sir.

TV Show: Andromeda
Harper: Sensors – trashed. AP circuits – trashed. EM lens – trashed. Rommie, it's a good thing I love trashy ladies, or I'd be tempted to trade you in for a new model. Maybe a supermodel!

TV Show: Andromeda